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2 days ago

Sometimes you set sail with the Oceans and wind up at the Shore. A lady asked me once if I was related to Lucky Oceans, and after some time spent together this past week, I wish I was! Original Steel Guitar player for @asleepatthewheel1970 , a mensch, a walking cultural melting pot, and an overall badass! Thanks for enlightening us all @oceanslucky ! #asleepatthewheel #luckyoceans #legend

5 days ago

Asleep at the Wheel, ladies and gentlemen. This is 3 out of the 9 of us traveling, and 5 of us got stuck with an absolutely defeatingly shit travel day. What makes this band, for me, is the ability to come together no matter what. Sometimes it’s nerf guns, and it’s always music, but today was sheer will, positive and loving loves, and a little help from @absolutvodka Cheers everybody! We’re gonna get home...tomorrow. Hopefully. 🤞💜 @bosshoag @dennislloydludiker @el_doberino #asleepatthewheel #canada #sorry #absoluteshit #absolutvodka #vancouver

4 weeks ago

Summer touring begins and it’s bittersweet. It’s been so nice to have a big chunk of time without any long tours-hey life, who dis? Some pretty big changes coming down the line, but we are diving right in and ready to make waves! Here’s an old photo from a mid-winter photo sesh with @thegoldenbear that @_mikeshore_ and I did a few years ago in florida-I’d love to go back and swim with the tilapia and manatees in a more desirable temperature, but for now, it’s all about comin up for air and thawing out from that cold bus we’ll be living on for the next couple of months! #roadlife #summertour #silverglen #florida #lagoon #sleepingwiththefishes #fiddle

last month

Here are a few legends of dads(I dearly love ) raising a can to all the rest! Happy Father’s Day! @billholmesjr (Willie Bill, Uncle Bern, Sweet Jack )

last month

Yes you CAN! Something I never really thought much about, but found so necessary this year with such an abundance of peaches! I read @foodinjars beginners canning article about 10 times this morning before I had the nerve to try it-about 4 hours later...voila! Trying new things can be scary, but I believe almost anything can be conquered with a shot of whiskey and Louis Prima blasting! 😂😂Now I need toast, and at least 24 hours before I do my next batch! Not a bad way to spend my last day off before the summer touring kicks in! #peachbutter #eatapeach #canning #towerofpower #domesticAF #basicpeach

last month

Still over the moon(tower ) from last nights Kerrville hang! It was “Simply the Best”. My heart is so full and so thankful for such amazing friends and vibes! Thanks to the magical @amysueberlin for bringing everyone together! #campmoontower #kerrvillefolkfest #teamgoodtimes #simplythebest #tinaturner #hillcountryhillbillies

last month

I love playing swing music for swing dancers! I used to jump off the stage and dance a round, jump back up and finish the song. The synergy between musicians and dancers is palpable and one of my favorite things! This was a gig 6 years ago, with @albanie_music and @jstring83 at @goorinbros in Austin-we took over the store and it was magical! We got paid in hats-I took home the one I was wearing 😉Sure could go for a good romp again! #swingmusic #swingdancing #goorinbros #storecrashers #gypsyjazz

last month

Evening harvest from the yard is the best harvest! A multitude of wildflowers, peaches, and tomatoes-some things you can get used to, and we’re so grateful to get it while the gettin’s good! Y’all coming over or what?! @_mikeshore_ #hillcountryhillbillies #yardharvest #fredericksburgpeaches #toolegittoquit #saladtown #dontneednobunshun

last month

For like 6 months @bosshoag has helped me scheme on @rossholmesfiddle fear of spiders and today was the day we’ve been waiting for! 😂😂Thanks for the assist @_mikeshore_ ✌️💜 #boristhespider #siblinglove #gothim #hillcountryhillbillies #spidersaretheshit

May 2019

Super stoked to play @thesaxonpub tonight with @noelmckay -he’s one of my favorite songwriters with hits such as “Lurlene”, “Don’t Poke The Bear”, “Are You Still Taking Them Pills”, “It’s A P.O.S” and many more! @bosshoag will be all about the bass and Gary Newcomb will be lifting us up with that soaring pedal steel! 8 pm it’s going down! #saxonpub #hillcountryhillbillies #noelmckay

