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PEACE, happy Father’s Day From my family to yours. #rza #wutang

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Photo by @amivitale // A lion looks up from his freshly caught wild prey at @loisaba_conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. Large wide ranging carnivores like lions are normally one of the first mammal species to be lost in areas shared with people and livestock. Their presence in a human dominated landscape like this one is a symbol of a successful coexistence. Apex predators like lions play a vital role in maintaining a healthy balance in an ecosystem, impacting everything below them, from soil nutrients and disease, to plant, prey and scavenger populations. If lions are doing well then the entire ecosystem is likely doing well. In the long term, that means the ecosystem will be better able to support the people that also rely on it. To learn more, follow @lionlandscapes , @loisaba_conservancy @nature_org @nature_africa , @peregrinefund and @tusk_org who are working together to promote coexistence between humans and lions for the benefit of people and nature in northern Kenya. Follow @amivitale for more photos of amazing animals and conservation successes from around the world. @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @thephotosociety @elewanacollection @nature_org @kenyawildlifeservice @houstonzoo @sandiegozoo #lionlandscapesrangers #peregrinefund #coexistencecoop #collaringforcoexistence #lion #monitoring #conservation #laikipia #livingwithlions #WillsAfricaTrust #WildCRU #kenya #northernkenya #africa #everydayafrica #amivitale

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Feliz por mais uma conquista! 🌟 Orgulho em ser português 🇵🇹 #uefanationsleaguechampions #mommyblessme

4 days ago

If you ain’t putting the people around you on and giving them the strength, confidence, courage, beliefs, and love to be GREAT then what you here for!! Salute and ❤️ my brother @richpaul ‼️‼️‼️ #MoreThan #4HM

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My mood going into this weeks meetings in Los Angeles.... fuck minimalism. #fuckyeah #ashleylongshore #popart via @coley777

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🔥 Thornton Ladd, 1955 🔥 On the market now for $1,598,000. Thanks for the tour @uniquecaliforniaproperty #thorntonladd

2 weeks ago

Communion #luxnoctisproject

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Twins echoes! - From my perfect TOY STORIES. Arafa & Aisha, 5. Bububu, Zanzibar #africa #zanzibar #tanzania #twins #toy #toys

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SAL: INGERIR OU NÃO INGERIR? VILÃO OU HERÓI? Diferente do que você sempre ouviu, o sal NÃO é o gatilho da hipertensão. É um MITO. ⠀ Está cientificamente comprovado que a adoção da dieta baixa em sal não reduz de forma decisiva os seus níveis pressóricos. ⠀ Entre os portadores de diabetes tipo 2 que adotaram dietas pobres em sal, nota-se um aumento de mortes cardiovasculares. ⠀ Mas atenção hipertensos: para ter os benefícios deste tempero você precisa aposentar o seu saleiro com cloreto de sódio e incluir o sal INTEGRAL no seu cardápio. Ele contém minerais necessários à manutenção da homeostase, o equilíbrio fisiológico, que assegura a pressão adequada. Favor conversar com seu médico e/ou nutricionista antes de tomar qualquer decisão de como irá usar o sal em sua alimentação. ⠀ Com o uso dos termos “sal”, “sódio”, “pressão alta” e “hipertensão” é possível encontrar 17.090 artigos publicados, entre 1966 e 2001, em sites especializados na internet. Isso mostra a complexidade em resumir e oferecer uma versão diferenciada sobre o assunto e seu papel na saúde humana. Minha contribuição é a de mostrar o que está disponível na literatura, defendendo outro ponto de vista. Se tiver interesse, clique no link do meu perfil, publiquei um Artigo Científico que fala sobre esse assunto.

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Miley vma in 2015 ❤️✨ @mileycyrus

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HIT !!!! 30BG @aloma_dmw x @zlatan_ibile 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Caro wan come JOLLY!!! OUT NOW!! Banging Worldwide!!!

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Megan Rapinoe on the ground during a game against South Africa. US National Womens Soccer team for this week’s issue of @nytmag #uswomenssoccer Story by @lizzydgoodman

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Happy Birthday to the man who makes me laugh the hardest and love the deepest. You’re absolutely the best, @acarrzoo

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My face when someone talk bad about Miley and I think she is amazing and sweet preson we proud of her what came always support her matter what ❤️✨ @mileycyrus no means comments 💕

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#Repost @paidro_klippers ・・・ On set of the HOTTEST DRINK OF THE SUMMER. #summerwatermelon #Ciroc 🍉

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On my way leaving the beach , and ran into these beauties 😩😍

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Even during the holidays we get time for a shooting to a new campaign 🎥📸 @joaofelix79


Meglio camminare con un amico al buio, che da soli nella luce🌻

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Rashid, an internally displaced person from Marawi, is seen in the camp where he lives. 'I felt so free when I was home,' he said. 'Here it's not the same...a soldier here, a terrorist there. You can't walk freely.' . After the siege Rashid applied for a job in a factory in Manila. 'Are you the brother of a terrorist?' he was asked, during the interview. 'Are you going to make this place explode?' they taunted. Rashid kept quiet. 'It hurt me so much,' he says. 'But I knew I wasn't like that, and I showed them. That's all I could do to keep the name of Islam clean.' #marawi #mindanao #Philippines

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❗️❗️❗️SALE ENDS AT 3:00 PM TODAY ❗️❗️❗️ Fathers Day Sale 35% Off Click the link in our bio to purchase 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 —————————————— This is an electronic recipe book. It must be downloaded at purchase. A screen will pop up after you submitted Payment which prompts you to DOWNLOAD the ebook. Thank you for your Purchase in advance and Happy Fathers Day! —————————————— #happyfathersday #foodnetwork #foodiesofinstagram #allseason #travelphotography #recipebook

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In honor of all the rad Dads out there, we’re sharing our best Dad jokes over a cold-pressed Juice🤗 Check out our stories & share your fave Dad joke below👇 #fathersday

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It’s so hard to say goodbye. 3 year olds get it.

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A classic Slavic beauty, lost in thought. Sometimes, the quiet moments are unexpectedly captivating. In Norilsk, Russia, the pattern of this woman’s scarf—framed so elegantly by the floral curtain above her—caught my attention. It shows there is so much beauty in everyday stillness. @thephotosociety @natgeo #Russia #Norilsk

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@davidscottinteriors was inspired by an aerial photograph he took of a Patagonia riverbed in designing this Sag Harbor home as the epitome of a modern beach house. The Frank Game table by Mattalliano and Hans Wegner chairs seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. And the chunky throw? It was handwoven in Australia for chilly nights outside. Photo by Joshua McHugh

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Thank you Bonnaroo

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@jah9online @vogue #jamaica

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This is one of my favorite images from Bisti Badlands. This month is the only time this photo will be sold - after this month I will never sell another copy. Link in my bio for more info! #newmexicosky #visitnewmexico

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Still on cloud nine after spending the past 4 days at the @amansvetistefan This is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional venue we’ve worked in. Thank you so much @eastonevents and @davidbeahm for giving us this amazing opportunity and @chandlermuzayyin @nadimmuzayyin for a wedding week that will stay in the books! xxx #amansvetistefan #dji #drone #montenegrowedding

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