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3 days ago

Consistency 🤸🏾‍♀️ i wanted to give up so many times but i knew the reward would be so sweet 🍭 #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃 #countdowntosummer #yourfuturehealthcoach #healthylifestyle

2 weeks ago

Day 1 watch this magic 🧙🏾‍♀️ #countdowntosummer2019 #summervibes #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃

3 weeks ago

That glow hits differently these days ✨ #yourfuturehealthcoach #herbalifeskin #summervibes #happysunday

4 weeks ago

The 3 amigos my sister isn’t a baby anymore 😭 #farewellgrayson #whatspoppinhampton #hamptonuniversity

4 weeks ago

Work together. Sweat together. Get these results together REPEAT 🤸🏾‍♀️ Now enrolling for the June 21 day shake SNATCH challenge come get these results with us 🔥 #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃 #thickfitchick #blackgirlmagic

last month

Happy wellness Wednesday! Went out and climbed Stone Mountain the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair felt soooo good who’s joining me next time? 🌞 May 21 day shake challenge starting on May 1st it’s warming up which means less clothes more skin 😝 dm for details! #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃

April 2019

Had to wear all black so they know I’m serious when i walk in the gym 💪🏾 May 21 day shake challenge now open Dm for details! ✨

April 2019

Back fat killer 🥴 man 2 shakes a day, a couple of healthy snacks and a lean meal it could all be so simple *cue the lauryn hill* #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃 who is ready for their own fire results? Drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️ in the comments.

April 2019

The day i decided to say YES to myself was the day my life changed for the better it has truly changed not only my body but also my mind and spirit. Everyone deserves to experience this feeling ✨come join me!

March 2019

Therapy 💆🏽‍♀️

March 2019

You see the black shorts you know what day it is 🦵🏾🔥 21 day challenge starting next month msg me for details! It’s spring time so let’s shake into some bomb results 🌸🙌🏽

March 2019

Being afraid of failing can stop us from sharing our gifts with the world and living up to our God given potential, but once you start to fear becoming complacent in life more than you fear failing you will begin to embrace failure. Do not get stuck in a life you don’t enjoy because you’re afraid to fail turn a L into a lesson word to Chance...Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! A daily reminder to myself and now to you 🌸 #motivationmonday

March 2019

College what a time I learned a lot here! I’m thankful for the person that college has made me, thankful for the lessons, thankful for the friends, thankful for the adventures and thankful for the money management skills 😂 Just feeling especially thankful on this Thursday 🙌🏽✨ #ThankfulThursday

March 2019

I’ll leave this here for when y’all are ready to stop playing with Herbalife 🤑 #transformationtuesday #bodiedbyherbalife 🍃 21 day shake challenge starting next month msg me for details! Let’s shake into spring with some bomb results 🌸

March 2019

Leg day 🦵🏾🥵 but look at the core trying to come through I’ve been eating right 🍏🍌🥬🥒🥑🍤🍠🥭🍑 did y’all get in y’all 20% for the yet? Click the link in the bio let me be your coach and let’s crush the summer together!

February 2019

#transformationtuesday I was listening to my personal development this morning it was Les Brown speaking about self motivation and about 8 minutes in he says something that struck a nerve he says “one thing about self motivation is when you feel good you do good so an important thing to develop is a health plan” In a nutshell he then goes on to say that health is the backbone without good health you cannot perform! Then his next line had me shouting in the bathroom he says “I’m telling you develop a health plan because this is the only vehicle you have to carry you through this thing called life! It may not be easy but YOU are worth it, YOU care about YOU, and YOU love YOU!” Hot damn! That describes my entire journey thus far once i started to truly believe in myself and know that i am capable I knew i had to better my health for me! So I’m not sure who needed to hear this but YOU are worth it so start taking care of YOU ✨ You’re transformation can start today let me help! ✊🏾

February 2019

Gainssss anyone 🗣 #herbalifedidit #theproofisintheboomarang Link in my bio! Looking for a coach look no further 🙋🏽‍♀️

February 2019


February 2019

Chapter 24 be good to me🥂💕

February 2019

My my my the things two shakes a day will do... of course changing up my nutrition and busting my butt in the gym was part of the recipe, but adding Herbalife into my LIFE has truly changed my LIFE! We ALL deserve to become the best version of ourselves ask me how! #transformationtuesday #back2back #bodiedbyherbalife

January 2019

Summer I’m coming for that ass!

January 2019

Just a little Monday progress check it’s amazing how the body can transform! Things don’t happen overnight but you have to praise yourself through every party of the progress and the journey! see what happens when you say YES to yourself 🙌🏽✨ Click the link in my bio to get started on a wellness evaluation!

October 2018

@blushlashesbynique on the lashes 😝

September 2018

In order to become the best version of ourselves we must step out of our comfort zone and go places we never thought we would be growth forces us to become comfortable with being uncomfortable I’m learning this everyday #MotivationalMondays 💕

February 2018

This how I’m coming on my Jordan year HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 😈🤟🏾🎉🥂😝

December 2017

Lord knows this was some of the best and also the most trying 4 years of my life but i wouldn’t dare trade it for anything in the world i made friendships that will last a lifetime on to the next chapter! Mommy i did this for you 🎉👩🏽‍🎓💙

November 2017