May 2019

We don’t always play in baseball stadiums but when we do...it’s so damn magical(to me ). John Mills arranged the song Ray and I wrote, “Call It A Day Tonight”, and the Corpus Christi Symphony debuted and literally knocked it out of the park! The whole night was a real Grand Slam 😂😉and I’m so thankful for these opportunities! Thanks so much for capturing this moment @impossiblegerman ! @asleepatthewheel1970 #whataburgerfield #corpuschristi #concertsinthepark #asleepatthewheel #fredandgingerstyle

May 2019

Mid-week channeling to get to the other side. #inspired #muertos #sugarskull #gypsysoul #hillcountryhillbillies

May 2019

Sure...I’m athletic...A little golfin on a day off-how’s my form?! 😂For every ball I hit, I swung and missed about 50 times! Nailed it. Maybe next time I should just hang with the ducks! So fun though! @_mikeshore_ #golfglory #swingbatterbatter #hillcountryhillbillies #watchfordeer #soreaf

May 2019

Woke up this Mother’s Day thinking about the beautiful celebration of our Grandma Bertie’s life that we had yesterday! What a gal. I’m lucky to have had 3 grandmothers, and I’d give anything for some more time with all of them! Here’s to all the good rockin mamas out there! 🙌💜

April 2019

So fun to sing harmonies with @elizmcqueen yesterday at Bizmeaux for Deborah Silvers swinging record of classics! @deborahsilvermusic #bizmeauxstudio #hillcountryhillbillies

April 2019

Celebrate earth and light up every day! Photo from a clip of “Jack I’m Mellow”-check it out if you’re heady-pairs nicely with trees of all kinds. #earthday #420 #hillcountryhillbillies #asleepatthewheel #jackimmellow

April 2019

A little #tbt to around this time 4 years ago when we got to play The Letterman Show. One of my favorite moments was interviewing Eddie Rivers about why he turned down a spot on Dancing With The Stars. 😂😂🙌💜📷 @_mikeshore_ @asleepatthewheel1970 #lettermanshow #asleepatthewheel #eddierivers

April 2019

A little Twango getting down on the Douce I never want to drop 😂So much fun playing Django tunes at Hard Luck Lounge yesterday with Jesse Harris, Josh Flowers and Jim Vence! #twangoreinhardt #hardlucklounge #douceambiance

April 2019

Llano Fiddle Fest! What a day. Also-when the Gimble’s throw a party of a gig, you’re definitely gonna hear 3 fiddles! Gonna be swinging with a full heart for days after that one! @jrobertsband 📷 @mlegimble #llanofiddlefest #gimbles #triplefid #weswestmoreland #jasonroberts

March 2019

The Ryman. Wow! It was a special 3 days there. I was lucky to stand and play in the sweet spot, and despite the chaos of stage stuff, for a few moments I could hear the true acoustics of the hall and my fiddle-I was absolutely overwhelmed. The air is so thick with history and legends that it almost feels like you’ve time traveled. So thankful for this experience, some sweet family time, and for the Dogwoods that are poppin off-thanks again Nashville!✌️💜📷 @bosshoag #therymanauditorium #asleepatthewheel #kenburnscelebration #countryclassics #opry #fiddle #hillcountryhillbillies

March 2019

Hump Day! We’re in Spokane playing The Bing tonight, but my heart is in the hill country with my loves! @_mikeshore_ #gypsybear #greatpyrenees #puppylove #hillcountryhillbillies

March 2019

Doppelgänger!!! I get mistaken for other fiddlers quite often, and more often than not, people think I’m Katie Glassman-an incredibly talented fiddle player from Colorado! It’s an honest mistake, and one she’s experienced a lot too, but it wasn’t until we met at the Live Oak Fiddle Camp, probably 8 years ago, that we realized how alike we really are! We don’t see each other often, but we’re always on the same page and pick up where we left off. We were definitely separated in the stars at some point. One thing is for sure, we proudly claim to be each other! Ladies-I know this doesn’t just happen to us-let’s continue to work hard, shred hard, and be gracious to those who so generously appreciate the music we play! It makes us all look good. 🙌💜 @fiddle_school #orientaltheater #denver #westernflyers #asleepatthewheel #soulsisters

March 2019

We’re celebrating Rays birthday with a bunch of great folks today! We will be taking over @swallowhillmusic Instagram here in just a bit, some follow them and join us in a good time! 📷 @_mikeshore_ @asleepatthewheel1970 #birthdaybash #asleepatthewheel #austin #swallowhillmusic #denver

