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6 days ago

COMING SOON .. 🌿☕️🌿☕️🌿☕️🌿 Bel Decor|Interior Design|Architecture|Construction Hotline: [028] 38 374 107 - 0903 862 107 Website: https://beldecor.vn

5 days ago

Eh... Eh... Kita di Poto eeh • • • • • • • 【 #Cekrekuy

9 hours ago

On the plane to start a new assignment for #natgeo yesterday, I was listening to some podcasts to fill the waiting during travel time, which got me thinking… I admittedly oscillate between “woo-woo” and nihilism. Social media can amplify this, especially Instagram. I feel and see community as much as I experience FOMO and isolation. There’s as much support between the scrolls as there is fear of failure. I’m going to err on the side of Woo-woo today and open up a conversation - I know a lot of you are following along more for my stories on #everest than my photojournalism or #mentalhealth awareness - regardless I put in the same energy, effort and exploration whether climbing or telling a story (mine or others ). And the process of each of these journeys bring me tremendous joy as well as suffering. Different sides to the same coin. I was reminded by that podcast, by going for a goal, it brings out aspects of you that wouldn’t come out otherwise, so when you reach your next “mountain top”, and mountain tops are endless, who’s with you are the people who are supposed to be with you based on what you have become. So, when you are going for a goal, it’s not about achieving, it's about who you are becoming on the way of bringing that goal to fruition. I’d like to hear your thoughts - what are some journeys you’ve been on that have made you feel the greatest highs and the lowest lows? Does social media inspire you to keep achieving? Or does it just fill the gaps in-between the day? Do you find you have FOMO, how do you deal with it? Does it effect your goals? #mountains #adventure #exploration #transformation #onassignment

March 2018

Just north of Coyhaique, the gateway to Patagonia. We stopped on this particularly atmospheric stretch of road, it was early morning and the mist had began to rise. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🌍 LOCATION: Carretera Austral, Chile 📷 SETTINGS: 26mm | ISO 640 | 1/800 | f/5 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🙏 Please follow me: @arksmith ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Chile #Patagonia #CarreteraAustral #explore #getoutside #nikonphotographers #natgeotravel #natgeoadventure #photoftheday #livingthedream #breathtaking #global_hotshotz #jaw_dropping_shots #ig_great_pics #photolovers #valley #tree_brilliance #landscapecaptures #exploremore #beautifulview #discoverearth #getoutdoors #goexplore #picturesque #earthpics #travellifestyle #travelholic #lovetotravel #travelmore

12 hours ago

@photo_shorttrip 」アカウントへの @takahiro_bessho さんの投稿作品。いいね&コメント大歓迎です。⠀ ⠀ 東京カメラ部分室 photo_shorttripでは #photo_shorttrip で投稿された皆さまの「旅の一枚」を紹介します。⠀ ⠀ Follow: @photo_shorttrip ⠀ ⠀ #photo_shorttrip #小旅行 #shorttrip #short_trip #旅 #旅行 #写真 #photo #travelphoto #travelphotos #travelphotography


Witnessed hands-down one of the best sunset ever in my life 🌇 (I actually sprinted to this spot because I was afraid I would miss the sunset, thank god it was a little bit behind schedule ) 🙏🏻

2 days ago

Curl. Six months ago I was in the lovely Outer Hebrides, which means it’s only 6 months to the next visit. Hooray! Original crop in stories. #annualpilgrimage #tidesandtempests #rachaeltalibart #ocean #scotland

8 hours ago

Day's well spent up North. Sure there are more iconic spots and mountains in the South of Germany, but the flat land and the Sea in the North have a more calming effect to me.

3 days ago

From The Ruins (2019 ) - Where glaciers once ruled, by the smoking mountains of Fiordland, looking West over Doubtful Sound one afternoon as we waited for the sun to sink low enough to inflame the lingering cloud.

last month

Great photos by @andymacphersonstudio of our House for Wordsworth in Inside magazine.


The Lonely Tree - can something do vibrant be lonely? Of course it can. This is on the edge of Holme Fell which is a favourite spot for me in late Autumn - the sun starts to come round at an angle, lighting up some wee sections and leaving others in darkness. Access is easy (although it’s a bit of s trek ) and it really does highlight how the balance of light and dark can change a scene. I put up a picture from Holme Fell each day for next few days to illustrate the shots you can get from this gorgeous wee hill. I’m still Captain Phlegmpants this morning with aching head and joints but fingers crossed I’ve reached the summit and I’m coming back down again. #stepintothedarkness #keepawayfromthelight #colour #youcanbelonelyinacrowd #vibrant #lakedistrict #nomoresnotterybeaktags

5 days ago

The eagles have been regularly hanging out in the trees surrounding my cabin, so I was gratefully able to capture this photo from my living room. It’s felt like a dream living in a place constantly connected with nature, so much that time often feels non existent.

last month

Model of a garden shed. The screen is an abstracted hedge. Timber members in the x and y plane are joined with a pin which also forms the z plane

4 weeks ago

Dumbo, NY

14 hours ago

My new series Mar Bella | portraits from Barcelona. Now up on my website .. - - - -

2 days ago

Alone in the dark.

17 hours ago

THE RUSSET HOUSE by @graya & @timstewartarchitects 📸 @scottburrowsphotographer

20 hours ago

To anyone who's met her, you know she's ready to take on the world. She's always left me feeling immediately inferior. I'm so grateful to call myself your father. #love you little lady. Happy Birthday!! @lone bison @ericabest_

June 2019

On a long enough time scale, everything is fluid.

3 days ago

Breathtaking afternoon up in the Mary Valley shooting @james_anthony_construction latest work. Image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

3 days ago

The earth has music for those who listen. _____ This is one of the many iconic waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest that everyone should have in their portfolio......and most do! I tried to get a different comp from the standard straight-on shot. _____ @Sony A7R II, @Sony 16-35, f/11, ISO: 100, 0.6 seconds, Tripod & Head @FotoPro usa ______ DM me to discuss the proper use of filters and the applicable NiSi filter solution. _____ My choice of tripods and heads are @Fotopro usa. Contact me for more information. _____ @viewbug #viewbug #hubs_united #fotopro usa @fotopro usa #main_vision #dream_image #igrefined #special_shots #mthrworld #thebest_capture @fotopro official #pictureline #special_shots #mthrworld #ig_today #waterfallsfordays #theprintswap

3 weeks ago

A moment to appreciate all the lovely comments I receive every time I post about my trips around #Jordan ! This photo is so special to me as it was so hard to stand up on that rock due to my injury. So grateful to be able to hike again and share my love of adventure around Jordan with you all! 💚🥾😍 الحمدلله دائما وأبداً #ShareYourJordan #wanderlust #iphoneonly #iphonexsmax #travel #travelgram #travelblogger #traveller #travelphotography #hikingadventures #hiking #hiker #hikersofinstagram #hikerslife #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #natgeo100contest #shotoniphone

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