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3 days ago

This studio apartment by @lizzie_lou_walsh and @alexankernielsen is a space with many forms and many purposes. The bed, bathroom and kitchen are all hidden away behind the birch plywood panelling when not in use. The space becomes what it needs to be as it’s needed. A suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances adds premium functionality to the kitchen of this incredible apartment. 📷 @seanfennessy #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #TheBaeTAS

6 days ago

This contemporary kitchen by @dohertydesignstudio expertly blends disparate elements into an impressive and unforgettable whole. Our Contemporary style Freestanding Dual Fuel Cooker fits beautifully, with its sophisticated design and powerful modern functionality. Styling @jess_lillico 📷 @derek_swalwell #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #dohertydesignstudio

1 weeks ago

A peek at a brand new project by @annika_rowson Moody and modern, this kitchen uses our integrated and built-in appliances to help maintain the sleek aesthetic. We 🖤 the steel splashback and the matte black cabinetry that hides our Integrated French Door Fridge. This is a gorgeous kitchen in an incredible home. Stay tuned for more. 📷 @mrveeral #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #rowsonkitchens

2 weeks ago

Created by Andrew Lister, this contemporary kitchen is gorgeous. We 🖤 the different grains of timber, subway tile, and, of course, our Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher. Furnished beautifully with plenty of natural light and an adjoining outdoor cooking area, this is a kitchen with both style and substance. 📷 @drewkellyphoto #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #andrewlisterarchitect

2 weeks ago

A crisp and clean apartment by @bradswartzarchitects that puts space to good use. With our DishDrawer™ Dishwasher, Built-in Oven, Induction Cooktop and Integrated Rangehood all sharing the same footprint, this kitchen offers incredible functionality in a compact space. Styling @riccibloch 📷 @tfadtomferguson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #bradswartzarchitects #bonecaapartment

3 weeks ago

This apartment kitchen by @danielboddam is efficiently designed to maximise usable space. Our integrated DishDrawer™ Dishwasher shares the same footprint as the Built-in Oven, providing incredible functionality without taking up valuable real estate. 📷 Matt Craig (The Photo Republic ) #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #danielboddam

3 weeks ago

Another great shot of the O’Grady project by @carolewhiting and @whitingarchitects We 🖤 this laundry area – a room that utilises space well and has a gorgeously refined material palette, incredible aesthetics and high performance appliances. 📷 @sharyncairns #fisherpaykel #fploveyourlaundry #carolewhiting #whitingarchitects

4 weeks ago

Created by Paul Clarke of @studio2architects , the kitchen of this gorgeous holiday home is large and spacious, providing ample room for family cooking. Integrated Fisher & Paykel appliances hide behind the beautiful oak cabinetry to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the open plan kitchen and dining area. For more on this extraordinary house, check out our IGTV. 📺 📷 @simon c.wilson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #studio2architects

4 weeks ago

This is the kitchen of @foolscapstudio ’s incredible workspace. It blends premium functionality with beautiful design, providing staff with a kitchen that’s a joy to use. With a full suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances, the kitchen supports everything from chilling drinks to cooking with a large group. 📷 @nicholas_wilkins #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #foolscapstudio #thecloud

4 weeks ago

The minimal kitchen of a loft by @alexallenstudio We 🖤 how our Integrated French Door Fridge disappears into the cabinetry, while our Built-in Oven and Gas on Steel Cooktop stand out as the heroes. The black glass of the oven and trivets on the cooktop work beautifully as flourishes of dark in the otherwise crisp, clean and light-filled kitchen. 📷 @atanz #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #alexallenstudio

5 weeks ago

Our Integrated DishDrawer™ Dishwasher is beautifully hidden behind walnut cabinetry in this small footprint apartment renovation by @cheshirearchitects We 🖤 the incredible materials in this kitchen, and the recessed handles on the drawers and cabinets are gorgeous. 📷 @simon c.wilson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #cheshirearchitects

last month

Sometimes the materiality of a space simply blows you away, as is the case with this kitchen by @baldwinbagnall The incredible marble surfaces are truly impressive, while our built-in and integrated appliances ensure this kitchen is much more than just a beautiful space. 📷 @_katlu #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #baldwinbagnall #broadresidence

last month

A beautiful modern kitchen by @rogannasharchitects We 🖤 the green on the front of the kitchen island, the dark cabinets and the concrete floor. A suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances complement the design with premium functionality. A space where performance matches aesthetics. 📷 @samuel_hartnett #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #rogannash

last month

Presenting the Kitchen Garden House by @owen architecture. A beautiful home where the details make all the difference. This is a kitchen that’s perfect for socialising but doesn’t shy away from function – a proper working kitchen with Fisher & Paykel appliances adding incredible performance capability to this gorgeous space. Furnishing @scottandmolloy Produced @thelocalproject 🎥 @kintarostudios #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #owenarchitecture

last month

This gorgeous kitchen by @zephyr_and_stone features our Integrated French Door Fridge. With the front panel customised to match the beautiful oak cabinetry, the fridge recedes perfectly into the kitchen design. The handles, also customised, add another touch of sophistication to an already incredible kitchen. Build @luxbuilt 📷 @the #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #zephyrandstone #luxbuilt

last month

More of this gorgeous kitchen by @bradswartzarchitects We 🖤 how the small kitchen packs a large punch, with our DishDrawer™ Dishwasher, Built-in Oven, Induction Cooktop and Integrated Rangehood stacked vertically in the same footprint. A truly beautiful minimal kitchen with a pristine palette. Styling @riccibloch 📷 @_katlu #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #bradswartzarchitects

