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We are Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts & Iva Marra! Channel 7's Yummy Mummies We love fashion, fitness & everything fab for our kids

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5 days ago

#36weekspregnant @iva marra WHAT A DAY! Soooo I nearly had the baby today! I went to have my regular checkup to make sure baby is all good... NEXT minute I’m in theatre with gel all over my belly getting an ‘ECV’ (External cephalic version ) which is a fancy name for turning the baby around so its head is facing down! It didn’t hurt and was super interesting to watch my amazing OB pick up the baby & turn it around 180° all from the outside! They put a heart monitor on bubs to make sure everything is okay because if the heart rate dropped I would have had to have an emergency cesarean today! 😱 All good, I’m home now & back to business with 4 weeks to go!

1 weeks ago

💥SISTERS SUPPORTING SISTERS💥 Everything in life is a journey…..as is pregnancy, and as was the creation of @lorinska pregnancy app @bub app I’m excited to be standing here with two of my best friends @janescandizzo & @rachelxwatts who have supported me and given me the best Yummy Mummy sandwich ever (Exhibit A; Pic ) . Today I launch a pregnancy app which keeps it real, all the way from pre-pregnancy to early parenting #pregnancy

2 weeks ago

@janescandizzo and her little Juke 💙 about to head out for Juke’s first Snow adventure ⛄️❄️ #socute #snowbunny #mtbuller #littlecutie #motherandson #babynumber3

2 weeks ago

✨YOU GOT THIS ✨ I’m learning each and every day being a co-founder of @bub app and a mother @lorinska , it’s been messier and harder than I imagined. I embarked on my journey in motherhood for the second time and entrepreneurship simultaneously, but I can say both experiences have been the most rewarding and fulfilling. I’ve been asked often how do you navigate your way through this. Simply; 1. Sometimes your won’t have all the answers and better for you, as you’ll stay humble and curious asking questions along the way 2. Make sure you celebrate the little moments and make a note of the big ones (like birthdays 🎈 ) 3. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again I am a better mother and start up founder because I have an incredible village of people helping me #thanksfamily 🤗 4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, otherwise you will break 5. Lastly, starting a business and a family can be difficult. My answer is get up each day and give it your best shot like it’s your last #motherhood

3 weeks ago

@milana marra @iva marra Enjoying the weekend! 🎀 #pink #cheeky

4 weeks ago

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y That’s right our gal @lorinska has added another year under her belt 🎂. We hope you had the best birthday ever and love you lots 💕💕💕 . From the gang @iva marra @rachelxwatts @janescandizzo 😘😘😘 #happybirthday #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau

4 weeks ago

🥂 LOVE TO YOU ALL 🥂 Thank you, everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes. The years have gone by so fast and I’ve been blessed with my wonderful family and friends. I ask everyone to STOP now, ENJOY the moment, it’s now or never 🙏🏼 @lorinska @penelope_merrington @florence_jane_merrington @asiya_and_maye #birth

4 weeks ago

🚑”Meckel’s Diverticulum” @iva marra That is why I have a huge scar on my stomach! I was born with it & had to have surgery when I was 10 months old. I nearly didn’t make it! Nowadays technology has evolved & its a pretty simple keyhole surgery but back in 1985 it was complicated & really scary! Why am I showing you? No one is perfect... everyone has scars- internal & external... it has made me insecure all my life but now I realise that it’s not that important & makes me who I am! Be proud of your scars and learn something from them! On a side note... I think this is the first time I have worn tracksuits in public 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🖤 #33weekspregnant

4 weeks ago

💙 H A P P Y C H A P 🙏🥰💙 6 months of happiness and smiles from our Juke so blessed to have you, you complete us you gorgeous boy .. @janescandizzo #juke #6months #babyboy #mrhappy #love

5 weeks ago

|| F R I - Y A Y || My second favourite “F” word . Guess what my first is ..... ummm you got it FOOD . Have a fabulous weekend everyone . Lots of love to you from me @rachelxwatts 😘😘😘 #iknowwhatyourthinking #notthatFWord #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau

last month

@iva marra So me & Bartholomew the Bear 🐻 are both kind of over being pregnant... but we are still smiling! #32weekspregnant🤰8 weeks to gooooo!!!

