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Hi! I am Alexey Ponomarev and I am attorney at law. This is my instablog where I am going to talk about my life.

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March 2018

Forensics have spring, too.

February 2018

A man who had a dream. Here is an absolutely fictional story that is published by fictitious characters’ permission. It was an ordinary phone call. My cell phone showed up the name Dima, an old friend of mine. We exchanged greetings. To the question how I was doing I answered: “Great! What's new with you?” When I saw the way he sighed, I realized I will have a job. “You know, my son is threatened by his stepfather, all because of housing. They have a house there.” The inconsistent story came next. As usual, people who have a long litigation with someone seem to fuse into their problem and it becomes a part of them. Thinking about solving the problem/litigation is for them as natural as getting sick with the flu or breathing. Breathing and illness are obvious things. And according to Dmitry, his lawsuit should be as obvious to me. I would not ask clarifying questions if he told me how he breathes.  Thus Dima was talkingas if I was a participant in the events, omitting all the necessary legal details. I asked him a few questions. Every time before he answered he sighed heavily as if he were about to confess a serious sin. Finally, I managed to clear up the situation. The problem was stated as follows. My friend’s son Ivan lived with his wife who was expecting a baby and his child in the house built by his mother (ex-wife of my friend ) and stepfather. One day Ivan’s stepfather began to threaten Ivan’s family. He has been living an antisocial life. He was rude, often got overdrunk and kicked up a row. And most importantly, he did not agree to sell his share in the house and move out. While I was listening to him I was observing the clock on the wall. It was yet morning.  Before Dima called me a few minutes ago, the clock was joyfully counting down the seconds like a merry-maker humming a melody and snapping to the beat with his fingers. Now the second hand was moving slowly like an old nag pulling a heavy cab. I keep quiet about the minute hand because it has got into the space-time continuum and just stopped.  To be continued in the blog

February 2018

Hi! I am Alexey Ponomarev and I am attorney at law. This is my instablog where I am going to talk about my life. My life and my work are closely intertwined. I take most topics from the working moments. For example, I have witnessed recently a family dispossessed of their apartment. The head of the family has lost his job and could not pay for it anymore. So they had to leave the apartment. I was standing there realizing that the law was not on their side, and I had no opportunity to help them. I started talking to evicted couple’s child, a boy of 5 years. - How are you, Anton? – I asked him. His lips were compressed, his head was tilted, and his eyes were squinted as if he was a fighter. His entire little figure showed determination to fight back strangers. He has been silent for almost half a minute. - Tell me, will not those uncles mistreat my puppy?  When you see a child who needs more likely to cry, but instead of tears you watch stubborn determination to protect what is dear to him, you realize it is strong. Anton is a real man, although he is only 5 years old.  Why do I remember this story? Today is the 23th of February. The defender's Day. I believe Anton will be an excellent defender. Happy holiday to you, Anton!  I hope I could touch the strings of someone's soul, and thereby change the world for the better.  Yours faithfully,  Aleksey Ponomarev, your attorney at law.