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🌻"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." -Fromm🌻 🗡️

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last month

🖤Onyx is feeling himself so I gassed him up🖤✨ ✨Almost our Adoption Anniversary day✨ Narrated through song by the goddess @mariahcarey 👑 Song, "Always Be My Baby" . . . . #cutedog #adorable #art #handsome #borador #gsd #blackdog #artwork #wip #curious #aw #eek #socute #cuddles #adoptdontshop #rescuesarethebest #sweetboy #doglovers

last month

Weeds steal daylight, bloom like a sunflower instead.☀️ .

May 2019

Give a dog your heart; he will give you his.💕🤗 What are your plans for the weekend?✨ .

May 2019

Selena Gomez at the UNICEF benefit concert👩‍🎨tag her! She is such a lovely soul from what I have seen😍! 😳I haven't done a portrait in the past 7 years, hope it's decent! Would you want someone to draw you?? 🧽🤔 ✨Completed with @fabercastellusa for the muse. ✨ @pilotpenusa for the quote. ✨ @crayola for the background fill. 🤩👑✨ Real talk, I'm shaking from posting this, guess I'm a teeny but anxious😋👽 Thank you to anyone who supports me.💕✨ .

May 2019

Chasing the sun into May with some friends✨☀️ .

May 2019

If ur da best boi and u know it say, BARK BARK! 🖤🌵✨☀️ .

May 2019

Watch me #wip 👊👽 lol. What types of art do you enjoy I'd love to hear it guys! I love it all👽🖤! ***👽👽Just a lil' quick message, if I have supported you and you appreciate it, PLEASE show me some love and like or possibly share this photo.. I get a so freaking anxious SHOWING ANYONE my works in progress😣, so I'm taking a step in the right direction💕😋 I haven't posted any of my art and those who "know me" (especially my family/besties ) understand it is one of the few things that give me LIFE. It carried me through being a quiet lonely Grade Schooler struggling to find my voice. It helped me through my tribulations as a young adult struggling in college and with the lessons I, sadly, used to call relationships. Now, it is a way to escape and process the stigma of our society and the rat race that is adulthood. Thank you for caring enough to read my short, non-descriptive plight and supporting me.🙏🙏🙏😭*** Soon I'll be working on coloring!🤪😋 .

March 2019

Happy International Women's day to all you beautiful Queens, remember, WE are LIFE. 🖤✨ .

March 2019

Yes, good dirt boy, all the treatos are for you.🖤😍 .

February 2019

Adorn your hands with personal symbology. Vibe with powerful minerals. 🖤🌸 .

January 2019

In Norse mythology, these stones are said to shepherd wandering souls to the heavens through Aurora Borealis.🌌✨ .

February 2019

If you didn't know, I rock! 🌝🤭💎. .

April 2019

My beautiful bride to be sister and gorgeous family before the Haunted Pub tour with our awesome and spooky tour guide, Tom. We are all so unique and I love them all so much! Yours truly, the black sheep 💖💯 . . .

May 2019

Fragile yet beautiful. 💙✨ .

February 2019

Blessed with a goody doggo photo, you're welcome. 🐾🖤✨ .

February 2019

If your friend jumps off a pier, would you? (Every parent ever since the "friend" was invented ). 🌻🖤✨ .

February 2019

New friends in the wild. 🏵️🖤✨ .

February 2019

When I was walking Onyx we stumbled into a natural buttelfly habitat. Broken but as beautiful as life is fragile. 🦋🖤 .

February 2019

Appreciation post: My handsome Onyx🖤✨ ✨ Yes, I got him from the pound. ✨My love was abandoned and found in the forest in Lutz. ✨He waited for me till his last day in the Hillsborough Animal Services center, he knew his mama was coming for him. ✨He wasn't chosen because he was sitting in the back of the cage for the entirety of his harbor. ✨When he sauntered over to greet me, he stuck his tongue on the fence and left it on the fence, thus causing his upper lip to be pulled up and scrunch his nose like a crazy boi hehehe. ✨That's when I knew I was getting my dog and starting the first day of my life. ✨This dog has been with me through the worst of times, as I for him. ✨I am his hooman and I'm blessed he picked me. ✨He's the youngest daschund in the pack lol. ☝️🖤 .

February 2019

Couldn't resist posting a picture of my friends in the preserve! 🌻✨🖤 .