last month

|| C H E E R S || 🥂🥂🥂 @rachelxwatts To Season 2 .... so happy you guys have loved the series as much as we loved filming it . Now who thinks we should do Season 3 ???? Tag someone below who you think would be PERFECT addition to our mothers group . #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau #rachelxwatts #season2 #season3 ? #cheers

last month

@iva marra FINALLY down to a single digit!!! 9 weeks to go! Feeling super swollen, heavy & huge but it wont stop me from wearing my heels!!! 👠 #31weekspregnant #yummymummies Wearing @ysl @sassandbide @missguided

last month

S C H O O L D R O P O F F With my boy Jagger 💙 back to it this morning after kindergarten holidays came to an end for my big boy.. Il miss having him by my side & our little chats, love him so much .. @janescandizzo #backtoschool #kindergarden #mummasboy #myfirstbaby #lovehimsomuch #schooldropoff

last month

💪🏼 BOSS MUMMA’S YOU GOT THIS 💪🏼 @lorinska WOW ZAAAAA!! What a week! Our Yum mum Page hit 1M, our show aired on @netflix (Australia this coming November ), I had urgent surgery to get a lump/Thyroid removed from my throat and I launched my pregnancy app @bub app , all within a WEEK! Motherhood hey... here is what I’m learning; I’m learning as women we try to be to be all things to all people, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m telling you mamas and papas take some time out and give your superpowers a rest. I’m learning that since starting my business, I’ve had to lean on people for help which hasn’t come easy. Fridays, my mum takes Penelope and Florence comes to the office with me... so FIND YOUR VILLAGE, a one-women show is bloody tough. And finally, I’m learning to know your limits and adhere to them. Self-care is not selfish. REPEAT. Self-care is not selfish. Since launching my pregnancy companion @bub app, I’m learning its a marathon, not a sprint! THE STRUGGLE CAN BE REAL..... SO LETS EMBRACE IT. Much love @lorinska (that’s @florence_jane_merrington in my tummy 🤗 ) Dress: @cappellazzocouture Penelope’s dress: @junonafashionhouse Make-Up: @makeupbydaniellegardiner Hair: @_hairbygabrielle Photographer: @nicolocity Network: @channel7

last month

Harvey’s first tux and Harry’s first bow tie @rachelxwatts Ohhh Watts brothers you are too cute ! :Gown @chosenbyoneday @k.y.h.a 📸 @nicolocity #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau #season2 #harrylionelwatts #harveyglennwatts

last month

My world 🌍 in a single photo! Three for now but soon to be Four! 👦🏻 Boy or Girl 👧🏻??? What’s your guess?!? So excited for Milana to have a sibling! All we wish for is a happy & healthy baby! @iva marra #30weekspregnant 🖤 Photo by @natalievphotographer #yummymummies @netflix @7plus #netflix @milana marra @steven joe.marra

last month

🎥 SEASON TWO 🎥 Australia and New Zealand ... we have a new schedule for @netflixanz Yummy Mummies Season 2 will be streaming from 11th November 2019. Apologies for confusion of dates and thank you for all your messages and support. However if you live in Australia you can watch it on the @7plus app NOW. Will add the link in our bio for easy access. Loads of love YM #melbourneyummums

last month

🍼 MID PHOTOSHOOT TOP UP 🍼 When your baby is hungry he is HUNGRYYY 😋 With my little Juke 🙏🍼🍼 #mealsonwheels #boysgottaeat @janescandizzo Captured by @nicolocity @monbijou_penthouse @jasongrech Dress #breastfeeding #melbourneyummums #juke

last month

Just me @iva marra & my Princess @milana marra Baby girl, Mamma will always be by your side to love you, guide you & protect you 🖤 P.S we are still so excited to reach a million followers! Wearing a gown from his highness @alinlekal Milana wearing @kadime__ 🖤 @channel7 @nicolocity 📷 @monbijou_penthouse

