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20 hours ago

Can’t believe it has been a whole month already since I was given the opportunity to give an art tour to these incredible kids...honestly one of my best experiences to date 💜 Have you checked out @thelittlegrandtour ? One of my fave finds on this here little app. They do museum and gallery tours for our little ones across London, such a fabulous idea and the perfect way to introduce them to art. On September 2nd they are running a very special tour at @saatchi_gallery with artist Nancy Cadogan. You will get to see her brand new exhibition, create some art and even chat to the artist, sounds so good 🙌🏼 Check out their page for more info 💜 Artwork by the very fabulous Gillian Ayres 🎨 #art #tours #paint

11 hours ago

Whoever thought let’s get a big ole bus paint it bright and cheerful and stick a load of arts and crafts, books and toys in it are an absolute genius aren’t they?! Tom couldn’t get enough of @hackneyplaybus yesterday, they pulled up at our local park and then pretty much the whole of our village descended on them and it was a total joy bar almost losing Tom in a sea full of kids as he excitedly clambered on the bus so fast I didn’t even see it 😱 but who can blame him...I think they should paint all buses like this, the world would be a much brighter place 😍 @hackneyplaybus is a small charity dedicated to bringing play opportunities and support to families who need it most. Aimed at under 5’s it makes its way around parks and housing estates in East London 🚎 It’s a big 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 from us! As well as all the activities mentioned above they have a little sing song at the end and provide fruit and snacks at a total cost of nada, totally free...never was a bus trip so much fun 💜 #bus #transport #hackneyplaybus #charity

2 days ago

I get asked what my favourite museum is a lot (no surprises really! ) and that to me is like asking a kid what is their favourite sweetie...I JUST CANT DO IT!!!!! But recently I’ve fallen completely head over heels in love with @tate Britain, I keep finding myself back there time and time again, I think it’s the mixture of old and new with random stuff in between but it’s becoming a firm favourite in our household, possibly more so now with the added bonus of membership, ta very much ace husband @draggedarounddad he’s a glutton for punishment 😂 I just love the place 💜 This France-Lise McGurn free #Artnow exhibition ‘Sleepless’ explores the intimate experience of living in the city and it is just jaw dropping, the paint that spills from the canvas on to the walls, ceiling and floor, the colours and just the pure brilliance of the room is one to defo check out if you visit 🎨 It’s running until 8 September 💜 #art #tatebritain #gallery #sleepless

3 days ago

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that this is the last couple of weeks I’ll be doing things like this 😭😭 Nursery calls and he is SO ready and the eldest is off to school which is great!!! But I will miss our museum trips loads, it’s been a part of our life like forever, I can’t help getting a bit emosh about the end of an era 💜 Milk at the Museum has pretty much been my third baby since having the kids and it feels like everything is changing 😫 Oh lord snap me out of it other news, oh my gaddd the Frank Bowling exhibition at @tate Britain is just explosion of colour, paint and joy right before my very eyes, every room I was stood there gawping 👀 At 85 years of age, he still paints every day!! What a man 😍 And what a show!! As he stated in 2017 ‘The possibilities of paint are never ending’ 🎨 Ain’t that the truth 🙌🏼 The exhibition closes next Monday so be quick, it’s a total delight 🎨 #art #frankbowling #tatebritain #paint #colour

4 days ago

🚾 TOILETS ON THE TUBE 🚾 For all you pregnant Mamas, distressed ‘MUMMY I need a WEEE or 💩‘ Mamas, anyone just busting because you haven’t got 5 secs to even go to the loo Mamas, toilet training Mamas 🙄 those who are desperate to go on a London trip but too scared cos of the toilet issues with a toddler Mamas...this is for you 👆🏼Obvs this applies to Dadas too 👨‍👦Thanks to the brilliant @allontheboard for saving a few parents butts (literally 🤦‍♀️ ) with this little list of every station with toilets in the station or nearby 🚽 I was actually going to attempt to do this myself...I mean where would I even start, so the relief was huge when this popped up on my feed yesterday 😅💜 #allontheboard #toiletsonthetube #londonunderground #travel #commuter #london

