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4 days ago

Edward Burtynsky will be featured in Toledo Museum of Art’s “Life is a Highway: Art and American Car Culture” exhibition, on display from June 15 to September 15. This exhibit features more than 100 works by various artists, all focused on the automobile’s reshaping of the 20th century American landscape. . . . Edward Burtynsky, “Imperial Valley #5, Holtville, California, USA 2009” . . . #EdwardBurtynsky #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

5 days ago

Studio celebrations with the Parlá brothers! Happy birthday to José Parlá! Born on this day in Miami, Florida. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

1 weeks ago

Part of a touring National Geographic exhibition, “Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes” is on view at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole until August 18. . . . Stephen Wilkes, “Day to Night, Flamingos, Lake Bogoria, Kenya,” 2017, Archival Pigment Print. . . . #StephenWilkes #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

2 weeks ago

Jose Parla is part of "Encounters" , an annual guest-curated exhibition series dedicated to the meeting of minds, spirit, and soul @cristinagrajalesgallery in New York. This year's exhibition is curated by Stephanie Ingrassia and is on view through June 28th. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

2 weeks ago

Wang Ningde's photograph is now a part of the Chanel permanent collection. Visit their Chicago flagship location on Oak Street, designed by @petermarinoarchitect to experience the work in person. . . . Wang Ningde's photographs are meticulously measured and assembled set of film fragments that cast shadows of images and light to play with the viewer's perception. . . . #WangNingde #Chanel #Photography

2 weeks ago

We are excited to announce José Parlá “Anonymous Vernacular” has been extended to July 13! Parla's new shaped canvases and reworked found objects utilize the incidental aesthetics of the city and nod to the poetics of inspired inspiration. . . . Installation view: José Parlá, “Anonymous Vernacular”, 2019 on view through July 13. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

2 weeks ago

“Water: Edward Burtynsky” opens on June 8 at The Cleveland Museum of Art as part of Cuyahoga50, a commemoration of the Cuyahoga River Fire. The exhibition is organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art and will be on view until September 22. . . . Edward Burtynsky, “Dryland Farming #24, Aragon, Spain, 2010,” Chromogenic Print. . . . #EdwardBurtynsky #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

3 weeks ago

"The walls around us are a sign of the times. For me, the canvas is an abstract interpretation of a wall. It is a piece of art with its own history, one that alludes to the theater of life" - José Parlá . . . . José Parlá, “The Construction of Voices, 2019”, Oil paint, acrylic, enamel and plaster on canvas and wood. Currently on view in our solo exhibition "Anonymous Vernacular" through June 29th. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

4 weeks ago

Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸 We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! . . . Stephen Wilkes, “Coney Island”, New York, 2011, Archival C-Print. . . . #StephenWilkes #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

4 weeks ago

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery will close at 4PM today and reopen on Tuesday May 28 at 10AM. We hope to see you at the gallery soon! . . . Installation view: José Parlá, “Anonymous Vernacular” on view through June 29th. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

4 weeks ago

In Niko Luoma's "Adaptations” series, which he began in 2015, the artist photographs light and light-sensitive materials to generate geometric compositions that riff on art-historical masterpieces. Here are new works in progress of adaptations of Francis Bacon. . . . #NikoLuoma #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

5 weeks ago

Today is the final day of Photo London. Visit us at Booth A1 at the Somerset House until 6:30PM and catch our presentation of works by Robert Currie, Stephen Wilkes, and Cortis and Sonderegger. Shown here are Robert Currie’s new illusive photographic based works. . . . #PhotoLondon #LondonPhotoWeek #ChelseaGalleries

5 weeks ago

Stephen Wilkes, "Corridor 9, Island 3, Ellis Island", (1998-2003 ) on view in our Booth A1 @Photolondonfair at the Somerset House. . . . In 1998, a one-day assignment to the south side of Ellis Island led to a 5-year photographic study of the island’s long abandoned medical wards where immigrants were detained before they could enter America. Through his Ellis Island series of photographs and video , Wilkes helped secure $6 million toward the restoration of the south side of the island. . . . #PhotoLondon #StephenWilkes #ChelseaGalleries

