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A social media app for whales? In another life, I would make that happen! Dreaming with @moncler #Moncler #WeallWearMoncler #MonclerPartner


Terminator infinity...

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What Made Me Smile This Week: Sunday 6/09: This is going to be quite a week. Today, I asked Hannah’s parents for their blessing to marry their perfect daughter. They gave me a jubilant and emphatic YES. I am smiling. Wow. Wow. Wow. Monday 6/10: With only a few days until my planned proposal (Saturday, after her graduation ) I started ring shopping today. Classic Shane, waiting until the last minute. Hannah’s mom and I secretly visited several jewelry stores, and with ridiculously sweaty hands, I began to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. I am smiling. Tuesday 6/11: I found the perfect ring. I am smiling. Wednesday 6/12: Hannah grabbed my phone to Google something, and to my horror, the last page I had open on Safari was “best ring stores in Minneapolis.” I held my breath for the split second that it took for her to open a new tab. WHEWF! She didn’t notice! Hannah’s lack of observation made me smile today. Thursday 6/13: I spent a lot of time reminiscing about our relationship today, trying to come up with the perfect words to ask Hannah to marry me. The three years we’ve been together have been filled with an absurd amount of happiness. Needless to say, I’m smiling. Friday 6/14: OH MY GOD I AM NERVOUS. Saturday 6/15: She said yes. I am smiling. What made you smile this week? (THANK YOU @misslerphotography for taking this photo! )

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My new Album #DelusionsOfGrandeur D•O•G dropping FRIDAY 6/21 #DOG

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My dad told me numerous times, "Bert, you're the only thing I ever did right in my life." The irony is that in the months leading up to his passing, I think the only thing I've ever done and not questioned any element along the way was the way I cared for him in his final months. My dad was the most influential teacher of my life. Not in the traditional way, however. My dad didn't know how to be a father. He never ran away from that truth. But along the way, I learned how to be a better parent by watching him struggle. Does that make any sense? I am a better father, more caring, more sensitive, more empathetic, more connected because I remember how it felt to have a father that wasn't capable of any of that. And I don't write this with bitterness. My dad and I reconciled in a storybook way before he passed. And while my childhood was emotionally rough he inadvertently made me a father that I am proud to be. This was the last picture my dad and I ever took together. One of his final wishes was to see the beach one last time. This was the closure we both needed. He was so at peace. Perhaps one of the few times I ever saw him at peace in my life. And this is where he gave me his final gift. His words: "You ended up being the man I never could be." #fathersday

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🌎🤬🙁 Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared. 🚨Tap the link on our bio and then again on this image to read the full story https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jun/18/arctic-permafrost-canada-science-climate-crisis #climate #climatecrisis #climaterefugees #climatechange #greenhousegases #ghg #gretathunberg #animalag #vegan #guardian



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grateful for the ones I love <3

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Get an A.P.C. tote bag gifted with qualifying purchases over £200 at the new King’s Cross store in London. Until supplies last. This bag is made from fabric offcuts from our past collections. – #APC #London #StepByStep

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Leo Messi has told Barcelona that he wants the club to re-sign Neymar instead of signing Griezmann, per @elmundo_es (h/t @brfootball )

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I loved this film . I hope to meet Mr. Avant one day and ask him four million questions. My favorite films are entertainment industry docs where you get to see how the OG’s built their success. Pretty amazing to see the steps of someone making their own, and a lot of other peoples dreams come true.

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today we celebrate roberts birthday... tomorrow we celebrate all the dads at ZOE @zoechurchLA #faithforfathers

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I LOVE LA! 🌈✨💖🌈 Ugh take me back to #Pride weekend! #tbt



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@jacquees just killed his set at Smokin Grooves

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Summer glow glam, even though I still have to wear jumpers & carry a hot water bottle in June LOL 🙃 Oooh new video up on my channel of this LEWK link is in my bio, and there’s a GIVEAWAY🎉🎁 - MAKEUP DEETS- @katvondbeauty #lockitpowderfoundation @nyxcosmetics ultimate shadow palette in Phoenix @hudabeauty nymph body glow @nyxcosmetics soft matte lip in Monte Carlo - #makeupmafia #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #nyxcosmetics_uk #makeuprevolution #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #hypnaughtymakeup #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupmobb #jcatbeauty #flawlessdolls #melaninbeautiesunite #100daysofmakeup #wakeupandmakeup


