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Artist, photographer and singer. Living in the woods in the north of Sweden. @jonnajintonjewelry Business inquires: [email protected]

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6 days ago

I'm feeling so lucky to have this man in my life. And in a month, I will be able to call him my husband ❤😭 #marriage

2 weeks ago

Making my very first Instagram post from my new workingspace. And yes I'm still feeling over the moon excited about this old cottage. It inspires me so much to have this place for my work. Though I begin to wonder if its haunted! Yesterday evening I was sitting in here and without any reason my diplomas/awards fell down from the wall! I still can't find out how that could happen. Hmm... But I mean, I'm at the houseground from 400 years back in time. I definitely wasn't here first 😂 I will keep you updated if something more interesting happens! Now my latest vlog is up on YouTube, you can find the link in bio! Its another long video with everything that happened this last week. And of course I show you how the cottage looks like on the inside. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! ❤😘❤

2 weeks ago

Thank you Sweden for giving me so much to be thankful for ❤ Happy national day! If you want to hear the whole version of the Swedish anthem, you can find the link in bio. There is also subtitles in english for those of you who don't know what I am singing : ) I wish you all a beautiful day! #sverigesnationaldag #swedishnationalday #sweden #asongforsweden #dugamladufria

2 weeks ago

June, I love you dearly. How I've been longing for neverending "nights out" with you. Total silence and a dance of soft pink colors and mist. Whenever you are ready to show up with your magic radience, I'll be there welcoming you with my whole heart. But take your time. It's worth waiting for ♡ #june #night #midnight #brightnight #midnightsun #sweden #visitsweden #scandinavia

3 weeks ago

First of all I just want to thank you for all the beautiful comments on my previous post! Wow I can't belive that so many share the happiness with us for our new home. THANK YOU! 🙏❤ . Now you can find a 30 min long video from these two weeks where I will share all about the move. From the first second we entered the house until we moved in. And of course, some glimpses from how it looks like on the inside. Link in bio! . Take care everyone ❤

last month

So finally we are done with months of intense work and ready to take a new, exciting step in our life. We are getting ready for moving in about two weeks! ❤😭🙏 (See full video on YouTube, link in bio ) And at the same time we are stepping into the most wonderful time of the year. Spring has arrived for real and nature is waking up, healing our souls after a long, cold and hard winter. I feel so happy to think about the time ahead of us. It's almost like a little adventure. A journey into something new. Something that will change everything in our life to the better. I so much look forward to share this time ahead of us with you all ❤

last month

In my lastest video I show you how to make this wonderful, healthy tea with pine needles and chaga. It's my favorite tea to drink during the winter/early spring and it really tastes like drinking the forest. You can see the full video on my YouTube, link in bio. What is your favorite tea? ❤🙏

April 2019

There is something very special about the first real feeling of spring arriving. When you can feel that shift of energy all around you and in your heart. There is no words to really describe it, but in this video I try my best. See the full video (11 mins ) on my YouTube, link in bio ❤ How do you feel when spring is arriving? Can you relate or does spring looks/feels different where you live?

April 2019

Every year around this time there suddenly comes a very special evening, when the wind calms down and the sky is showing off a dance of warm light and soft colors. And you can hear the songs of the swans flying above you. It's the spring arriving. And I always think that I have never felt something so beautiful as when the spring arrives. It's like waking up to life after 100 years of sleep. I can physically feel something awakens in me. Oh how I love being alive...🙏❤

March 2019

A new video from my past week is now up on youtube (link in bio ). It's been a lot of focus lately on getting done with the jewelry orders, and tonight me and Johan celebrate that all the orders since august is finally done! Johan have spent all his time in the smithy since we started with the jewelry 7 months ago, and I am so proud of him that he managed to keep the energy up through the huge amount of work that he has done ❤ When he quit his job as an electrician to start working with his passion we had to have a plan B, in case we would not get enough orders for him to make a living. That was our biggest worry. Never could we guess that by November we would have to close the webshop because the order queue began to go bananas 💃 We are both so deeply thankful for the amazing response and for our patient customers that had to wait several months to finally get their jewelry. It's been lots of work but we have also had lots of fun. Now we will celebrate and then get started with all our new ideas and visions regarding the future of our jewelery. It feels so wonderful to finally get more time for designing and experiment again. Another new chapter in life. Lots of love to you all ❤🙏❤