3 weeks ago

In Parla's current exhibition "Anonymous Vernacular" the artist combines layered advertising posters he has collected from temporary construction walls with his own calligraphic techniques that both improvise and expose texts, letters, symbols, phrases, and words. Parlá's personal mark-making weaves itself into the textures and compositions of the ripped advertisements, creating an obliquely legible codex all his own. . . . José Parlá, “Babylon Can Have Pastel Colored Walls”, 2019, Oil paint, acrylic, enamel and plaster on canvas and wood. Open Tuesday - Saturday through June 29. . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

last month

Thank you to everyone who joined us during Frieze Week for our @ARTnews conversation with @JoseParla and curator @ManonSlome discussing Parla’s current show “Anonymous Vernacular” at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery as well as the artist’s upcoming solo exhibition curated by Manon Slome at The Bronx Museum in 2020. . . . #JoseParla #ARTnews #FriezeWeek

last month

Edward Burtynsky is exhibiting in "Tomorrow is the Question" group exhibition at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark. The exhibition presents works by fifteen international contemporary artists, eliciting reflection and discussion of present and future challenges. . . . Edward Burtynsky, "Dampier Salt Ponds #2, Dampier Western Australia", 2007, Chromogenic color print. . . . #EdwardBurtynsky #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

last month

@OliverJeffers room full of globes on view in the artist's solo exhibition "Observations of Modern Life" @Lazinc in London. . . . "In recent years I have started taking political motivations for how maps have been drawn, and turning them on their head, using the visual language of cartography as a means to make other social commentary. By making environmental, apolitical and sometimes humorous comments on maps and globes, I have been addressing issues I feel strongly about regarding how random maps are in the first place, how arbitrary the carving up of things and drawing of borders are." - Oliver Jeffers . . . #OliverJeffers #ChelseaGalleries

last month

Please join @JoseParla and curator, @Manon_Slome of @NoLongerEmpty in conversation on Parlá's current exhibition “Anonymous Vernacular” at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Parlá and Slome will discuss the artist's studio practice, further exploring the boundaries of the studio and the city environment. The public talk will be presented by @ARTnews future group tomorrow, Thursday May 2 at 6PM. . . . #JoseParla #ArtNews #FriezeWeek

last month

Cortis and Sonderegger: DOUBLE TAKE is currently on view at C/O Berlin through June 6, 2019. Their photographic project “Icons” engage in a sophisticated play between photographic truth and manipulation. In a time of intense debate over the authenticity of images and “alternative” and false facts, the works of Cortis and Sonderegger call us to reexamine and question the truthfulness of photography. . . . Cortis and Sonderegger, Making of “Milk Drop Coronet” (by Harold Edgerton, 1957 ), 2016, Digital C-Print. . . . #CortisandSonderegger #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

last month

Please join us tonight from 6-8PM for the opening of José Parlá’s exhibition ”Anonymous Vernacular”, a series of new paintings and reworked found objects. For over a decade, Parla has rigorously experimented with a mix of non-traditional painting materials and collage to create his signature style, a graphomaniac reflection of a distinctly urban vernacular. . . . José Parlá, “If You Take Care of It, It Will Grow | Mobile Home”, 2019, 72 x 108 inches. . . . #JoseParla #Paintings #ChelseaGalleries

last month

Studio preparations with @JoseParla We are excited for the opening of our exhibition "Anonymous Vernacular" on Thursday April 25th from 6-8PM. . . . #JoseParla #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

last month

Happy earth day! Celebrating our planet today with @OliverJeffers The artist worked with @apple on a collaboration and education initiative to draw the world the way you see it. . . . "I’m encouraging people to draw the world the way they want to see it. Use the world as your backdrop for some other action to happen. Something that would make you laugh. Something that would turn up the poetry of the earth." - Oliver Jeffers . . . #OliverJeffers #EarthDay #EveryoneCanCreate

April 2019

One of the world's most tech savvy sculptors, Alan Rath, reflects on the connection between machines and their makers in @ContentMag upcoming issue 11.2 . Rath's exhibition is currently on display through June 2nd at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Link in bio for the full feature. . . . #AlanRath #RoboticArt #Sculpture

last month

José Parlá will be exhibiting in Glasstress at the @fondazioneberengo_glasstress 2019 project curated by @vikmuniz and @koen vanmechelen . Returning for the 58th Biennale di Venezia, the sixth edition of Glasstress brings together a new line-up of leading contemporary artists from Europe, the United States, Latin America, India, and China in an ambitious exhibition exploring the endless creative possibilities of glass. Opening on May 8th in Venice, Italy. . . . "My new work titled in Spanish as, Tiempos Frágiles, which translates to English as Fragile Times uses a metal fence, glass barbwire and parts of ribbons made from Murano glass to spell out the word Fragile, literally. I wanted to be direct to stress the very fragility of humanity and the circumstances we're in, and also emphasize the human-made divisions created by borders.  After making some sketches, I also worked on a fence in Brooklyn to understand the technique and decide on the size of work I wanted to make. Glass can be delicate and dangerously sharp. The ribbon, on the other hand, is soft and is easy to manipulate. When working in Murano, I wanted the contrast between these materials to be a metaphoric representation of the polaric state the world in during our time" - José Parlá . . . #JoseParla #VeniceBiennale #LaBiennale

