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2 days ago

And The Weak Will Perish🐍 📸: Nathan Huisenga

5 weeks ago

Catch a vibe💖 I got all the bangers done on “23”. Now who’s ready for the chill, summer time, riding around with your shordy in the whip kinda vibes?✨

May 2019

One of the joints off my EP💕 I need hella comments so I know who want this work for the summer👀👀👀

February 2019

Lost files 💎

February 2019

New video ‼️ Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’ visual out now👀 Link in the bio📲

September 2018

“Pink Palace Nights” is out now! For the link, go to my bio. Brief Synopsis- August of 2015, 19 year old me out in Iowa City with @devonthedude95 and @snickapiece doing everything our young asses shouldn’t have been doing. 10 days before school starts, we meet a group of girls that were going to the same after party we were going to so we mixed and mingled. The moment I laid eyes on one of them, I had a vision of her feeding my baby boy. Her and I ended up getting dinner the week after and that date would be the start of my journey down a dark rabbit hole. My relationship with her would end up revealing to me the darkest and most intimate parts of myself I had never been in tune with. And the wall would break when I caught her leaving her apartment with her ex, or the guy she told me to never worry about. Now picture this... 3 years later I drop the hottest fucking project out of this area while retelling that whole story in vivid detail? Don’t sleep. Get in tune. And join me on this ride. Thank you everybody who was a part of this album and thank you to those who listen for the love and support. #pinkpalacenights

September 2018

New @realjordanburgett x @fordcuts Link in the bio.

August 2018

New @realjordanburgett x @idriskecira Pink Fairies: Lost Knights Video out now. Link in the bio👀

April 2018

*turn on your sound* An old throwaway from November but it’s groovy so why not🤷🏽‍♂️ LYRICS Man Shordy used to curve, even chucked the Duce Duce/ Now I sip it and I flip them while I eat my couscous/ She would hang up when I bling it, but it’s fuck a loose noose/ My buzz will drive her crazy like she got some screws loose/ Meditated then I learned, she either lame or she blind/ To not proclaim that she had came up if I’m claiming she mine/ Got no brains if she would change up in the height of this prime/ Im never bored(board ), I can’t afford it, but I stay on my grind/ Burgett the pussy magnetic, but you can have it/ I never tag it, I just slash it and then I pass it/ Pussy and cash on axis so when you stack it/ Understand there’s so much access, you never lack it/ Niggas lose it and it’s drastic, they fucking plastic/ I don’t say this cuz I’m fascist but I see bastards/ That let it press em, I’m not passive, I make these classic/ Put it to your head and blast it or chase the cabbage/ (My nigga ) I know a couple ladies that wanna claim that’s how they made me/ All my exes want some credit for it, but now then bitches gotta pay me/

March 2018

Falling in love with this city and it’s people... We never really had shit so this is my hustle. A live interpretation of my single “A Night At Giovanni’s” off my new project coming out soon. Thank you @rcandthegritz y’all are amazing✊🏽

March 2018

*sound on* what I made when I got bored 😂 Momma lost her house and that been stressing me/ And my niggas death was apart of the recipe/ The devils cooking depression, I had this bitch I was stressing, so me pressing progression was coming secondly/ This confession is a lesson etched in my Destiny/ Repressing the greatness thats in my pedigree/ Nothings hard as rejection, except my constant erection when I just peep the direction that is my legacy/ Now I got a new bad bitch on my line/ She speaks on the universe and how she thinks it's my time/ And how I lay every verse is kinda been like a sign/ That ima go rule the masses and lead em like the blind/ But been so broke I been skipping out on breakfast/ Grandma lost her house to, that been on my check list/ Bank took everything, now I’m acting reckless/ So I could get a fuck about your mother fuckin necklace/ Every line is evidence that I’m one hell of an elephant/ The infinite intelligence, the son of an element/ I am that mother fucker but this Oedips elegant/ I’m cracking sediment you micro niggas irrelevant/ I keep the music jumping but they never feed the pouch/ You don’t know my life I been sleeping on a couch/ Fear when I run up, cuz this year is the come up/ I’m the greatest fuck a nigga if he doubt/

February 2018

Link in the bio👀♓️

January 2018

Won’t ask your body count cuz you’ll say it’s under three 😂 I’m one funny mfer😂

November 2017

#wifeyouupchallenge @russ (inspired by my boy @asthmatticbump ) Lyrics : I didn't write this for sympathy/ Or to justify my hoeish ways thats in infamy/ I’m just left to wonder if this love wasn’t meant for me/ And I should move alone as I weave through this industry/ Every time I’m on my time line, I am reminded/ That if I want something sacred truth is Ill never find it/ Cause we live inside a nation where the eyes have been blinded/ By approval from the internet that change like the climate/ See I used to get curved cuz I beat up my Nikes/ Now Im used to getting curved cuz I’m needed more likes/ I been searching for Queen who could give me some tykes/ In a time where nothing last, now division must spike/ I just really want my wife and I feel no one understands it/ While I’m picking up these pieces cuz my heart is like ceramic/ Living as a starving artist, many nights I’m put in panic/ Cuz Im victim, left to wonder if I’m worthy or I’m damaged/ Can I find my wife/

July 2017

🚨NEW MUSIC ALERT🚨 Link in the bio.