5 days ago

🏰 HAPPY PLACE 🏰 Ohhhhh Hampton Court, definitely where my heart is with its Tudor decor and Henry VIII history, what a man, I know I know brutal right but SO fascinating 😱 My Dad grew up in East Molesey so as a kid we would visit all the time and it kinda breaks my heart we’re so flippin far away now but anyhow you get the gist the love for this place is strong and I got to go back last week to check out the very welcome addition of The Magic Garden...quite honestly one of the best children’s playgrounds I’ve been to 😍 There are towers, beasts, a secret grotto, water fountains, thrones, you name it, basically a medieval playground of dreams 🏰 Each area represents myths, legends, stories and even real objects that can be found at Hampton Court 🙌🏼 and with the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze right next door I basically want to be a kid again...ok so I got a little bit carried away and went on an adventure with the little ones and basically resorted to being a kid again, sssssh 🤫 but really it’s fun for all ages and I recommend you get there quick sharp whilst the weathers still good (it peed it down while we were there, twas still muchos fun but can only imagine how much better it’d be in the sunshine ) ☀️ Tickets for the Maze and The Magic Garden cost £25.80 for a family ticket (2 adults & up to 3 children ) 🏰 #hamptoncourt #themagicgarden #playground #familyfun

6 days ago

Truth be told I’m feeling a bit rough around the edges at the mo, think it could be an age thing but am struggling with what to wear, what I should be wearing, ya know all that crappy getting old shizzle 👵🏼 My summer wardrobe just hasn’t felt right at all, ill fitted jeans, tops I don’t love, been eating too many cakes, lack of moneyyyyyy 😭😭😭 @finlay_fox I need your help 🆘 The list goes on but I’ve lost myself (again ) I’m not gonna lie this turning 40 stuff has knocked me for 6, every pic I’m like 🤢 Even museum trips aren’t helping 🙄 Anyone else feeling it?!? Any other accounts anyone can recommend for this kind of crisis?! 💋 #midlifecrisis #feelingold #needhelp

2 weeks ago

And the museum product of the week goes to......🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁........this Mary Quant tee from @vamuseum because, well this logo has to be one of the best of all times doesn’t it 💛 How flippin cool is Mary Quant tho, a total legend, have you been to the exhibition? If you haven’t you have to go, absolutely loved it and the shop, THE SHOP, so many fab Quant inspired things 💛 Bold patterns and stripes what more could a girl want 😍 A little Friday quote for ya from the lady herself because it made me LOL...’a woman is as young as her knees’ 🦵 That makes me pretty old then 😜 HAPPY damn Friday folks 💋 #museumproductoftheweek #v&a #maryquant #design #art #logo #ootd

2 weeks ago

She be waiting for me in the museum shop like 😴🙄😴 What’s your fave museum shop?!? I just can’t choose 🤔 . #aintnoshoplikeamuseumshop #museumshop #museum #gifts #happyplace

2 weeks ago

⭐️ DATES FOR YOUR DIARY ⭐️ Because if you’re anything like me you need to plan at least a week in advance...don’t anyone be coming at me with your last minute ideas 😜 Just out of interest how far in advance do you guys plan stuff?! I mean with kids you have to be pretty militant right?! Or is that just me 🤔 Anyhooo as always I digress, I just wanted to let you know of a few things happening over the August bank holiday 👉🏼 First up the HAMPTON COURT PALACE FOOD FESTIVAL is running 24-26th...I mean a festival all about food at quite possibly the best place everrrrr, it has to be well as the celebration of food and drink there will be plenty of activities on offer to keep children of all ages entertained, from face painting to the circus school, arts and crafts and Dance Stars 🏛 Next up another FAMILY FESTIVAL taking place at Buckingham Palace, The Royal Mews and The Queen’s Gallery over the 3 days, join StrongWomen Science to discover the scientific secrets behind some astounding circus tricks, experiment with different art techniques, from watercolour painting to photography or take inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing drawings, and have a go at making your own sketches using the same materials as Leonardo, including red chalk and charcoal 🏛 On Sunday 25th August Culture Mile presents SMITHFIELD STREET PARTY: A Beastly Adventure, a fantastical free street party where the animals top the bill, learn how to dance like a bee, watch extraordinary aerialists fly through the sky, transform your perspectives with free-running classes and animal amusements and learn how to care for the animals that live alongside us ANDDDD last one for now, all you doggy lovers are going to love this... on 26th August it’s #nationaldogday and the @museumoflondon are welcoming your canines into the museum for the day, there will be a Doga (dog yoga ) workshop, Pet Pawtraits and a dog walk with a difference, anyone got a little furry friend I could borrow?? 🐶 #bankholiday #dogs #familyfun #yoga #art #food

