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Somehow I keep finding myself in the right place at the right time Like that time I skied out to camp at Glacier Point, and got there just before these two dudes flew down to the Valley. I quickly set up camp then went out to the Point to eat dinner and watch sunset. I thought we had the place to ourselves, but to my surprise I heard someone calling my name. I look over and see this dude who I have ran into on top a couple peaks. This dude and his buddy both wearing wing suits and holding their helmets as they come around the corner. My face lit up as realization hit me, I was going to get another chance at shooting these fast paced pilots in action. #yosemiteliving

4 days ago

Dreamland Truly my most challenging shot to date. So many different areas that I wanted exposed. The dreadful switchbacks that were in pure darkness, Upper Fall, the Valley, and the moonlit mountain range that surrounds it. Thank you, Yosemite You treat me so well❤️ #yosemiteliving

6 days ago

Good morning Yosemite! #upperfallandtheswitchbacksofdoom #yosemiteliving ☀️🏞

2 weeks ago

Today marks 6 years of living in this magical place Waking up to birds chirping Walking outside and seeing Half Dome before the sun does Backpacking, day hiking, just out and adventuring Eternally thankful for this life I’m living Thank you for being so great to me, Yosemite❤️ #yosemiteliving

2 weeks ago

I felt like I was dreaming when I shot this, still feels like I’m dreaming when I look at it. This is a composition that I had dreamed about for a long time. With it part of my MW2019 checklist, I knew I couldn’t pass it up when the day arrived. So even though I am sick, hackin’ and coughin’ the whole way up the trail(sorry to the guests who were around me ), I pushed through it and made my way to the top. Cloud cover dispersed, then gathering again a couple hours before showtime. I was freaking out, thinking I’d have to return and try again. But to my surprise, the available moonlight gave the clouds a look that felt so dreamy to me. I kept thinking of the Dreamworks opening. “Let’s wait for it to rise above the clouds then.” I thought to myself. Really stoked to see this one come to life. Such a rad feeling to achieve something you have thought about repeatedly. Thank you, Yosemite, for opening your beautiful sky for me once again😘🏞 #yosemiteliving

2 weeks ago

I’ve gone up the Upper Fall trail close to 10 times this year alone, I think I’m done with it for 2019. PS there are some really pretty wildflowers just above Columbia Rock right now! #yosemiteliving

3 weeks ago

With my tent stretched across the ground ready to be staked, I looked up and saw Half Dome glimmering in a pool of darkness. A moment I wish to remember forever #yosemiteliving

3 weeks ago

The last few days have been so.. dreamy Gorgeous light & starry nights Dancing under thunderstorms Birds chirping, water churning Oh how I love Spring 🏞 #yosemiteliving

3 weeks ago

I’m not like them, I can pretend The sun is gone, I have a light The day is done, but I’m having fun I think I’m dumb, maybe just happy I think I’m just happy By sunset there was 100% cloud cover and somehow, magically, the clouds cleared in under an hour and the Milky Way was gleaming. My first MW shot of the year! So far I’ve been hit with back to back cloudy skies or stormy days off. Felt great hiking up with a 50% chance of thunderstorm and still being able to capture the thing I love most. Thank you, Universe I needed a night like this one #yosemiteliving

4 weeks ago

Good morning Yosemite 🏞☀️ #yosemiteliving #spring

4 weeks ago

Early bird gets the worm Woke up at 5am. Got dressed, packed my bag, camera and tripod were in place by 5:25. Nothing comes close to the serenity around Yosemite Valley in the morning. The sounds of water flowing, wind blowing through trees, and birds chirping. Music to my ears. #yosemiteliving

4 weeks ago

Somehow I keep finding myself in the right place at the right time. Good morning☀️ #yosemiteliving

last month

Autumn along the Merced #yosemiteliving

last month

Consistent switchbacks, constant exposure to sun, & less than two miles. Most people don’t like the Snow Creek trail, but it’s one of my favorites. Significantly less people, streams flowing down the trail, and this not so common view of Half Dome the entire way up. Come in to my work and ask me for an “easy” Yosemite hike. I will recommend Snow Creek to you. #yosemiteliving

last month

This was another one of those times where I wished I had brought my gloves Good morning Yosemite☀️ #yosemiteliving

last month

Been spending a lot of time out in this meadow lately.. I have no complaints. #yosemiteliving

