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2 hours ago

“The universe holds so much more than meets the eye. My telescope can open up the moon’s heavily battered surface, letting me see all of its craters, mountains and shadows. When it’s still and quiet, it feels like there’s nothing separating you and the wonders of the night sky.” Marking the 50th anniversary of the #apollo11 landing, #ShotoniPhone by Andrew S. @failedprotostar Music: “Galaxy Glider” by Coldcut


“Observing how bacteria and fungi behave is captivating. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. They can cause terrible illnesses, but are also the source of many lifesaving antibiotics. Since much of traditional microbiology is being automated and skills like identifying bacteria by appearance may be lost, hopefully our page can help to educate and also raise interest in our field.” #science #ShotoniPhone by Samuel Y. @bacteriagram Music: "LesAlpx" by @floatingpoints

2 days ago

“Carmel’s rugged rocks, golden light and the bluest water I’ve ever seen. It shattered my expectations in the best way.” #sunset #ShotoniPhone by Nathaniel W. @nathanielwise

1 weeks ago

“The labor of women, paid and unpaid, is the backbone of any economy.” #india #ShotoniPhone by Aakash P. @click_india99

2 weeks ago

“An even split between wood and sea.” #greece #ShotoniPhone by Paschalis K. @mattlouder

2 weeks ago

🔊“A caterpillar’s dangling dance.” #insect #ShotoniPhone by Pia K. @pia krishen Music: “Monky Disco” by @thebaberainbow

2 weeks ago

“Drawn by the sun.” #bnw #ShotoniPhone by Jeff K. @jeffreymkarp

2 weeks ago

“We drove 5 hours, hiked 3.5 hours, and slept 1 hour in the cold to wake up to this.” #hiking #ShotoniPhone by Johan C. @johanboeuf

3 weeks ago

“Amazing wonders are all around us.” #plasticbagfreeday #ShotoniPhone by Hassan I. @seefromthesky

3 weeks ago

“From the colors to the patterns, it’s like a visual story of a seafarer’s life.” #aerial #ShotoniPhone by Zay Yar L. @zayyarlin84

3 weeks ago

Color Coded: Blue Music: “Blue” by Ken Nordine, the late “word jazz” genius. #Blue #ShotoniPhone by... Christina J. @xinafaye , Ashraful A. @the ash.are, Toni P. @tonipascualcuenca , Antonia S. @so asa, Marko V. @mark o, Christian F. @nocamerabag , Maaniu R. @maniurashydh , Delphine C. @delphine2lyon , Brian W. @brian walker, Musthafa B.U. @am_a_shutterbug , Darving M. @darvingmiquia

4 weeks ago

🔊”Practically, my family started with three goats to help maintain the property. Emotionally, they were a bit of a slow burn. But now I feel so privileged to be part of their little circle.” #goats #ShotoniPhone by Soraya H. @itsagoatlife Music: “Black Brick” by @deafheavenband

4 weeks ago

Let your mind wander with our newest experiments. Commissioned by Apple. #ShotoniPhone XS by Donghoon J. and James T. of @InciteDesign in collaboration with WET @Wet Design. Music by @mmphsounds Head to Stories to see how it was made.

5 weeks ago

“Each wave meets their match.” #surf #ShotoniPhone by Ray C. @raycollinsphoto

last month

“It took me hours to get here, but it didn’t matter. A view like this will never let you down.” #indonesia #ShotoniPhone by Rizki M. @rizkifira

last month

Community Brief 24: Disrupting This month, curated by @christopherandersonphoto Push your portrait further. Learn how in a #todayatapple Photo Lab at an Apple Store near you. Tag #TheDisruptingSeries + #ShotoniPhone Check out IGTV for more inspiration. We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Earwig” by @pearsonsound

last month

“Calm after chaos.” #tennis #ShotoniPhone by Fernando F. @ferfarfan

last month

“Chasing the sun.” #light #ShotoniPhone by Ajay I. @me_musafir_

last month

“Mecca is unlike any other city. It makes me think of how we do not differ from one another. There, I’m granted safety and tranquility.” #reflection #ShotoniPhone by Mohamed M. @mohamedmokhtarart

last month

"Sunbeam crossing." #silhouette #ShotoniPhone by Martín D.V. @vamosviendo

last month

“Nothing compares to the panorama of Sassi di Matera.” #italy #ShotoniPhone by Marco C. @marcocariola

last month

“Keeping an eye on the waves, all around the world.” #underwater #ShotoniPhone by Silvia P. @shahzinha

last month

“Cheery floats on a gloomy day.” #beachside #ShotoniPhone by Zulkifli I. @thecynicalfox

last month

“The clouds were being blown around, covering and uncovering the city. It seemed right for how I feel about Taipei, a mysterious place with so many hidden gems.” #fromabove #ShotoniPhone by Mark M. @markwilson

last month

“These women breaking the trail are minding potential avalanches while finding the least demanding route up. Safe, but smart.” #alpine #ShotoniPhone by Jacob S. @jacobslot

last month

Commissioned by Apple. “We live so fast that sometimes we lose direction. Ramadan gives us the opportunity to reflect and change pace in order to find spiritual balance.” #Ramadan #ShotoniPhone by Ola A. @olaaaly Music: “Circles” by @louberrymusic Check out Stories for more.

May 2019

“Disconnecting in the desert.” #uae #ShotoniPhone by Alanood M. @alanood mubarak

May 2019

“Climbing to escape the heat.” #summertime #ShotoniPhone by Darkhan Z. @m1dwaaay

May 2019

"Following the flight." #naturephotography #ShotoniPhone by Matthew V.S. @mattvanswol

May 2019

“Ground shipping.” #streetphotography #ShotoniPhone by Eric L. @ericlau_street

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