Marine Corps SEMPERFI @devil_dog_mike

🇺🇸USMC🇺🇸 24 hours a day⏳ 7 days a week📆 🚨motivated 🚨 Slay☠️and gains🏋🏼‍♂️ 🇵🇷BORICUA💪🏼 LOML: 🔐💍: @briannafernandez___

Marine Corps SEMPERFI photos and videos

4 weeks ago

Today is a very important day. A day like this I met my best friend, my life partner, but most importantly the women that changed my life. The days go by time just flies, you learn to live laugh and love. Ive learned a lot from you things that I didn't know about myself. Ive learned that I have you. We fight, we argue, but we know its all love. We share our dreams, we live our lives. I can honestly say you are my person. What can I say I'm stuck Happy anniversary @briannafernandez___

5 weeks ago

Dont really post her but i give her the most credit shes a very special women in my life she pushes me and motivates me in so many ways that I just dont deserve a mother like her I love you mama

5 weeks ago

Missing your laugh missing your smile a few more weeks until I see you again i love you baby hope to see you soon with a big surprise @briannafernandez___

last month

Another year gone but your love still lives with me happy father's day

last month

Just a young motivated marine living the dream😉😏

last month

Fun times with the boy

last month

Shes just just my person my other half ❤😵 😍love you stinky can't wait to see you again 😢

last month

Wow it’s amazing time really go by fast. I remember when it all started all the way up to now. It’s like it just happened yesterday but I made you a promise to be with you in the good and bad, to be with you in success and failure, but most importantly to hold it down no matter what you can count on me. I love you babe you’re my other half, my best friend, but most importantly you’re the women of my life and I will love you in this life and the next.

May 2019

Smile with confidence great things to come as the pale horse with death upon him comes #revelation #smile #marine #officer #getsome #motivate #kill #slay

March 2019

Behold a pale horse and he who sat upon him was death and hell followed with him

March 2019

My life

February 2019

The world is yours

December 2018

Live life like it’s your last day and never have any regrets

December 2018

Papi chulo🤪😘❤️

December 2018

Was in Walmart seen homeless veteran a marine corps rifleman asked him if he was hungry said he wanted Fried chicken I got him a whole night of fried chicken never forget the veterans #veterans #neverforgetvets #usmc NO matter the color no matter the branch always show some love SEMPER FI UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE

November 2018

The crew back in Virginia miss these guys @that_guycarlos you still the main bro

July 2018

The muscle up challenge @kokeyepes #grind #usmc #militarymuscle #beast #fitness #motivated your next bro @lj_martinn

May 2018

Showing love and support to #veterans #memorialday support #thefallen

May 2018

#marines #america #thecorps just doing me motivated to create a new #legacy

May 2018

Happy friday with the women of my life my mother

November 2017

Con el bro

October 2017

Lol they found me

April 2017

Me and my bros fucking it up Marine Corps style

February 2017

Squad marine corps Who want it

December 2015

Im the sexy elf

November 2015

Me and my bro sam

November 2015

That bitd had a tight ass grip

October 2015

Me and my boxing trainer

February 2019

About to cut my hair off again