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Houston to Cali! Live Love Laugh *ChristinaAguilera*JanetJackson*Madonna*JLo *MariahCarey*Rhianna*KatyPerry*BritneySpears ...🕺🏻 #GilbertSaldivar

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16 hours ago

Working my ass off and Taking It All In!!!

18 hours ago

It’s impossible to act like my brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico fighting doesn’t affect me! I am with you! Praying and fighting as best I can from a far!!!! 🙏🏽

23 hours ago

It’s 11:11 in Miami and today is @premiosjuventud 2019!!!!! ...and @tyemyers and I 🙋🏻‍♂️ #GilTyCre8tive are nominated for choreography category in #Maluma and #BeckyG #LaRespuesta music video! Shout out to @danielduran4 for bringing us on and for the opportunities you provide for all of us movers!!!! To the lil sis @iambeckyg KEEP SHINING ✨✨✨✨ and reppin’ for us 🇲🇽!!! Proud of you!!!! TUNE IN tonight!!! Wish I was there!!! *Shoutout to the little Bros @cncomusic and @rodrigobg28 also nominated and killin it!!!...and to all the dancers and choreographers that bring these videos to LIFE! #11:11 @maluma

3 days ago

Me and My peeps !!! MAGIC✨✨✨✨ @xtina you were AMAZING tonight !!! @moonandstarsfestival What an Epic Night!!!!

3 days ago

#Moon &Stars music Festival in Locarno, Switzerland is ready!!!!! @Xtina #LetsGetIt 7/15/19

4 days ago

Taking it all in. 📍Locarno, Switzerland ✨✨✨ Grateful 🙏🏽

5 days ago

#JazzOpen #Stuttgart Tonight!! Let’s Get It!

6 days ago


2 weeks ago

Repin’ 🇲🇽 out in #Amsterdam today Celebrating the #GoldCup2019 #Mexico WIN over #USA ‼️‼️‼️‼️ #vivaMexico #CopaDeOro2019 #StraightOuttaMEXICO ( #TRUTH cap from @jtrvth line ) ****SHOUTOUT to the Women’s USA team who also won the #WomensWorldCup2019 earlier!!! ⚽️‼️ ...and then I dropped those sunglasses in the water. 🙃

3 weeks ago

Eiffel Tour ✨✨✨ Paris, France 7/4/19 “All Of The Lights” !!!

3 weeks ago

11:11 ... 7/3/19

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

#theXtour EUROPE!!!! @Xtina Squad! First stop PARIS FRANCE July 4th!!!! Who’s coming?!?! ❌

3 weeks ago

Where we goin’...? 11:11 ...make it count.

4 weeks ago

@tyemyers came by the new spot today!! #GlowingAndShowing ✨✨✨ 🤰🏾 ✨✨✨ Love you!!!

4 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this beautiful human being!!!! Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate you @moslaughter Thank you for treating me like family and being there for me through my entire time in LA. It’s so beautiful watching you become an incredible mother...twice!!! I am honored to be working along side you on this project and watching you shine✨✨✨. You inspire me daily. Always know that you have a brother in me!!! Wishing you an amazing day and year ahead full of love and blessings. ...I mean you’re kind of stuck with me 🤷🏻‍♂️ so I’ll see you soon!!! 😛!!! Love you!!! 💙

4 weeks ago

In the zone 🤟🏽😛 #GilbertSaldivar #theXperience #SickOfSittin #Xtina

4 weeks ago

One of my favorite moments in the show is the dance break in #YourBody at the top of the show!!!! @slaughteration ladies and gentlemen 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @Xtina #theXperience take me back 😫 #Xtina #gilbertsaldivar (I’m all the way to your right on the end ) 🕺🏻

5 weeks ago

X X X T T T I I I N N N A A A @xtina #Bionic #theXperience 🙅🏻‍♂️

5 weeks ago

#Mood all week!!!! @xtina Killin It in #GenieInABottle #theXperience “...come on and let me out” #Xtina #GilbertSaldivar @slaughteration with the sick choreo as always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! @houseofsam la what a show y’all put together along with X. Now that I sit back and watch videos I’m blown away!!! Congrats!!!!! Next Stop EUROPE #theXtour Who’s coming?!?!?!? (My younger sister screaming in the video 😝 ) lmao!!!!

5 weeks ago

“Me Llamo Cristina/Desnudate” - @xtina theXperience #Xtina #gilbertsaldivar

last month

LOL!!! 😀 ...about last night!!! #repost @buddhamonkey_mama ・・・ Get u a man that looks at you like @gilbertsaldivar looks at @xtina That's admiration rite there 💜 love you Gilbert! Congrats on the first leg of the xperience See you beautiful people on September 21st! #AintNoOtherMan #Xtina #GilbertSaldivar Thank you for the Love always #Fighters 🙏🏽 💙💙💙💙🙏🏽

last month

A friend of mine reminded me last night to use my wings and not fear them. The desire to be my best self sometimes causes episodes of anxiety. I am growing through it. I am thankful for everyone around me who was there for me in that moment. I am thankful to be able to perform and share my gift. Tonight is the last show of this run!!!! Let’s Fly! 🙏🏽

last month

My brothers!! All I want to do is be a good example. I pray I have achieved that. I’m proud of all of you. You make me a better performer and person. Let’s fuck it up these last 2 shows. @xtina #theXperience #LasVegas #GilbertSaldivar #Xtina #BROS robbing banks on some bedazzled shit ✨✨✨🤑

last month

Thankful. @Xtina I love you and thank you for giving me a platform to shine all of these years. #theXperience #GilbertSaldivar #Xtina

last month

11:11 #goals

last month

Been running around Vegas with the homie @iammariaromano Follow her !!! She’s a beast of a DJ and an awesome human!!!! Thanks for taking care of me Maria!

last month

Ol’ big face lookin ass!!!! Hahahah 😝

last month

#Bros @yatusabes #HTown #LasVegas Thanks for coming through bro!

last month

#HTown in this bih!!!! 🤘🏽😝 The bro @yatusabes came through last night to get #theXperience !!! @Xtina #Xtina #gilbertsaldivar

last month

#EXPRESS 🎶 ...a little booty smack ain’t ever hurt nobody!!!! @Xtina with a smack from @moslaughter and @gilbertsaldivar 🙋🏻‍♂️!!!! 😝!!! #Xtina #theXperience #GilbertSaldivar - “E ...X ...P R E S S , Love , Sex, Ladies No Regrets!”

last month

theXperience @Xtina @houseofsam la #SQUAD

last month

Choices and Chaps! @xtina #theXperience Don’t miss out! ❌

last month

11:11 .

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