March 2019

A new kulning/herdingcall-song is now up! (Link in bio to see full video ) I call the song "Winter's lullaby". A song to express my love and gratefulness for the winter that gave me all this magical moments during these 6 months. But also, a song to let it go. To let go of the cold and the dark, and welcome a new time of light and warmth. This song is for the winter, and for all of you out there ♥ Let the ancient tones go right through your soul and carry away all the heaviness in your heart. All the worry. All the things that hold you back. Let it melt down, back to the earth, just like the snow in the spring. Let it become water to nurture your new beginning. The music/instrumental is "nyckelharpa" (The oldest instrument in Sweden ) played by my friend and producer: Mattis Vocals/kulning by me. I hope you like it! ❤🙏 #kulning #herdingcall #ancient #nordic #folkmusic #northernlights #sweden #visitsweden

March 2019

No matter how much I love you winter, I am so ready to let you go now. To switch the magical nightsky to the never ending daylight and midnight sun. And to switch the beautiful sound of footsteps in the snow to a thousand birds singing in the forest. Oh I can't wait to dig down my feet in the grass and feel the earth. To see the color green again...It feels like heaven. So I am leaving another beautiful winter behind me now. Even though there is still tons of snow left, I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin today, and heard the birds sing. Thats enough signs for me ❤

March 2019

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again. First month of spring. But you gotta do the best of what you have, right? 😉

March 2019

A new vlog is now up, where I share more about the old house/homestead that we just bought. I feel such deep love and connection for this place. And even more now as I found out that my ancestors were living at this place 400 years ago. It feels like coming home. I also share some behind the scenes of my latest ice film, when everything seemed to go wrong 😂 And also, some future plans about our jewelry making, and lots of more. Ya this vlog really is about a little bit of everything that is going on in our life right now. Link is in bio! Hope you like it. Lots of love ❤ #homestead #oldhouse #anewchapter

March 2019

I just want to say that I am so deeply thankful for the things happening in my life right now. In two months a new chapter begins. A new house. A new home. It feels like a new life. And I feel so ready to take that step now. Sometimes there is just so much things happening and so much to do. So much...stress. So much thinking about the next step so you forget to be thankful for what is right here in this moment. That happens to me so often. Especially the last year. I really try to get back to the core again. To not let my too high ambitions come in the way of beeing thankful of just...being here. Being able to breathe. To be healthy. To be with my love. All these things that are the only things that actually matter. So ya, I guess I needed to write this. To remind myself. And maybe someone else out there needed to be reminded aswell? Lets just sit back for a moment. Put on a good song. Take a deep breath and lets just enjoy how wonderful that feels. Love and light to you all ❤

March 2019

Every night I fall in love with the sky.

March 2019

Wouldn't you all agree that this is the best way to get your day started in the morning? 😂 No more hot showers. No more comfort zone. Just you, the breath and the cold. My latest ice video is now up my YouTube where you can see the whole version. Link in bio! The power is all within you ❤ #icebath #winter #iceswim #sweden #nordicmorningroutine #iceswimming #wimhofmethod #power #breathing #scandinavia #winterswim

March 2019

Fatmomakke. This beautiful holy place among the mountains, with history all the way back to the medieval age. I can really see why the Sámi people chose this place. It has something very special. The surroundings is so beautiful it took my breath away the first time I came here. If you ever visit Marsfjällen in the north of Sweden, make sure to visit Fatmomakke. It'll make you fall in love ♡ #fatmomakke #marsfjällen #sápmi #sapmi #marsfjallen #visitsweden #scandinavia #ancient

March 2019

It feels like a new life is starting. A new era. A revenge, for all that time that was taken away from us these years of waiting. Now a new vlog is up! Link in bio! A really long video where I share all about our struggle the last months, our dream that almost got lost. And I tell you about when I took a photo in MY SLEEP and having a strange, beautiful spiritual experience. And of course, letting you know some really good news about the near future. In the early summer we move into our dream house here in Grundtjärn ❤ I am so happy and excited to finally share this! Though, I feel that the most important part of this vlog is to give thanks to all of you who have been supporting us and fighting with us these months. I would never been able to keep the energy up if it wasn't for you ❤ Sending you all lots of light and love! #vlog #dream #icebath #iceswim #winter #sweden #dreamhouse #visitsweden #scandinavia

