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For the 100 day challenge, My trainer @coach_sriram introduces varied styles on different days. This is a functional video which is quite difficult and focuses on stability, form and engages the core. A day prior to this, we went very heavy on legs and this was supposed to be my active “rest day” 😂 hope this helps you to incorporate fun and functionality into your regime. 👊🏻💪🏻 #move #mobilise #melt (p.s- pls excuse the faces, not quite used to this🙈 )

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4 days ago

Outfit - @punitbalanaofficial Hair - @divya naik25 Make up - @anjaliv_makeup Photography - @sharan_gc Styling - @nkdivya @arpithakrishnappa

5 days ago

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. - Paramahansa Yogananda

5 days ago

Outfit - @bennch hq Earrings - @radhikaagrawalstudio Hair - @divya naik25 Make up - @anjaliv_makeup Photography - @sharan_gc Styling - @nkdivya @arpithakrishnappa

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💙 Outfit - @bennch hq Earrings - @radhikaagrawalstudio Hair - @divya naik25 Make up - @anjaliv_makeup Photography - @sharan_gc Styling - @nkdivya @arpithakrishnappa

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@roopapemmaraju @kirathelabel 💕

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Hair - @divya naik25 mu - @anjaliv_makeup Styling - @nkdivya @arpithakrishnappa Outfit - @roopapemmaraju Earrings - @kirathelabel Pic - @sharan_gc

1 weeks ago

#myfavouriteshot #obviousy 😄

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When Prodigy meets geek ! Thank you @dr jewelgamadia for the healing and the sushi 😍 such fun discussing all that science- you’re truly a genius! #ethical #authentic #holistic

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2 weeks ago

When you make it a pool day! @amitgt_officialpage @shreejarajgopal @divya naik25 @anjaliv_makeup @nikhilshastri

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4 weeks ago

#Recreatingachipofnostalgia Some pictures are just for lighting and the aesthetic appeal. I really liked the juxtaposition of a worn out , vintage almost quaint surrounding and an emphatic silk saree with fresh flowers. Makeup - @harryrajput64 Hair - @divya naik25 Styling - @pallavi_85 Wearing - @ekayabanaras 📸 @sabsambhav

4 weeks ago

Little late in acknowledging albeit that doesn’t take away from my love for you✖️11million ! Thank you my insta family ❤️ May our bond grow stronger. I love you forever.

last month

Papa, from a father to a grandfather. @suman agg09 @vinayagg2060 @nishaaggarwal @mastkarandar #ishaanvalecha ❤️

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last month

‘Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit, as she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favourite colour.’ - J.Iron Word

last month

P.s- that bird is not added in post, it’s real. The timing was perfect : ) and @josephradhik was ecstatic! He has quite a few shots where he also shifted focus, and I love those shots, turned out being quite symbolic, metaphorical 😁

last month

One of my favourite shots from @josephradhik ‘s 4am call time ! 💕

last month

I’ve always hung out at marine drive, ever since I can remember. Sat at the exact same place and laughed with my besties over inane nothing, from those 20-minute-power-walks, to running marathons, learned how to drive, enjoyed the monsoons over ‘aamraas’ and summers over midnight Icecream, and ofcourse, cried over heartbreaks as well. This place will forever be a part of my soul.

last month

People can’t discover themselves anymore. Perhaps because we live in a world crazed by physical attraction or because social media has swallowed up our self esteem in whom and what it glorifies. Billions of rupees are spent on cosmetics and beauty products that promise you the prefect body. Narcissism seems to exist everywhere. Between those lines, we try to join the crowd or feel left out. Yet the only way we can truly be happy is when we start accepting who we are rather than defining or carving a different image for ourselves. Although makeup beautifies our outer persona, does it build our character and define who we are? True beauty lies, in accepting ourselves for how lovely we are.

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#breakofdawn #earlymornings #5amclub #sunrise #am

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And it took courage and supreme shedding of inhibitions (and an entire layer of makeup ) to finally put this picture up. #bareface #sansmakeup #therealme #nofilterneeded #skinbeneaththepolish #freckles @josephradhik

last month

my super talented friend @josephradhik , thank you for capturing me in my natural habitat. @vipulbhagatmakeupandhair @nkdivya @papadontpreachbyshubhika 💕

last month

Dear sir @narendramodi #PMOIndia and respected #PresidentofIndia @ramnathkovind thank you so much for your kind invite to the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the swearing in ceremony of our beloved #primeminister Feeling privileged and honoured upon receiving this, would have loved to witness history in the making! Since my invite arrived very late, couldn’t make it to Delhi in time. Feeling terribly bad about it. More power to you for a glorious term 👊🏻🙏🏻🇮🇳

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