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5 hours ago

Living First Class. Summer 1976 issue of GQ. #tbt #vintagegq

8 hours ago

A #BigFitoftheDay so enormous Justin Bieber cannot physically contain it with two arms.

17 hours ago

#YourMorningShot , Nate Dogg: "Rapping is all about battling, and you can do all of that. But you still got to have to have love for people."


Solange's glasses are Matrix-tiny but this is a #BigFitoftheDay


This summer, @elizabethwarren has been trouncing debate foes, climbing in the polls, and making the grandest ideas sound perfectly sensible, including her biggest pitch of all: That she's the one to beat Trump. GQ's Julia Ioffe joins Warren on the campaign trail to figure out how the presidential candidate does what she does, and why she's surging in the Democratic primary race—read more at the link in bio. (📸 @dina_litovsky )


#YourMorningShot , Denzel Washington: "I was 11 or so when I started in the barbershop. That was great theater. Professional liars in a barbershop. There were a lot of father figures in there. I was there with grown men. You know, saying grown-men things. Listening to men talk and lie. I learned to hustle. If you came in, I looked at you like money. Okay, you've got good shoes? You might have a few dollars. I had a little side hustle where you brought your clothes on Saturday; I'd take them to the cleaners and deliver them at the end of the day. Fifty cents here, a dollar there. I was 13 and buying my own clothes. Working in that barbershop, learning how to tell stories...I learned how to act."

2 days ago

Dr. Ruth knows that the secret to a #BigFitoftheDay is a smile (and some great glasses ).

2 days ago

It's official: #KeanuReeves will star in #Matrix4 Get all the details at the link in bio. (📸 @studio_jackson )

2 days ago

Here are 10 things #BakerMayfield can’t live without—from his engraved number 6 chain to his favorite shades. Full vid at the link in bio. #nfl #clevelandbrowns

2 days ago

“I believe in myself. Some people think that's cocky, but if you don't believe you're any good, then I don't think you're gonna have any success. If you go out there thinking you're gonna fail, you're gonna fail. Which is just the truth.” Browns QB @BakerMayfield opens up in a raw and unfiltered interview at the link in bio. #nfl #clevelandbrowns #bakermayfield

2 days ago

#YourMorningShot , 50 Cent: “When artists say stuff like, ‘It doesn’t matter if my album sells, I make music for me,’ that’s a total cop-out, that’s nonsense, that’s what an artist says when he feels himself close to failing."

3 days ago

[Extremely Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] I'll be bike. #BigFitoftheDay

3 days ago

@RamiMalek goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments. Full vid at link in bio.

3 days ago

Behind-the-scenes of #RamiMalek 's September issue GQ cover shoot. See all the photos at the link in bio.✨✨

3 days ago

Presenting GQ's September cover star @RamiMalek Read the cover story and see all the photos by @RyanMcGinleyStudios at the link in bio. Styled by @MobolajiDawodu #newgq #ramimalek #mrrobot

4 days ago

A gentle reminder to embrace tinted sunglasses and four fingers of chest hair because summer isn’t over yet. See the 9 Grooming Gods of the week at the link in bio. #taronegerton

5 days ago

Everyone at GQ is wearing this @Nike hat. Find out why so many GQ staffers swear by it at the link in bio.

5 days ago

This week, Jay-Z solidified a deal with Roger Goodell and the NFL with one hand and wore a watch from the future on the other wrist. About that second part: Jay was wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Carbon that debuted at SIHH 2008, and retailed at the time for $309,800. See the the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches we spotted on celebrities this week at the link in bio.

6 days ago

Young Thug celebrates his new album (and birthday! ) as only Young Thug can: in an enormous rose-printed hoodie-slash-robe. #BigFitoftheDay

6 days ago

The Summer #GQBestStuff box is sold out! Take a sneak peak inside the fall box at the link in bio. Pre-order yours before it sells out (again ) 👀

6 days ago

#YourMorningShot , Marvin Gaye: "You can be the greatest everything, but you still must work, you see. You must work under tremendous fear. I think that’s the meaning of heart: to be scared shitless and still work.”

1 weeks ago

#JohnGoodman breaks down his most iconic characters. Full vid at link in bio.

1 weeks ago

TO DYE FOR: Cate Blanchett looks every inch the psychedelic super mom in her vibed-up ensemble 🌀🌀 #BigFitoftheDay

1 weeks ago

Master watchmaker Stefan Kudoke is doing his part to keep the art of horology alive. In his one-man workshop outside Dresden, Stefan single-handedly designs and builds 40 timepieces a year. Read more about @kudoke_watches in Wes Lang's latest column at the link in bio.

1 weeks ago

#YourMorningShot , Paul Simon: "You really have to try hard not to be boring if you expect anybody to buy a ticket or an album to see you. If you think they’re going to come out and see you because you were famous once, you’re wrong."

2 weeks ago

@burnaboygram breaks down his tattoos. Full vid at link in bio. #GQTattooTour #burnaboy

2 weeks ago

Did Travis Scott borrow his Phoebe Philo-era Celine shirt from Kanye West for this #BigFitoftheDay ?

2 weeks ago

#YourMorningShot , Akira Kurosawa: "A film must be made with the heart, not the mind. I think today’s young filmmakers have forgotten this and instead they make films through their calculations."

2 weeks ago

Shoutout @YG 's extra-turbo sheer shirt. #BigFitoftheDay

2 weeks ago

@MachineGunKelly goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real questions. Full vid at link in bio. #gqactuallyme #machinegunkelly

2 weeks ago

A black suit and white dress shirt is classic. Flip it inside out like @colesprouse , and it’s a gigantic summer fit. See the 10 best-dressed men of the week at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

A$AP Rocky’s back on the road 🙏 #BigFitoftheDay

2 weeks ago

#YourMorningShot , Drake: “My plan is… to make as much music as I can until a story from Drake doesn’t impact you in the way that it used to. Then, I guess I’ll find my way somewhere else.”

2 weeks ago

A classic crew-cut and few-days-out beard growth is good. Throw in some well-cared-for skin and a loud shirt and it’s excellent. See @imsebastianstan and more from the week in celebrity hair at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

@ShawnMendes and @Camila_Cabello are summer 2019’s most excellently groomed couple. See the 9 Grooming Gods of the week at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

J Balvin sports a @jacobandco Five Time Zone Automatic H-24 watch during his #Lollapalooza set. See the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities this week at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

Romeo Beckham with a fan. (🔄 @romeobeckham )

2 weeks ago

Smokey Robinson's shiny suit has really got a hold on us. #BigFitoftheDay

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