last month

Usually not a fan of re-shooting photos that I’ve shot in the past. “One & done, that’s what I always say.” But when running down the Upper Fall trail a few days ago I looked up really quick and the idea of re-shooting this hit me. “Might look cool with the sun” I thought. To my surprise after setting down my bag and grabbing my camera/tripod the sun was lined up with the center of the composition. Almost as if I was in the right place at the right time. Almost as if the Universe winked at me and I happened to look up and see it. Moments like these are reminders for myself to count my blessings. I just seem to have lost count. #yosemiteliving

last month

Just when I was looking for motivation Yosemite looked me in the eye and said “I’ve been right here all along, RJ.” Started off my 2019 season of backpacking with a gorgeous sunset, I can’t wait to see what’s next. #yosemiteliving

last month

Yesterday was something else. The kind of day I needed. Started off with opening my bedroom window to see two brother bears “play fighting”... literally right outside. From this moment on I had a feeling the amount of rad was going to skyrocket. Well, I went on my first spring-ish/summer-ish backpacking trip of the season. I had hoped to end up somewhere near Eagle Tower, but after 1.5 hours of fighting a snowy hill I turned around and went to find somewhere a little more.. dry. I have passed by Yosemite Point multiple times before, stopping quickly and then leaving even quicker. “A poor man’s Eagle Peak” I used to call it, but after yesterday this place has made its way up there in the ranks in my book. Thanks once again Yosemite. I am forever grateful. #yosemiteliving

last month

Trying to be active before work and was rewarded with rad clouds and great light Good morning, Sunshine ☀️ #yosemiteliving

last month

With a sandwich in one hand & my camera in the other, friends at my side as I take in this view for the first time. Life is grand, I thought to myself #yosemiteliving

last month

New friends New adventure New perspective Oh yeah, New bike too😎 #yosemiteliving PS Anyone else see the dragon in the mist?

last month

This is a photo that I have tried to get so many times With the changing of seasons, this composition is frequently changing. In winter there was a giant layer of snow, then a small pool formed that grew and grew. The snow melted quickly and the pool of water sank as well. We would get some rain, or some clouds, but it just wouldn't fill up enough. I got off work yesterday, looked up at the clouds, and thought to myself "Today is the day." I grabbed my camera and took off to go try to shoot this again. Distracted by guests tramping through meadows, I realized I had walked passed the shot I came out for and had to turn back. The water had risen, the cloud cover broke up, and the sun came out to say "Hello!" Mud between my toes, camera in my hand, and a smile on my face. This was like music to my eyes. I have walked passed this for years, shooting it so often and walking away with the thought "Maybe tomorrow." Yesterday the day had arrived. I feel like I hit the nail on the head with this one. #yosemiteliving

last month

Stairway to Heaven #yosemiteliving

last month

Sunny days Blooming dogwoods Rising water levels Spring is here! #yosemiteliving

last month

Big rock, big clouds #yosemiteliving

April 2019

Throwback to the shot that made me realize I could do this. This trip is one of my most memorable, I feel like I learned so much about myself in these couple days. Almost as if I was studying all of 2017 and this was my final exam of the season. Sunset came and went taking all the light away with it, but wait.. what is that glowing off in the distance? As time grew on and my surroundings became darker, the South Fork fire burning off on Wawona started to glow brighter and brighter. Feeling mixed emotions of joy and fear. Stoked that I was able to see such a sight while also scared for the people working and living over on that side of the park. From randomly deciding on this peak the morning of, to eating lunch beside a golden eagle and dancing under the stars naked. This was an adventure I’ll never forget. Thank you, Yosemite. I am forever grateful. #yosemiteliving #nationalparkweek

April 2019

Into the Mist Astounding views, forever falling mist, the sound of water plummeting 318’. I had a smile on my face like I had never seen these views before, even though this is my most used trail. I sat here for a while letting my clothes saturate as the sun beamed down and the mist curled upwards. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Life is grand #yosemiteliving

April 2019

When I wake up in the morning, love And the sunlight hurts my eyes And something without warning, love Bears heavy on my mind Then I look at you And the world's alright with me Just one look at you And I know it's gonna be A lovely day #yosemiteliving

April 2019

See Kat Jump Here I sit eagerly awaiting summer. Craving those warm weekends spent throughout the high country surrounded by clouds of mosquitoes & starry nights. A lot of plans for this year! A lot of places to go back to and a lot of new places to explore. Another season of adventuring is almost here. I can hardly wait. #yosemiteliving

April 2019

April showers bring May flowers, along with massive waterfalls. Forecast calls for some rain today but the next three days look great! Where will you be headed? #yosemiteliving #spring

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