last month

💙 M Y L I T T L E L O V E S💙 All glammed with my little ones & feeling a MILLION 😜 on the 1 million photoshoot with the gang. Loving the boys in their little suits and ties 😍🥰 #socute @janescandizzo Dress @jasongrech Hair @rachelvitullo @joeyscandizzosalon Makeup @tessholmes_makeup Boys in @oscarsforkids shoes #melbourneyummums #mycuties #teamblue #1millionfollowers #myeverythings #boymumma #jasongrech #feelingamllion

last month

🎉 ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS 🎉 The ones who like and comment on every post. The ones who tag us in their own posts. To the ones who slide into our DMs just to say thanks. This is because of you... so thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts @iva marra @lorinska @rachelxwatts @janescandizzo @lyndalmarks #melbourneyummums #yummymummies 📸 @nicolocity

last month

|| SHORT HAIR ▪️ DONT CARE || @rachelxwatts So I finally decided to go the chop chop 💇🏼‍♀️and thought hey why not join my fellow Yummy Mummies and go blonde too ! Im a little sad I can’t do my “Rachel Bun “ (for now ) yet loving my new look ! #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau #shorthairdontcare #chopchop Hair Styled @_hairbygabrielle Make up @stephanie_j_mua

last month

SEASON 2 EVE 💅 Who is this new mumma on the block?!? Queen @iva marra ! Tune into @netflix tomorrow to see what she is all about and what our original Melbourne Yum Mums are up to. The wait is FINALLY over 👏🏻 #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau #season2YM

last month

|| L O G I E S T H R O W B A C K || Last year was so special to be able to take Harry on the red carpet tucked up in my tummy in this beautiful @chosenbyoneday gown . Can’t believe it’s been a whole year and ready to go again tomorrow night ! Very different look this year with the help of @lanawilkinson and can’t wait to share ! #melbourneyummums #yummymummiesau #rachelxwatts #logies2018 #logies2019 #goldcoast #queensland

June 2019

🤰🏼 @bumps app 🤰🏼 EVERYONE MEET OUR THIRD CHILD.... After months of development we are only weeks away from launching BUMPS a pregnancy App! Exciting Announcement! After months of development we are only weeks away from launching! We are so excited to bring you the most fully fledged pregnancy app on the market with advice from mid-wives, obstetricians, GPs and other professionals. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ -⁣⁣⁣⁣ Save your babies journey in your own personal journal. Save articles, videos and write your own notes.⁣⁣⁣⁣ -⁣⁣⁣⁣ Watch from over 50 exclusive videos every week to help you on your journey. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ - ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Hundreds of articles and helpful information to support you during your pregnancy. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ -⁣⁣⁣⁣ Partner Mode (For Andrew Merrington 🤭 ) to assist your significant other in helping you throughout the course of your pregnancy and in the lead up to the big day! Features such as our Contraction Timer, Stages of Labour information and your very own Birth Preferences... all to support your new, beautiful family.⁣⁣ - ⁣⁣ An exclusive and honest community forum for you to share personal experiences and progression pictures. To seek advice from experienced midwives and other health professionals. To openly ask questions without any hesitation. To connect with other new mothers from around the world. A social center, to cater your needs and queries, designed just for you. -⁣ + Hundreds of more features! #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #love #newborn #babygirl #babyboy #maternity #babybump #babyshower #momtobe #mom #family #momlife #bebe #motherhood #pregnantbelly #weekspregnant #photography #mama #birth #kids #mumtobe #mum #mother #weeks #bhfyp

June 2019

Belle (ball🎾 ) of the Ball! 😂 #27weekspregnant I have put on 15kg so far and I still have 3 months to go! I see it, I eat it... As long as baby is happy and healthy... I’ll worry about the kgs later! Wearing this beautiful gown from @nadinemerabi 💚

June 2019

THE SECRET IS OUT!!! Are you ready?!? Season 2 of #yummymummies coming to @netflix on July 3rd! We are so excited for you to see it & hope you love it as much as we loved filming it! 📺 @iva marra @janescandizzo @lorinska @rachelxwatts

May 2019

🦢 DANCE MOM 🦢 Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation (wish I could put the Beyoncé soundtrack over this ☝🏼 ) @lorinska #girls #girls #girls #dance #dancemoms @lorinska @penelope_merrington

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