April 2019

We are heartbroken about the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire in Paris. "Notre-Dame Cathedral is the very soul of Paris but so much more-it is a touchstone for all that is the best about the world, and a monument to the highest aspirations of artistic achievement that transcend religion and time" - Barbara Drake Boehm, Paul and Hill Ruddock Senior Curator for the @metcloisters Detail of Stephen Wilkes, Pont de la Tournelle, Paris, 2013, Archival C-Print. . . . #NotreDame #PrayForParis #StephenWilkes

April 2019

Edward Burtynsky is on view in The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan's group exhibition "Nature, Life, Human" The exhibition runs through July 7, 2019. . . . Edward Burtynsky, Colorado River Delta #12, Sonora, Mexico, 2011, Chromogenic Color Print. . . . #EdwardBurtynsky #Photography

April 2019

Last chance to see Evan Robarts’ solo exhibition, "Within Cells Interlinked" closing this Saturday, April 13th. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM - 6PM. . . . #EvanRobarts #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

April 2019

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is excited to announce José Parlá’s “Anonymous Vernacular”, a series of new paintings and reworked found objects opening on April 25th. For over a decade, Parlá has rigorously experimented with a mix of non-traditional painting materials and collage to create his signature style, a graphomanic reflection of a distinctly urban vernacular. This marks Parlá's fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. . . . José Parlá, Anonymous Vernacular, 2019, Oil paint, acrylic, enamel and collage on canvas and wood surface, 84 x 144 inches. . . . #JoséParlá #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

April 2019

Today is the last day to visit us at The Photography Show, presented by @aipadphoto Join us at Pier 94, Booth 301 through 6PM. . . . Presented here: Edward Burtynsky, "Tetrapods #1, Dongying, China", 2016, Chromogenic color print & Cortis and Sonderegger, Making of "Moon and Half Dome" (by Ansel Adams, 1960 ), Digital C-Print. . . . #AIPAD2019 #ThePhotographyShow

April 2019

Jose Parla is one of the many prominent artists featured in @BronxMuseum 2019 Benefit auction. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is the only contemporary arts museum in NYC that is free 100% of the time and the 2019 benefit auction sale will raise funds needed to continue free admission to their internationally recognized exhibitions and educational programming. Link in bio to bid on the works! . . . Jose Parla, "One: Union of the Senses Abstract MonoTransfer D", 2014, Mono transfer, 64 × 46 in. . . . #JoseParla #BronxMuseum

April 2019

In the studio with Cortis & Sonderegger as they sculpturally build and recreate L'artigue's iconic image. . . . Cortis & Sonderegger, "Making of "Grand Prix de A.C.F" (by Jacques-Henry Lartigue, 1913 ), 2016, Digital C-Print. . . . #CortisandSonderegger #Photography #ChelseaGalleries

March 2019

Jose Parla is exhibiting @ArtBasel Hong Kong with @benbrownfinearts through March 31st at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. . . . Jose Parla, "Manifestation of the Body's Revolution", Oil paint and poster paper on canvas. . . . #JoseParla #ArtBasel #ABHK2019

March 2019

Evan Robarts' new mop paintings are a series of fluid, calligraphic abstractions of plaster on linoleum tiles. The distinct action of mopping-as-mark-making is now consumed by an osmosis-like process of flowing pigment from an under layer, ebbing and pooling into crystalline forms along the divisions in the gridded surface. . . . Evan Robarts, "While you're not performing your duties do they keep you in a little box? Cells.", 2019, Hydrocal plaster, powdered pigment on vinyl tile mounted to wood panel. On view in our solo exhibition "Within Cells Interlinked" through April 13th. . . . #EvanRobarts #Painting #ChelseaGalleries

March 2019

Thanks to @NewYorkTimes for highlighting Cortis & Sonderegger and their photographic series “Icons”. . . . "Mr. Cortis and Mr. Sonderegger’s images fascinate partly because of the interplay between what we see in front of us and how we remember the original. At a time when digital photographic manipulation is a fact of life, these images remind us that a photograph is not an objective representation of the events it depicts. And perhaps, sometimes, seeing shouldn’t be believing." Link in bio to read the full feature! . . . #CortisandSonderegger #NewYorkTimes #ChelseaGalleries

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