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💜We Rescue Death Row Dogs and Fund Spay and Neuter programs💜Celebrating All Things Dog💜Eugene🌲Oregon💜 😊VENMO: Luvabledogrescue

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8 hours ago

💜Ashley @gypsy_tree_ joined💜Luvable Dog Rescue💜five years ago today!💜This rescue wouldn’t exist without her tireless work and dedication🙏🏽Many people involved in rescue work can’t stay with it due to the toll it takes, emotionally and physically, which makes Ashley one of the most devoted rescuers I’ve ever known💜She refuses to give up, much less take a break, because the dogs need her🙏🏽💜🙏🏽 🐾Officially, Ashley is Luvable’s general manager but she is so much more than that- if a job needs to be done, she does it💜She takes care of everyone and everthing💜I can’t even imagine this place without her support and friendship💜We are so blessed to have you, Ashley!💜Glad you survived the first five years and hope you’ll hang in there another 25👍🏽😁love you so much💜- Liesl, the dogs and everybody!!!🌷

17 hours ago

🌟Fergus🌟showing how a Saturday morning works...😁 @luvabledogrescue 🌲🐾💜 #fromdeathrowtothis #rescuedpuppy #LifeIsGood #rubMyBelly


💜🌟Nenna🌟💜and💜🌟Maui🌟💜are good friends!😁They love to play and then have field-trips to town for training and treats!💜Thank you for making their day special, Sky @the_great_overdog 💜 🐾These special pups are up for adoption @luvabledogrescue in Eugene🌲Oregon #pitbullsofinstagram #thisiswhywerescue #fromdeathrowtothis #pitbullrescue #nonprofit #giveback #hotdaycoldtreat

2 days ago

Rabbit, Hatter and Wayland have all found their very own Luvable Furever Homes!!! Isn’t it time for you to add some Luv to your home!!!!?!?!??

3 days ago

💜There’s a lotta love at🌟Luvable🌟 For an adoption application please email: Adoptions @luvabledogrescue org 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

4 days ago

💜After surviving one of California’s worst wildfires🔥and raising😜TWELVE😳puppies,🌟Cali🌟is finally ready to begin a new life in the beautiful🌲Pacific Northwest🌲🌟Cali🌟is squishy pit-o-potamus🦛😍who loves EVERYBODY💜and is good with other dogs and animals💜 🐾She is a very, very special girl!😍If you would like an application please email: adoptions @luvabledogrescue org #thisiswhywerescue #pnw #fromdeathrowtothis #adoptamommadog #pitbullsofinstagram

4 days ago

Luvable Pupdate Time. Sometimes we only get one picture and sometimes we get a bunch.... we Luv getting a bunch!!! Buzz was a ToyStory Baby and his new family is outta this world!!!! “Here are bunch of pictures of Buzz (renamed Beans ). You can use whichever ones you like! He's very happy, affectionate boy, and he lives with two other dogs, Sonny (golden retriever ) and Sweetie (chihuahua mix ). Fun fact: he likes laying in planters. He seems to think that they are dog beds.”

4 days ago

🌲🐾Please post and share!🌲🐾😊These two wonderful boys are still waiting for their forever homes🌲They are both social, active, well-trained, fun-loving dogs who would love homes with adventurous and active people who love the #PacificNorthwest lifestyle!🌲They both love to hike, camp and explore!🌲🐾😊 please email us at adoptions @luvabledogrescue org for an application 😊

6 days ago

💜Good Morning!💜from 🌟Maui🌟who is an amazing pit bull boy!💜He’s great with people and other dogs, very intelligent, and has had a lot of training here at the rescue💜He’s a great dog!💜 Please email us for an application- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟adoptions @luvabledogrescue org

2 weeks ago

Captain and Morgan chasing dragonflies today. This sweet pair are staff favorites, and we would so love to find them a home so they can chase all the bugs and snuggle up with their humans. If interested in this pair of adorable terriers, visit

2 weeks ago

Mr. Avery is SO ready for his Furever Home!! Are you ready for a walk Motivator, a kiss giver and an all around good dude??? Then Avery is your man!!! Fill out an application at our website today!!