March 2019

SWAN SONGS-an organization that brings music to hospice patients! This cause is near and dear to my heart, and I was over the moon to play with my good bud Greg Harkins for a Western Swing Hall of Fame member and his wife, and he even joined in the jam! I’ll never forget this special morning. #swansongs #musicheals #loveoneanother

March 2019

Current mood. 😂Its been a crazy week and today is the last day of our @asleepatthewheel1970 String Band Tour! Some ups and downs but there is so much to be thankful and joyful for! Happy Friday y’all-make it a good one! 😉✌️💜📷 @_mikeshore_ #asleepatthewheel #hillcountryhillbillies

February 2019

Color and Voltage. Mind blown. 😍 @vschefwizard #modularsynth #eurorack #makeanoise #ambient #asleepatthewheel

February 2019

Here’s a little taste of Asleep at the Wheel String Band-we’re headed out for a little tour of North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina! So stoked to play one of my favorite venues @theroosterswife tomorrow! #asleepatthewheel #hillcountryhillbillies

February 2019

A week from today I’ll be swinging with my sisters on Cindy Walker tunes! We’ve put in a ton of work on this show and we’re really excited to honor one of the greatest songwriters of all time! #ameripolitan #memphis #cindywalker #swingsisters

February 2019

I’m usually tryin hard, he’s usually Nailin it. 😂😘💜Happy Valentines Day! @_mikeshore_ #hillcountryhillbillies

February 2019

It’s Thursday, but I see you Friday, and I’m ready! Who’s with me?! 🙌💜Desert hang on the horizon-ready to hug it out with loved ones and celebrate SLIM and the huge impression he left on so many hearts and minds. 📷 @_mikeshore_ #slimfest4 #sparetire #hillcountryhillbillies #terlingua #desert #jamtime

February 2019

SPARE TIRE! Our little band is going to be lifting off in the desert this weekend for Slimfest 4! Stoked to be playing with these musical rocket scientist buds 😂7:15 on Friday is launch time! #Slimfest #Slimfest4 #terlingua #starlighttheater

January 2019

When your sis comes to town and your only cares are Moscow mules and John Prine. @blytheandbetty #johnprine #zerofolksgiven #speedofsoundofloneliness #winginit #sisterlove #fiddlelove

January 2019

We’ve had Gypsy Bear for 3 months today! There have been so many randomly chewed things, tons of mud everywhere, and a lot of learning-wouldn’t trade them for the world. She’s become my shadow and consumes a huge part of my heart💜🐶 #4months #greatpyrenees #dogdays #gentlegiant

December 2018

It’s an honor to have been nominated a second year for Ameripolitan Musician of the Year! The category is full of some insane musicians and it’s fun to stare-down with @michaeljohnbernal about it 😂! Today is the last day for voting, and if you feel obliged, the link is in my bio! All the categories are full of WONDERFUL nominees, and I strongly encourage you to check out their music, vote, and come to Memphis in February! #ameripolitan #ameripolitanawards2019 #goodmusicgoodpeople #gointograceland

December 2018

When you’re so stoked on a hot air balloon ride, but the event is a total shit show. The most exciting part was the flame, and watching cars get stuck in the mud. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻🔥 #coldairballoon #grounded #maybenexttime

December 2018

I made a list and checked all them shits off!! 😂🙌🎄It’s been a full December, and I’m rocking my homemade Christmas sweater all the way home today! I might wear it all year long. @asleepatthewheel1970 Christmas tour has finally come to an end and I’m thankful for all who came to spread some cheer with us! #merryaf #asleepatthewheel #boogiebacktotexas

December 2018

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Brooks Prumo Orchestra! I had a ball singing with them last night in San Antonio and I was so inspired to be up there with such stellar musicians! So swingin! 🙌💜here’s a little snippet from the evening! #brooksprumoorchestra #swingitbrotherswing #bigband

November 2018

Some days you just need some girl time-Gypsy Bear has me covered and is a pretty darn good fire builder 😂! Next lesson-bringing momma a shot of whiskey😂We’re loving this weather! #gypsybear #bestfriends #puppylove #greatpyrenees

November 2018

Going through a phase of learning new tunes, writing new songs, and negotiating stubborn notes. Sometimes I wish I could just give my Fiddle a look and it would know what to do. 📷 @_mikeshore_ #workitout #brainbending #inspired #growingpains

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