🍫🌞 I look awful rn so let’s throw it back to when I wasn’t ill and we can pretend I look like this all of the time😂 I’ve been really ill over this week, so I’m taking time to get myself better, so you might see some throwback posts for a bit 🙃 - MAKEUP DEETS- @nyxcosmetics_uk can’t stop won’t stop foundation in cappuccino @limecrimemakeup bushy brow pen and holding gel in Brownie @nyxcosmetics_uk buttergloss in cinnamon @hudabeautyshop easy bake in sugar cookie @hudabeauty lashes in Sasha @pixibeauty glossamer duo highlight - #makeupmafia #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #nyxcosmetics_uk #makeuprevolution #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #maryhadalittleglam #hypnaughtymakeup #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupmobb #jcatbeauty #flawlessdolls #melaninbeautiesunite #100daysofmakeup #trend #viral


As you move toward the right side of your closet, the length of your clothing should grow shorter, the material thinner and the color lighter. For more closet organizing advice, see the “Arranging Clothes” section of chapter 3 in my book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Photo by @madelineharperphoto for @theidentitecollective

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A.P.C. archives box : looking through Summer 1997 Here on the picture, fitting/campaign shot by Marianne Chemetov at the A.P.C. headquarter. - #APC #Archives #JeanTouitou

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"BATMAN & ROBIN" pinback, design by Randy Wicker, New York City, c. 1969. From collection of @lgbt_history #lgbthistory #HavePrideInHistory #Night


AD | For this month's final #stylechoices with @braungrooming I wanted to remind you guys how important self-care is. Looking after your physical self can help with your mental health - sometimes I even forget the little things like spending time on my grooming routine, that a fresh shave will make you feel like new, daily exercise and most importantly relaxation. Take some time out and do what makes you happy. What’re your tips for taking care of yourself?

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Mọi người đã thử tính năng Dual View mới được cập nhật trên điện thoại Huawei P30 Pro chưa? Với tính năng này, Hen vừa có thể cho các bạn xem những bước đi catwalk của mình từ xa, mà lại còn có thể xem chi tiết trang phục, phụ kiện cũng như là thần thái trên gương mặt mình chỉ trong 1 cú bấm máy thôi. Các bạn thích Hen để tóc dài như thế này không, comment cho Hen biết nhé 🥰🥰 #HuweiP30Pro #Dualview

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"DADS FOR LESBIANS," Gay Pride Parade, Portland, Oregon, June 21, 1998. Photo by Yao. #lgbthistory #HavePrideInHistory

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Did someone say they need their oil changed?


S/O to the @fubu founder @thesharkdaymond Daymond John for inspiring all the young hustlers out there #BossUp 🔥 #Repost @thesharkdaymond ・・・ Getting ready to start Day 1 of taping for Shark Tank and re-watching videos like this reminds me of why I do what I do and why I love this show so much. - Why do YOU love Shark Tank?

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Chụp tấm hình thôi mà anh ấy có vẻ căng 🥺

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:: R U S T I C :: . . Still in the process of uncovering the essence of our Rising Hill project. The qualities of industrial and rustic blending with traditional is starting to make sense for this mountain setting. More to come soon... Design by @fernandocarunchogardener and shot by @archdigest

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God’s love for you is NEVER based on your performance. (See Mark 1:9-11 )


@davidscottinteriors was inspired by an aerial photograph he took of a Patagonia riverbed in designing this Sag Harbor home as the epitome of a modern beach house. The Frank Game table by Mattalliano and Hans Wegner chairs seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. And the chunky throw? It was handwoven in Australia for chilly nights outside. Photo by Joshua McHugh

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Constantly Push Yourself Higher and Harder Until you reach your GOALS. 😤⁣ ⁣ Drop a "🏀" below if you're Balling this Weekend! ☀️⁣ ⁣ #TheySleepWeGrind

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Off-White™ c/o @em___pty___gallery 51 Mercer Street, New York

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Palm reading $1 today only!

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Tag @menwithhealth for your chance to get featured here! 🔥 via @odinmovement #MenWith #menwithhealth

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