2 weeks ago

💜”Who’s that handsome dog???”💜😂💜Our senior boy🌟Avery🌟is such a sweetheart, he wants to make friends with himself😘 🌟Avery🌟is a large mixed breed boy who has been waiting @luvabledogrescue for a long time for a home of his own💜He’s very gentle and loving, and would make a great companion💜 please email adooptions @Luvabledogrescue for more information!🥰

2 weeks ago

We have gotten to do a couple of Luvable Pupdates lately with our Sushi group, but poor “Hot”ate wants to know why his Furever Family hasn’t found him yet??? Are you his family? Is it his turn to call somewhere his Furever Home??? (Hotate asked that we call him “Hot”ate instead because he is pretty adorable and deserves all the Luv! )💚💚💚

2 weeks ago

Luvable Pupdate Time. Tempura arrived at Luvable thanks to transport from @anewleashonlifedogrescue He became a staff favorite when he was here and eventually his Furever Mama found him! “Tempura is doing great. After learning how to not bark when I leave he figured out city living pretty quick.” City livin seems to fit this cutie pie!!! Are you a city livin family looking for your next Furever Friend. Go to our website today and fill out an application to adopt!

2 weeks ago

Hi! This is Valerie! She is blind and is a little stressed out in the kennel atmosphere. We would love to find her a foster home until her Furever Home comes along. If you are interested in fostering Valerie please email luvableadoptions @gmail com and tell us a bit about yourself!

2 weeks ago

🛀🏽🥰Bathtime for the babies😊 #toweldry #rubadub #cleanpuppies #rescued #fromdeathrowtothis

2 weeks ago

💜We love this little goofball🥰😊🌟Arthur🌟 had major surgery on his front legs to prevent the angular limb deformity from getting worse💜He won’t have perfectly straight legs but he can walk painfree!😊👍🏽👏🐾 😍Arthur has a “meet and greet” this weekend with a family who has been waiting for him to recover from his surgery so that they could introduce him to their dogs🥰 We will let you know how things go!🙏🏽 thank you for fostering him again Erica! @syd_and_ipo 💜 #squishyface #frenchypitbullbulldog #adoraBULL #Rescued #fromdeathrowtothis

2 weeks ago

Luvable Pupdate Time!!!! Mabel had been returned to Luvable because she needed a very expensive back surgery. She was suffering from some paralysis which was cured with surgery!!! As you can tell, Mabel is now living the dream!!! “Mabel is thriving and looking good after her spring spa day at Petsmart. We love her and can’t imagine our family without her.”

2 weeks ago

💜Sleepyhead💜 😊Good Morning Everybody!😊 #rescuedpuppy #fromdeathrowtothis #puppycuddles

2 weeks ago

Winnie and her baby Eeyore playing tug-of-war! These two are still looking for a home! Apply at #rescuedog #dog #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogdaily #dogdailyfeaturesss #adoptdontshop #oregondogrescue

2 weeks ago

Bessie and Amelia love their new stuffy toys! To adopt either of these sweet chi mixes visit our website, ❤️ #rescuedog #adopt #adoptadog #dogs #dogscorner #bestwoof #dogdailyfeaturesss #adoptdontshop #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #rescuedogsofig #oregondogrescue #dogrescue #dogdaily

2 weeks ago

Luvable Pupdate Time!!! Cream came to Luvable with her littermate Peaches thanks to transport from @anewleashonlifedogrescue “Cream” PIPER is her name now is doing great! She will be a year old on Friday the 26th and we couldn’t be happier with her -she has grown so much and is a very healthy and happy girl she is our Baby!- her typical day is spent playing fetch (she is the fastest runner I’ve ever seen ) and helping her dad in our huge yard -going for her daily walk in old town Everyone in town knows Piper and her signature color of PINK 😊and playing on the beach - she has been such a blessing to us 💜” We Luv Pupdates!!!!💚💚💚💚

2 weeks ago

🌼Bubbie Has Found His Home!!!🌼We all fell in love with this sweet and gentle #hydrocephalus survivor🥰We’re super happy to share that🌟Bubbie🌟has been adopted to an amazing family with three rescued female dogs🌼Bubbie will have all the couch time and belly rubs a dog could want!💜We are so happy🌼Bubbie🌼will finally know what it’s like to have a real home🙏🏽He is doing great on his meds and has not had a seizure since starting them!👏 You can follow his journey with his new family @mispits of.the.pnw 💜🐾 #hydrocephalusawareness #pitbull #rescued #adopted

2 weeks ago

💜Happy mellow Saturday from Momma Nenna!💜This beautiful girl is ready to start her new life with her own family!💜She’s great with people and other dogs💜🌟🌟Athletic🌟Smart🌟Loving🌟please visit our website for an application or email Adoptions @luvabledogrescue org 😁 #pitbullsofinstagram #adoptamommadog #rescued

3 weeks ago

🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸Love, Momma Nenna #AmericanPitBullTerrier @luvabledogrescue 🇺🇸 @pitbullsofinstagram #rescued #fromdeathrowtothis