2 weeks ago

⭐️ EXPRESS YOURSELF ⭐️ Because these tees are actually spot on in what I am trying to aim for with this little one...will forever be encouraging him to chat to me about whatever, whenever, wherever. All the tears, all the emotion, all the sensitivity. There’s a reason the suicide rate in men is so high and things desperately need to change, it’s absolutely vital that he knows its ok to not be ok. First up a bit of a no brainer for us, expressing himself in the form of art 🖼 Have you seen these easels at @tate Britain, my kids absolutely love them 😍 Thank you @babyyougotstyle for this incredible tee, please go give her a follow and the best bit...10 percent of the sale of this t shirt will be donated to, a charity helping children with their mental health 💜 #mentalhealth #expressyourself #ootd #youngminds #gift

2 weeks ago

⭐️ ART DECO ⭐️ The 1920’s....what a time to be alive, or possibly not as the case may be with sexism and hierarchy rife but the buildings...THE BUILDINGS 😍😍 An absolutely brilliant tour of 55 Broadway with @ltmuseum ♦️ The tour gives you access to London’s first skyscraper, the London Underground Grade I listed iconic headquarters in St James Park ♦️You get to explore the beautiful 1920’s style offices, grand meeting rooms, check out some scandalous sculptures and climb up 14 stories for a spectacular view of London, it is one definitely not to be missed people♦️I bought this as a gift for @draggedarounddad he works in construction and loves a bit of architecture and it must have been good as he even treated me to a Maccy D’s afterwards 🍔 I’m a lucky lady 😂 We’ve done a couple of @ltmuseum Hidden London tours now and cannot recommend them enough, the guides are so knowledgeable and informative and every time I go on one my love for London is reignited big time...SO MUCH HISTORY ♦️ Check out the link in my bio for more info and safe to say my obsession with all things London Underground continues ❤️ #hiddenlondon #londonunderground #london #londontransportmuseum #artdeco #history

2 weeks ago

Don’t believe the hype people not everyone is out there living their best lives this Summer holidayyyyys!!! You are most definitely not alone if you are finding these 6 weeks tough 😱 Just start with the little things, your little ones do NOT need to be entertained 8 hours a day ok. My museum every other week or maybe even just one over the whole Summer holidays ☀️ Days close to home or even at home can be just as magical (errrr mud pies, watering the garden with my mum and searching for worms are some of my most precious memories ) Take the pressure off and don’t let social media make you feel anything less 👊 Thanks @lobellaloves_jo for reminding me of this, this morning 😘💜 #summerholidays #summer #achievement

3 weeks ago

It’s only National Play Day people...what you all up to??? Isn’t that every day with kids 😂 Well here are some museums that offer brilliant play spaces getting you out the house for a bit of play time (no stepping in Lego, hoorah ) 🧸 The Mudlarks Gallery at @museumoflondon Docklands, an interactive space for children up to 8, is brilliant. You can weigh cargo, tie nautical knots and load a tea clipper whilst learning museum facts in a fun and stimulating environment. They also have a soft play area for babies and toddlers where they can climb into a boat or drive a DLR train. The @nam_london Play Base area, an immersive experience for ages 8 and under, which includes a soft play assault course, climbing aboard an army truck and preparing food in the cookhouse is so fab and you may even get a chance to sit down for 5 mins. The All Aboard play zone at @ltmuseum for 0-7’s is a dream for the kiddies. Step aboard the Baby DLR, serve soup in the Thames Nipper Cafe, become a cab driver and loads more. Sorted! for 0-8-year-olds at @thepostalmuseum is a fab immersive play space with all things Postal to play with including streets, buildings, trolleys, pulleys, slides and chutes. Lastly the National Maritime Museum with the absolutely ace Ahoy! Children’s Gallery for 0-7’s. Stoke the boiler of a steamship, buy and sell fish in the marketplace, and make new friends in the interactive boatyard. Feel free to add any more suggestions below?! And check out the brilliant @play hooray for more ideas to celebrate 💜 #nationalplayday #play #london