February 2019

We spent the evening crying...out of happiness. Never in my life have I felt such deep relief and joy. For 7 years have we lived in fear of loosing our home, because of a plan of building one of the biggest energy industries in Sweden...at this area. Where it's not needed at all. Far from the cities in the south where the energy would be transported. Thanks to all of you, my dear followers, you helped us fight these last months when we had no hope left. I could handle over a petition with over 36 000 names from people all over the world that wanted to save this land. All thanks to you! And you helped us in so many ways. We are so deeply thankful for all your positive thinking, your prayers, your sweet words and your endless support. The politicians took their descisions during these 3 weeks, and its been a torture waiting for the last party to decide. Now we finally got to know that it will be a NO for the wind turbine industry at this area. A big reason was that it would destroy the land for the reindeers that the native Sami people have here during the winters. I felt so much hope and happiness that finally the Sami get some kind of respect for the land they need to keep their ancient culture alive. There is hope. Justice won this time. I am so thankful for the parties in Sollefteå county that voted no. That voted with their hearts, for nature. We are so many that feel so much joy this evening. And I know, that the forest and all the wild animals, and the earth itself, is giving thanks for all you people helping out to save this area. Future feels bright now. We get to stay at our beloved Grundtjärn. I will every day think about how grateful I am for that. We send all our love and light out to you ❤ Thank you for being part of change 🙏❤🙏

February 2019

Someone sent me this quote today that really spoke to my heart and gave me strenght. " When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter.  The eagle alone, avoids the storm by flying above it.So, in the storms of your life...May your heart soar like an eagle" (Thank you Linnéa ❤ ) As I read it, I felt a flow of energy rising up through my spine. This last week I've felt so down and so weak because of this terrible situation we are in now. In about 4 days we will get the decision from the politicians here regarding the huge wind turbine industry that might be built here. In 4 days we will know if we will continue our lives and dreams here, or if we will have to start packing our things and leave our home. This waiting is a torture. I got physically sick these days and felt so weak. But this last day, we tried to see from another perspective. I don't want to be a victim of this industry. I don't want our happiness to be in the hands of other people. I don't want to be the bird hiding and seeking shelter. No matter what the descision will be on monday, we will be free. It will be a victory no matter what, because we will no longer live in fear of what might happen and what we might loose. A fear that has drained us for 7 years. If we need to move, we will move. And we will make sure to never again live a life controlled by other peoples descisions. Now I let go, and accept what ever comes our way, and trust that I will be able to make the best out of it. And letting go and accept what is, is finding true peace. Lets rise above our storms. We are eagles.

February 2019

Thank you for 3,5 million views on my icebath video on YouTube! ❄❤ It's now been over 3 months since I recorded the video, and taking ice baths is now part of my winter routine. Never did I know that there was so much to learn from the cold. Every day I look forward the next cold bath. And I am forever grateful to @iceman_hof for inspiring me to understand the true power of breathing, and the true power of our bodies and mind. I am only in the beginning of this journey, and I so much look forward to gain more experience in this. And in a little while a new ice video will be up! I just spent over 3 days making a "pool" in the very thick ice on the lake 😂 In the meantime, you can find the link to this video in bio! Stay cool! ❤💪 #ice #icebath #iceswim #isbad #iceswimming #winterbath #winterswim #visitsweden #scandinavia #sweden

February 2019

A new video is now up on my YouTube. Link in bio! It is about 20 minutes long so this is just a little part of the beginning. It's so weird, all my vlogs just get longer and longer, but every time I'm about to edit a new vlog I always think I don't have enough content for a normal vlog 😂 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Lots of love ❤🙏 #vlog #winter #sweden #scandinavia #visitsweden #nordic #snow #forest #ig_naturelovers

February 2019

This little house under the stars, has now been my home for over 7 years. No matter how small and messy it sometimes feels, and how much we lack of space having our work and home in the same place, i feel so thankful. This is the place where I've got all my dreams and ideas. It's the place that have kept me warm even in the coldest of winter nights. Its been there in tears and in laughter. It's our beautiful little home. Our safe place on earth. Our little house under the stars.