3 weeks ago

💜If 🌟Pollux🌟looks like a great new🐾 best friend🐾please email us at adoptions @Luvabledogrescue org for an application!💜We love him but he needs a forever family😊 thank you for this awesome video @spenceriyesha 👍🏽💜🥰 #fosteringsavealives #rescuedog #optoutside #oregon #traildog #pacificnorthwest #adventuredog #campingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #oregonwithdogs

3 weeks ago

Momma Cali, (displaced from the paradise campfire last year ), wants to remind everyone of fire safety and most importantly pet safety! 🎆 More pets get lost, injured or killed on and around July 4th than any other time of the year. Many shelters have to enforce mass euthanasia to clear space for all of the lost animals that will be arriving due to fireworks! 💥 Here are some tips that can help keep your animals safe! 1. ) Ensure your pets have up to date identification on them. A collar with ID tag and/or microchip will help a lost pet find their way back home. 2. ) Offer a crate as a safe place. If your pet is already crate trained, this should already be a place of comfort. If they have never been in a crate, even leaving the crate with the door open gives them a place to seek out when scared. Put the crate in safe or escape proof room. Sometimes it can help to cover the sides of the crate with a blanket. *If your pet is wearing a collar/tag, make sure it cannot get caught in the crate as a safety precaution!* 3. )Thunder shirt/compression shirts can help an animal feel safe. They can be ordered online or sold in many pet stores. 4. )Put on pheromone collars and/or a pheromone diffuser in the room with them. Adaptil pheromone diffuser and/or collars can be ordered off Amazon and are carried by some veterinary clinics. These work wonders at helping with anxiety and last for 30 days! 5. ) Leave music or the TV on and turned UP to drown out outside noises. 7. ) For dogs known to be triggered, talk to your vet about prescribing a sedative to help keep them calm. 8. ) The safest approach is to be home with your pets to ensure their safety and supervise when they go out in the yard. Keep them on leash if going out in an in un-enclosed area. Fireworks start before the 4th of July and we cannot always be home to monitor our pets. Using some or all of these tips will help keep not only your pets home safe, but also saves lives at your local shelters that can hold animals needing to find their forever homes🐾❤️ #luvabledogrescue #petsafety #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram #spayandneuter #adoptthecropped #fourthofjulysafety

3 weeks ago

Flax, Sesame, Caraway, Roo and Heppen all found their very own Luvable Furever homes!!! Yay Yay Yay!! We still have two dogs from our seed group left, Chia and Cardamom. And Roo’s ‘cute as pie’ brother Eeyore is still available and so is his super friendly mama Winnie!!! Let’s find them their very own Luvable Furever Homes. 💚💚💚💚

3 weeks ago

Luvable Pupdate Time!!! Castor was born in our care with 11 other brothers and sisters last December to the amazing mama Pagan. He sure lucked out with an amazing Furever after ever: “Jake (Castor ) joined the Pruis Family which consists of mom/dad, 12 year old and 18 month old sisters and two feline friends...Jake is the best pup ever!! He is so sweet and lovable! He is obedient and so smart! He sleeps in his crate at night like a big boy and only goes potty in the back yard! He loves to play fetch with his ball and his tuff frisbee! He cuddles with everyone but especially loves his belly rubs! We love him so much!!! Thank you @lovabledogrescue for helping make our family complete!!!” We still have Pollux and Fergus available from this litter - isn’t it time for your own Luvable Pupdate!!!

3 weeks ago

💜Rue💜is a two year old Standard Poodle who is hoping to find her forever family!💜She is incredibly loving and cuddles like a big😊Teddy Bear, walks beautifully on-leash, is housebroken, loves everybody, is good with cats and other dogs, rides great in the car, and seems to be pretty much the perfect dog in every way!💜Are you wondering why she ended up @luvabledogrescue ?💜 Well...😑Rue was purchased from a poodle breeder and was supposed to be perfectly healthy, which she is- except that her parents carried the same recessive gene that when combined, causes gradual but permanent blindness in the offspring😕 💜The family that had purchased Rue decided they could not manage a large blind dog, given their home situation 💜 💜At Luvable, we found that Rue adapts quickly to her environment and navigates very well!😁She walks great on leash and is athletic and active and adventurous!💜She would love a home with an active person to get her out for hikes and runs💜Rue has not let her blindness hold her back- she is fearless and loving and trusting and we all think she is just the most amazing dog!💜She deserves the BEST life!!!🥰 💜Please email us at adoptions @luvabledogrescue org for an application to adopt🌟Rue🌟 #standardpoodle #blinddogsrock #rescuedpoodle #thisiswhywerescue #fortheloveofdogs #differentlyabled #blinddog

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