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4 hours ago

Not the most ideal connies, but happy to get out on rock. A quick repeat send of Slapstick arête Caley. 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

2 days ago

Getting fed up of rain now..... good job there’s fun comp problems to play on @depotsheffield But now please can we have dry weather!! 🙏

3 days ago

First orange v8+? @depotleeds feeling in a good flow recently! Hopefully we get a spell of good weather and I can see if this will continue in the grit! 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

4 days ago

These comp problems are so much fun! World cups here I come! 😂😂 My skin is now in need of good rest and recovery! @jtreelife climb salve is my number one go to, thin skin, for cracked or split and within a few hours or even a day I’m ready to climb again! 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

1 weeks ago

@redgoatwall never fails! Fun playing around in some of the finals problems from Rampage! Really getting into this comp climbing.

2 weeks ago

Fun flash of this blue problem @depotsheffield really fun setting! Wishing this rain would disappear so I can feel real rock again!!! 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

2 weeks ago

Fun session @depotsheffield love this comp wall! Love comp climbing!!! 📸 @alex mortz

2 weeks ago

Can’t remember the name of this boulder, it’s a 6 in Franchard Istatis. Didn’t manage this but had fun trying it! Can’t wait to be back in Font this sept!! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

2 weeks ago

Fun playing around on the comp wall @depotsheffield don’t get to practise this kind of climbing a lot so it’s really fun when you do!! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

3 weeks ago

Cruel Arête f7c, Caley. This has been a great project and one I’m happy to have finished! Thanks to @jessrg_outdoors for the psych to keep dragging myself up it! The first time I pulled on to this it felt impossible and I felt like I was wasting my time. But perseverance and loads of psych is all it took.

3 weeks ago

Belly flopper, Brimham. Fun repeat of this the other day! And seeing friends crush it! 💪

3 weeks ago

Fun time @depotsheffield such fun setting! 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

4 weeks ago

Enjoyed a visit to Sheffield Depot today. Fun problems on their comp wall. Great psych from a great crew!!! 💪💪

4 weeks ago

Rainy days mean having fun indoors. Playing on the new yellows at the climbing lab. 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

4 weeks ago

Aérosol, Bas Cuvier. It was far to hot for this! Can’t wait till im back in this forest!

4 weeks ago

The Prize, Brimham. Definitely need a second session on this now my skin has healed! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

5 weeks ago

Summiting Grisedale Pike, on my second winter mountain absolutely amazing, I’ve not been in the lakes for a long time!

last month

Waiting for better conditions as the rain rolls in, these views are what being outdoors is about and sharing it with great company. 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Pulling shapes on Fight in Black, Widdop. Maybe it’s too hot for this but felt good! Got 2 moves from the top! 📸 @alex mortz

last month

Crease Direct, Crookrise. Normally highball is enjoyable, but this was just too hot and too much pain for my feet to handle! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

2 weeks ago

Another boulder I can’t quite grovel over the top of yet haha! Les Calins De Kim, Rocher Canon. Great boulder with some really nice moves up the arête. Amazing shot 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Playing around in Fontainebleau, having fun on the first day not really looking at anything. No idea what this is, couldn’t find it in a guidebook, was fun though. Next to the Crocodile, Franchard Isatis. 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Playing on the comp problems at The ClimbingWorks after being rained off at Stanage, this was a really fun problem, always enjoy the setting here. 🎥 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Trying hard on El Poussif/Dune, Franchard Isatis. I kept dropping the last move frustratingly! But it will go on my next visit! Amazing shot 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Awesome shot of The Prize, Brimham. More skin needed! Great line to return for! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

La Theorie du Chaos, Franchard Isatis. Struggled to hold the first crimp before the rain came in.

last month

Here’s @jessrg_outdoors smashing Pine Tree Arête, Caley. On the first session. Starting off strong on our return from Font last week! 💪

last month

Successor State, Brimham. Some great connies recently! Happy to see this off after returning from Font. Highball buzz kicked in on this! Just after holding this jug making a move for the top a pebble blew out from my foot and nearly took this send from me.

last month

Latching the last jug hold on Pebble Arête, Stanage. Happy to have walked away with the flash on this!! 📸 & edited by @alex mortz

last month

Just missing the last hold on Deliverance, Stanage Plantation. This is such an amazing climb! The traverse into the side pull is an amazing problem! Can’t wait for another session on this!! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

@jessrg_outdoors slapping the second to last hold on Le Surplomb du Lepreux, L’elephant. Such a great trip! And returning with renewed psyched!!

last month

Holiday blues setting in now! Here’s an epic shot 📸 by @lorraine_faye of my attempt on El Poussah, Franchard Isatis . One to definitely return for!

last month

Font has been amazing again! Sad to be leaving today as the usual blues sink in! Can’t wait to be back here! Great shot in the Chateau de Fontainebleau on a rest day. 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

last month

Le Lepreux Direct, L’Elephant. Nice little line at my first ever crag in this beautiful forest! This trip has been amazing! 📸 @jessrg_outdoors full video on Vimeo

last month

Bizarre Bizarre, Franchard Cuisinere. Great problem! Definitely need to try the sit video link in bio. 📸 @jessrg_outdoors

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