February 2019

I am so very thankful for all the kind words about the "Ice song" that I shared in my previous post. I am so happy that so many of you liked it ❤ I saw that many was asking for a way to download the ice music so that you could listen to it anywhere. I have now uploaded two versions of the ice song that you can download for free at my webshop. You can find the link in the video description of "Song of the ice" on YouTube. Link in bio. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Much love ♡

January 2019

Ever since I first heard the sounds of the ice growing I've felt fascinated by it. Sometimes it makes these high, vibrating almost alien-like sounds. And sometimes, these really deep, low sounds as if the ancient spirit of the earth awakened from it's sleep and roars out in the night. In November I spent some cold nights outside to record the sounds of the ice. Every year the ice make different sounds. This year it was so deep and strong. Like an underwater thunderstorm. Sometimes it was almost hard to hear, but I felt the wave of vibrations from the sound. It was so powerful. Now I have used the sounds of the ice to make a 1 hour long song for relaxation/meditation. I call it "Song of the ice" and you can find it on my YouTube channel, link in my bio. For the song I also filmed the beautiful ice from above. Because all these cracks in the ice is what makes these sounds. As the ice grows, the tension is so strong that it cracks. I think it looks like marble, or like flashes from a thunderstorm. That view of the ice really took my breath away. Nature is a masterpiece. I hope you enjoy the video/music! ❤😘

January 2019

Don't you just feel like taking a swim in there? ❄😍 Ever since I started with ice baths a few months ago, it has almost become a craving. I can't wait for the next time and meanwhile I take a cold shower every night before I go to bed. It makes me feel so good and actually helps me to relax afterwards. And soon, it's time for a new ice bath in the frozen lake, to fill up my body and soul with new energy. What do you think of ice baths? Have you tried it? Or would you like to try? ❤

January 2019

A journey through the night will always lead you to the light.

January 2019

When I was in college I had a time when I was really tired of school. I didn't study enough and sometimes I skipped days in school because we were gonna have a test that I had not prepared for. So I took the day off and went to the library in the city to study for the test that I just missed out so that I could do it another day. It was not the best way of dealing with school of course, but I got some really beautiful memories and experience from all these days I skipped school. I remember the very first time I did that. It was an early, cold morning in April and I sat by the sea in the sunrise before the library opened. I had just spent over an hour talking about life with a stranger that I probably would never meet again. I just felt so happy. I had a cinnamon bun and a warm cup of coffee that I had bought from a café at the central station.  I felt so thankful for being right there in that moment. I felt free in a way I had never really felt before. And that is when I first really discovered that I had my own choice. That everyday is a blank paper, even if we think it’s not. When we wake up we have already filled the whole day with the normal patterns in our heads. We have already set the level of what is possible and not, and what we will experience during that day. Just about the same as the day before.  Back then, my normal pattern and daily "to do" was to go to school. And all my life I had done that. Because I thought that was the only way. The only choice. And suddenly, I saw that I did have a choice to not do it. To step outside of that frame. I felt like exploring an unknown path that I was not programmed to do. When I was suppose to be in my classroom, instead I sat by the sea in the sunrise. It was beautiful. Such a simple thing, but that have become a memory of life. And from that day I knew that we don’t always have to follow the stream.  And by this I don’t mean to stop going to school or work. But, there is something very powerful when you try to take a step outside the normal pattern. Just to experience it. Immediately new things begin to happen. And you relize that in every moment, you have a choice. Every day is a blank paper.

January 2019

Moonlight, rimfrost, stars and northern lights. Probably one of the best combinations that earth can create ♡ #winter #rimfrost #sweden #northernlights #nordic #auroraborealis #frost #scandinavia

January 2019

New vlog is now up on my YouTube channel! Its from the best Monday in a long time. Even though I crashed my drone in a tree and had nasty bleeding hands because of spending to much time filming without gloves in -30°c. This is a little glimpse of when we stoped by the lake and saw the most beautiful winter sunset ever!!! Oh I just love when the magic finds its way into everyday life. Such beautiful moments that set the level for the whole week. Thank you universe for bringing me to the "raight plaice" in the right time 😂😘❤ Link to vlog in bio! LOTS of love to you all! ❤

January 2019

Wanna go for a ride? 😘💛

January 2019

How I love these cold, crispy days as the temprature is close to -30°c. It gives me this very special feeling of being totally embraced by the winter. And only the really cold days can paint the lanscapes with such beautiful nordic light in the tones of blue, pink and purple. January, I love you.

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