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I like to cook. @gatonyc @mesagrillvegas @shark.lasvegas @bobbyflaysbaramericain @bobbyflaysteak @bobbysburgerpalace #FLAYFORALL

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19 hours ago

So thrilled to be on the cover in addition to being guest editor for this issue of @hamptonsmag ! What says #Hamptons more than the iconic Pollock-Krasner House?


Seriously so delicious...I’m daydreaming about Chef Kiyo’s insane Rock Shrimp Tempura Rolls at @shark lasvegas @palms A must-order when you visit.

2 days ago

Happy Birthday to this guy on the right . #navylieutenant #BillFlay #baller #sidepart

3 days ago

#MondayMood : Pizza of course. 🍕Here’s another from @gatonyc a #GatoClassic recently back on the menu after a long hiatus. Pizza with Lamb Sausage, Tomato Jam, Mozzarella & Mint...with flavors inspired by Morocco’s corner of the Mediterranean. #20NewDishes

4 days ago

Wait for it..... Having the best time at @acchampionship @edgewoodtahoe ! Sound on for the full effect.. ⛳️ #accgolf

6 days ago

#CurrentlyCraving those @mesagrillvegas Spreads.. Dipping house-made masa chips into fresh ricotta and red chile pipian salsa, or crushed avocado with cucumber & jicama relish. Yum.

6 days ago

If every player in the field of the @acchampionship oversleeps I have a chance to cash this bet. C’mon #charlesbarkley you can do this. #accgolf

1 weeks ago

Bottom right. #repost @foodnetwork and don’t forget to tune in for a new #BeatBobbyFlay tonight at 10pm.

2 weeks ago

Happening now at @gatonyc #20NewDishes! This one is Orecchiette with Asparagus, Fava Beans, Pesto & Breadcrumbs. Have you tried it yet?

2 weeks ago

This is how we #TacoTuesday at @shark lasvegas ... visit us at @palms where you can try 8 different tacos all wrapped in housemade purple corn tortillas. These are beef tenderloin.

2 weeks ago

Sunday dinner craving = pasta, please. I’m keeping it simple tonight...with sauce made from local farm stand tomatoes, plus basil and ricotta. What’s on your table? #summer

2 weeks ago

One of @gatonyc ’s #20NewDishes for summer .. Grilled Swordfish with Basil Salsa Verde..get down to Noho and let me know what you think.

2 weeks ago

SOUND 🔛 for sizzle. 🥩 Porterhouse , anyone?? Happy 4th everybody. 🇺🇸

3 weeks ago

What are you cooking up this #4thOfJuly weekend? Share in comments... #GrillinAndChillin 🍗

3 weeks ago

My little herb garden is ready for lots of pesto, salsa verde, chimichurri, and beyond...all taste even better with ingredients freshly picked from my own backyard. What’s in your garden?

3 weeks ago

A few of my favorite milkshake form: blackberries✅, chocolate chips✅, 11 ounces of ice cream✅. That’s the Shake of the Month at @bobbysburgerpalace only in July!

3 weeks ago

Another one of TWENTY new dishes at @gatonyc : Mussels, Calabrian Broth, Fennel, Tarragon. Don’t forget to dip some house-made focaccia into that broth. #20newdishes

3 weeks ago

I made fried chicken for my friends at @ristoranteloscoglio the other day...and now you can get some at @gatonyc every night! With honey, thyme & lemon. #20newdishes

3 weeks ago

Baby Clams , linguine. #vongole @ristoranteloscoglio turn out the lights

3 weeks ago

Tis the season... Soft shell crab with horseradish gremolata. Flavors from the sea, sweet and tender, get it at @gatonyc #20newdishes

3 weeks ago

Thanks for letting me into your kitchen @ristoranteloscoglio Tommaso. It was an honor to cook for you and your of my favorite places on the planet.

4 weeks ago

I know it’s corny but this dish is a-maize-ing 🌽...ok visit @gatonyc & decide for yourself. Charred Corn, Parmigiano, Basil, Garlic Butter & Paprika. #20newdishes

4 weeks ago

Pasta al Forno (baked pasta ) with eggplant .. in real time.. like right know. Grazie Tommaso @ristoranteloscoglio

4 weeks ago

@gatonyc ’s Grilled Asparagus with Creamy Green Chile Dressing, Ricotta Salata & Lemon Confit. There’s no denying it’s summer! #20newdishes

4 weeks ago

Lobster, Cherry Tomatoes, Spaghetti.. Any questions?? @ristoranteloscoglio

4 weeks ago

When the moon hits your eye like a Pizza with asparagus, raclette, fresno chile & basil pesto from @gatonyc , THAT’S amore. #20newdishes

4 weeks ago

Spaghetti, Clams , goodnight! #vongole @ristoranteloscoglio

4 weeks ago

This smile means I’m about to be inspired by something amazing from the Mediterranean Sea .. will it show up at @gatonyc someday soon ?? Probably!

4 weeks ago

Speaking of Zucchini... this is how it’s going down GATO-style @gatonyc Another new dish for summer...Grilled Zucchini with feta cheese, black olive relish + piquillo pepper yogurt. #20NewDishes

4 weeks ago

Stop the fight ! @ristoranteloscoglio absolutely killin’ it .. zucchini parmigiana

4 weeks ago

Happening now at @gatonyc fill your table with the jewels of the summer. Here’s another of our 20 new dishes... creamy and herby and refreshing, the ultimate summertime appetizer: Burrata with Yellow Tomato Confit & Basil Chimichurri. #20newdishes

4 weeks ago

When the table is filled with jewels of the Mediterranean and @theoriginaljimmyv is presiding at the head of the table. Thank you @ristoranteloscoglio

4 weeks ago

Meanwhile back at @gatonyc this house-made fettuccine dish was inspired by @roscioliroma and is one of my favorites of the 20 new menu items... Fresh Pasta with Anchovy Butter, Chive Pesto & Breadcrumbs. Give it a try. #20NewDishes

4 weeks ago

It’s not lobster pasta .. it’s even better. It’s a snub-nose lobster looking crustacean called CICADA. It’s a very local shellfish on the Amalfi Coast. @ristoranteloscoglio

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