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November 2018

On behalf of The Light Collective a huge THANK YOU goes out to the 99 crowd funding contributors along with Momento Pro, HP and Epson that have all made the production of this book and exhibition possible. The guys have worked countless hours on this project using their passion and creativity to raise some very important questions. We as a group hope to raise awareness and encourage discussion on the value of coal and coral. If you missed out on the crowd funding campaign the hardcover book is now available on our website. (See below or link in bio ). You’ll also find information on our upcoming exhibition in Melbourne in early December. Thank you so much for your support and helping us create further discussion/awareness. ______________________________________ ______________________________________

September 2017

A crisp morning up at Cardrona on the South Island of New Zealand.

September 2017

Sunrise over Curio Bay on the South Island of New Zealand.

September 2017

Mt Cook reflected in a small hole in the surface of a frozen over Hooker Lake (no it's not filled with hookers ). Yes the image has been flipped 😉. Aoraki National Park, New Zealand.

September 2017

Stella Display - Nugget Point, New Zealand For more images, prints and workshop info see link in bio or visit Captured using the @nikonaustralia Nikon D850 and Nikon 19mm tilt shift lens for the foreground exposure. Sky exposure was captured with the 14-24mm lens, zooming throughout the exposure. Blended and processed in PS 👍

September 2017

The iconic Arrowtown hut after overnight snowfall. Arrowtown - New Zealand.

September 2017

The last of the fog dissipates as the sun slowly rises, burning off the early morning frost. South Island of New Zealand. Nikon D850 Nikon 14-24mm lens Focus Stacked #nikond850 #d850 #nikon #14-24 @nikonaustralia

August 2017

This is just one of the many images I came away with during my time on the South Island of New Zealand with the just released Nikon D850. I used the newly incorporated, automated, “focus shift function” which allowed me to quickly and easily record a series of images of this scene with different focal points throughout. I then took the files into post and focus stacked them to attain fine detail from the immediate foreground right throughout the scene. The “focus shift function” makes the process far quicker and more accurate than doing it manually, like I have in the past. Nikon D850 #nikond850 Nikon 28mm f1.4 lens f/8 1/80 sec ISO 400 #Nikon #nikond850 #d850 #nikon28mm

July 2017

I recently (not so recently ) returned from the South Island of New Zealand. It's always so exciting to get back over there and be surrounded by so much natural beauty. During my time there I got to not only enjoy the great company of our workshop group and co-leader extraordinaire @ricardodacunhaimages , but I also managed to get in a good stint there by myself which was really nice. On this particular morning at Curio Bay we were treated to a banger sunrise which lit the sky up in every direction. The damn thing was redder than red. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out until the main show was over but the light, subtle colour and rainbows stuck around long enough to get a lil somethin somethin of my own 👍

March 2017

This photograph was taken back in 2014 during a workshop I was co-leading with fellow Light Collective member Ricardo Da Cunha. The group was treated to an amazing sunset where the sky erupted in colour. We had anti crepuscular rays and rainbows 🌈 in one direction and a blazing red sunset in the other 🌅. . Ricardo and I are leading another workshop to the South Island this April. It's something we only recently put together with previous workshop participants but we have a couple of additional spots available. If you'd like to join us please see the link in my bio for full itinerary, pricing and booking information. This is just one of the many stunning locations we will visit. . Also feel free to send through a direct message with your email details and I will send through the full brochure asap. . @nikonaustralia #nikonD800E #nikon1424

February 2017

We were treated to a pretty spectacular display on this particular morning at Wedge Pond in Kananaskis Country, Canada. I used my NiSi 6 stop Neutral Density filter to slow down the exposure to around 60seconds which blurred the clouds nicely. #nikond800e #nikon1424 @nikonaustralia #nisifilters @nisifiltersaustralia

January 2017

"CNIDARIA" One of my images that is part of our exhibition titled:"KATI THANDA-LAKE EYRE: INTERPRETATIONS FROM THE AIR". See The Light Collective website for pricing, edition details and book purchases. Huge thanks to @epsonaust @nikonaustralia @monochromevisions in relation to the project

January 2017

Only a couple of days left for you Sydney folk to pop in and check out our exhibition at @blackeyegallery The final day is this Sunday, January 29. 138 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, Sydney. THE LIGHT COLLECTIVE: @adamwilliamsphotography @ignacio_palacios_ip @lukeaustinphotography @paulhoelen @ricdacunha

January 2017

"SALT STREAM" by The Light Collective. One of my images that is part of our exhibition titled:"KATI THANDA-LAKE EYRE: INTERPRETATIONS FROM THE AIR". The works are currently on display at The Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney. The exhibition runs until January 29, open 10am-6pm daily (closed Monday ) See The Light Collective website for pricing, edition details and book purchases.