last month

The Pocket House by @whitingarchitects features our Integrated Refrigerator Freezer. With the front panel customised to match the surrounding cabinetry, this beautiful space retains its clean minimalist aesthetic. Styling @sweedesign 📷 @shannonmcgrath7 #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #whitingarchitects #pockethouse

last month

The incredible kitchen of House Under Eaves by @antmartarch We 🖤 the elegant, understated design of this space and how the natural light highlights the gorgeous materials. With a suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances, this sophisticated kitchen is not only beautiful to look at, but beautiful to use. Styling @juliettewanty 📷 @simon c.wilson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #mrtn_architects

last month

This gorgeous apartment by @sez_wolfendale proves that laundry doesn’t need to take up space. Our stacked Front Loader Washing Machine and Condensing Dryer hide away inside these cabinets. The Condensing Dryer drains water into a tank, meaning no venting is required so you can install anywhere that suits you. Styling @nina_provan 📷 @shannonmcgrath7 #fisherpaykel #fploveyourlaundry #kewapartment

last month

Here’s a sneak peek at Chamfer House – a project designed by @ha_arc We 🖤 the beautiful timber cabinetry that hides our Integrated French Door Fridge. Integration gives you the option to hide appliances to maintain a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. For more photos and the whole story on this incredible kitchen, pick up the first issue of @thelocalproject print magazine which launched at @denfair Build @blockconstructions Styling @beaandcostyle 📷 @davekulesza #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #ha_arc #hachamferhouse

last month

Our Integrated French Door Fridge hides beautifully behind the pristine white cabinetry in this kitchen by @threebirdsrenovations Integration helps to maintain a clean, minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen. 📷 @_katlu #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #threebirdsrenovations #lanasforeverhome

June 2019

An absolutely gorgeous kitchen created by @thedesignory Our French Door Fridge is beautifully integrated behind the walnut cabinetry, with a two-by-two grid of kitchen Companion Products providing a huge amount of cooking flexibility (and coffee ) for the family who lives here. A truly stunning kitchen in an impressive modern home. 📷 @tfadtomferguson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #thedesignory #ayanahouse

June 2019

We 🖤 the materiality of this kitchen by @sayes_studio Gorgeous timber, crisp white tiles, and flourishes of stainless steel work together to create a stunning space. The kitchen is modestly sized, with our appliances cleverly placed to ensure this space performs as beautifully as it looks. 📷 @simon c.wilson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #sayesstudio

June 2019

With a very small footprint to work with, Nicholas Gurney of @xs_sml has created a space that is comfortable and beautiful. Our integrated and built-in appliances ensure the kitchen is fully functional, while also taking up less space than freestanding models. A truly inventive space that proves that incredible design has no size restrictions. 📷 @terencechinphotography #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #nicholasgurney

May 2019

A beautiful black kitchen by @annika_rowson Our French Door Fridge stands out as the hero of this kitchen, with the stainless steel catching all of the natural light while the matte black cabinetry maintains the mood. A truly striking project. 📷 @the_virtue #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #rowsonkitchens

May 2019

Another peek at the gorgeous Laurel Canyon kitchen by Andrew Lister. Our Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher fits flush with cabinetry and provides more washing flexibility with two independently operating drawers. We 🖤 the light shades and the materiality in this beautiful kitchen. 📷 @drewkellyphoto #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #andrewlisterarchitect

May 2019

Home to @foolscapstudio , the kitchen of this studio is a beautiful space that’s perfect for social cooking. In addition to the powerful Fisher & Paykel appliances, this kitchen is loaded with a range of cookbooks and a record player to provide musical inspiration. This is a kitchen that turns cooking routines into rituals. 📷 @nicholas_wilkins #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #foolscapstudio #thecloud

May 2019

When space is limited, smart design choices make all the difference. In this apartment kitchen by @danielboddam , our integrated DishDrawer™ Dishwasher was placed right below the Built-in Oven to maximise the available space within this small footprint. 📷 Matt Craig (The Photo Republic ) #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #danielboddam

May 2019

This kitchen by @rogannasharchitects is a stunning example of integrated Column Refrigeration. Hidden behind the beautiful timber cabinetry, accessed via gorgeous custom handles, are our Integrated Column Refrigerator and Freezer. With the ability to mix and match sizes, customise panels and handles, and install together or separately, Column Refrigeration provides a huge amount of flexibility in kitchen design. 📷 @simon c.wilson #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #rogannash

May 2019

This pristine and elegant kitchen by @threebirdsrenovations is all about luxury. The main cooking area features our cooktop and integrated rangehood, providing power and precision without disturbing the gorgeous clean lines of the design. 📷 @threebirdsrenovations #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #threebirdsrenovations #bonniesdreamhome

May 2019

A beautiful kitchen by @rogannasharchitects Clean, minimal design meets gorgeous materials in the kitchen of this family home. We 🖤 the dark cabinets on the cupboards and herringbone panels on the island. A full suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances deliver perfect results for every dish. 📷 @samuel_hartnett #fisherpaykel #fpkitchenperfection #fpsocialkitchen #rogannash

May 2019

A gorgeous little laundry space by @threebirdsrenovations This Front Loader Washing Machine and Dryer are the perfect pair. With complimentary cycles and smart technology, they provide complete fabric care. The side by side installation provides the residents with maximum bench space. 📷 @_katlu #fisherpaykel #fploveyourlaundry #threebirdsrenovations #house5

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