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3 weeks ago

Caption This: 🤣

last month

Look me in my eyes, don’t that feel nice? ✨

last month

Because of your smile..you make life more beautiful💐

last month

Be the sunshine in the rain..☔️ ☀️🌈

April 2019

Send an agent my way...✈️

April 2019

“Sometimes ponds aren’t meant to cross...you have to go beyond, to the ocean 🌊 to get what you are really looking for”

March 2019

Let that mirror show you what you doin’ 💐..

February 2019

I can love you...I can love you💕

February 2019

“Get you a business lady, the one that knows what she wants”

January 2019

“Beauty is the name you give yourself by choice.”

October 2017

NATURAL GIRLS let me hear you!! Yes I have giving up social media for the past 3-4years but I have downloaded it back on my phone because I felt the need to shout out the beautiful ones on this earth 🌏 and let you guys know if you want to be a model and no one gave you a chance, here it is!!! There will be auditions, modeling shows, pictures, everything you can think of! All you have to do is Dm me or comment below and let me know that you are interested! This will be in the North Carolina and Georgia area hosted by ME. This will required: Be YOURSELF, no make up, no straightener, no extra product for your hair, full out NATURAL! This is for all ages, all types of hair textures, all races, all heights, and all different weights, BE YOU it's time to express yourself and let the world know that beauty comes from within and not the outside!! 💕1 Peter 3:15💕 #naturalhair #natural #models #expressyourself

March 2015