March 2017

Injidup Beach, Yallingup. I tied my camera to a bird for this one. #whateverittakes

January 2017

"CYANOTERRA" by The Light Collective. One of my images that is part of our exhibition titled:"KATI THANDA-LAKE EYRE: INTERPRETATIONS FROM THE AIR". The works are currently on display at The Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney. The exhibition runs until January 29, open 10am-6pm daily (closed Monday ) See The Light Collective website for pricing, edition details and book purchases.

January 2017

Survival - Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park. Canada. This little family of cottonwoods (I think ) really stood out against the burnt pines that covered the mountainside on the opposing side of Medicine Lake.

November 2016

Here's a snippet from our exhibition opening night in Sydney on Thursday evening. It was an amazing night and great to have all the TLC crew there together. Having Ken Duncan open for us was something else. The exhibition is running until this Saturday @ The Depot gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo, Sydney. For those that can not make it to the gallery our book and exhibition images can be viewed and purchased via The Light Collective website. See link on bio page.

September 2016

Things really kicked off on the first night of our Yukon workshop. Plenty of activity! Fox Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada.

June 2016

I recently got out to Lake Eyre in central Australia with fellow members of The Light Collective. We spent a tonne of time flying over the lake photographing all the incredible colours, textures and formations. This is just one of many images that will be part of a book release later in the year along with an exhibition in Sydney. #nikon @nikonaustralia #thelightcollective

August 2016

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park. Canada

July 2016

Bit of a throwback to a great afternoon out shooting the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia. It's always a tonne of fun roaming around this area. 🏃 #westernaustralia #sunset #pinnacles #globalcapture

May 2016

Oh what I'd do to be back in Iceland! What's currently top of your wish list of locations to visit? #Jökulsárlón Ice Beach, ICELANDDDDDD! -Nikon D810 -Nikon 14-24mm If you're interest in details on upcoming workshops to locations such as Iceland please subscribe to my newsletter @ #iceland @icelandair #jokulsarlon

April 2016

Thomson Bay - Rottnest Island, Western Australia. ☀️⛵️ #rottnestisland #westernaustralia #SeePerth #perthygreatness #perthlife @perthisok #perthisok #loveperthlife #amazing_wa #rotto

May 2016

Vestrahorn - Iceland This image is made up of two separate exposures. The foreground exposure was taken with the nikon D810 while the sky exposure was taken with the Nikon D810A. Both using the Nikon 14-24 f2.8 lens. If you're interested in joining us for our next Iceland tour in 2017 please express your interest via the contact page on my website (see bio link ) @nikonaustralia #aurora #iceland #thelightcollective #nikond810a #nikon1424 #composite

April 2016

The stunning little village of Sakrisoy (Lofoten Islands, Norway ) with its funky little yellow huts. I'm also happy to announce that I am now an ambassador and reseller for NiSi Filters Australia. I've been using them thoroughly recently and am highly impressed. If you're interested in their system see the gallery link in my bio and choose from the NiSi options on the left. Nikon D810 with Nikon 45mm Tilt Shift Lens. @nikonaustralia #nisifiltersau

August 2016

Bull Elk - Banff National Park.

August 2016

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada, still has to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited. This was captured during September 2010.

February 2016

Quick back of the camera grab from a great morning out shooting with our group. We've been blessed with some amazing conditions. @nikonaustralia #mynikonlife #thelightcollective #jokulsarlon #iceland

February 2016

Moeraki Boulders , New Zealand in the early ours of the morning. The boulders there really are fascinating. These couple looked a lot like Dinosaur eggs. For updates on workshops, new images and other news please subscribe via the link on my profile page.

June 2017

This is a recent image from my first shoot with the Nikon D810A. I headed up to the Pinnacles north of Perth about a week or so ago to take the D810A for a test ride. I coupled it with the Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 lens making for a great little combo for night photography. The image is made up of two different exposures of the same scene as I wanted the land to be clear and crisp but capture the Milky Way as an expanse of shooting stars. I really wanted to test out the high ISO performance of the Nikon D810A so I set the ISO all the way up to 25600! I then set an aperture of 2.8 and shutter speed of 10 seconds. I started the exposure with the focal length set to 24mm and then slowly during the exposure I zoomed out to around 14mm. Once I got to around 14mm (about 8 seconds into the exposure ) i stopped zooming allowing the stars to burn a little brighter onto the cameras sensor creating the still star at the end of the streaks caused from zooming. Once I got home I reviewed the files and was amazed at just how little noise was present even at ISO 25600! I'm looking forwarded to shooting more with the D810A and 14-24mm combo. #mynikonlife @nikonaustralia #nightphotography

January 2016

Mount Kidd over Wedge Pond in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. This was captured some time ago now during my time living in the Rocky Mountains. The Kananaskis region holds a place very close to my heart. @nikonaustralia @travelalberta

November 2015

Monument Valley - Utah

November 2015

Emulate - Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand.

November 2015

Boranup Beach, Western Australia. ☀️ More at

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