3 weeks ago

And just like that she’s off to school in just over 4 weeks wahhhhhhh (seriously where does time go tho?!?! ) Any tips for starting school would be massively helpful?! Or any accounts on here you recommend to follow in the lead up?! I’ve heard the ole WhatsApp groups reach a whole new level and I’ve already got the fear over World Book Day 😱 What else can I expect??? School anxiety is kicking in and that’s just me 😜 I reckon museums are missing a trick, there should so be a ‘Starting School’ family day over the holidays 🤔 There could be school fancy dress, an alphabet and number workshop, starting school storytime and a ‘how to calm your Mama down’ before the big day session 😜 💜 #school #backtoschool #schoolanxiety

3 weeks ago

🍔 BURGERS 🍔 Well if anything’s going to grab your attention 😜 It certainly grabbed @draggedarounddad , couldn’t get him to the museum quick enough 🏃‍♂️ @thepostalmuseum courtyard BBQ yesterday was DEEELish 😋 The museum itself has to go down as one of my top family faves, there’s the mail rail ride, Sorted! Play area and the incredibly interactive gallery which is perfect for little legs, and well when we heard there were summer BBQ’s it was pretty much a no brainer where we were headed 🍔 I have it on good authority from the kids the ice creams were pretty scrummy too 🍦 If you want to keep the whole family happy get yourselves down there, the BBQ’s are running on 17/26/31 August ☀️ #summer #familyfun #thepostalmuseum #barbecue #food #london

3 weeks ago

⭐️ LAST CHANCE ⭐️ The super duper Manga exhibition at @britishmuseum , the largest exhibition of manga ever to take place outside of Japan, is closing in just 3 weeks on 26 August, we absolutely loved it and the Little Feet session for under 5’s running this Tuesday is a great opportunity to see it! For starters it’s free (adult tickets usually cost £19.50 ) and secondly you get to explore the exhibition, try your hand at dressing up and make a mask (the kids that is, not you 😜 ) Sounds ace right?! Get there early to avoid disappointment, they are pretty popular and ya know holidayyyysss 🧡 #britishmuseum #littlefeet #manga #art #family #toddler

3 weeks ago

⭐️ HAZY DAYS ⭐️ A late at Tate makes for a totally fabulous date with your mate 💜 I loved Olafur even more after a big fat glass of vino and no child to lose...massive comedown today tho after an early wake up call and a day of solo parenting...oh the joy!! 🆘 What you all up to, any museum trips?! 💜 #art #tate #london #parenting

4 weeks ago

👣 STEP FREE 👣 How do you all get about London? I was thinking the other day how I’m always banging on about museums for families but actually some of them are not that accessible when you’re on your own and you have little children and buggies in tow and I know from experience how bloomin annoying that can be 😡 So I thought what better place than here to share some of the nearest stations to museums with step free access 🚆 Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (I don’t work for TFL...yet 😜 ) and obviously this is not taking into consideration where you get on and any changes but for me, knowing this has been super useful so I’m hoping it may be for you lovely lot too! Go ahead and add any more below that I have most likely missed 👇🏼 Oh and I know I know there are always buses but I’m just not a huge fan and basically have this thing for the underground...soooo here goes 🚆 Kings Cross - The Foundling Museum, Wellcome Collection, The Postal Museum, Charles Dickens Museum are all no more than a 20 minute walk away 🏛 Tottenham Court Road (northern line ) - just a small walk away is the British Museum and the Cartoon Museum and just over 15 mins the London Transport Museum 🏛 Blackfriars - Tate Modern just a ten minute walk away, Museum of London a 17 min walk away 🏛 Victoria (Viccy Line ) just over a half hour walk to V&A, Natural History and Science Museum (errrr sort it out South Kensington ) 🏛 Westminster (Jubilee Line ) my beloved Churchill War Rooms, and the Garden Museum a walk away 🏛 London Bridge - HMS Belfast which is, not sure if I’ve mentioned it, amaaaaazing 🏛 Canary Wharf - Museum of London Docklands, another corker and lastly Vauxhall, just over a 20 minute walk to Imperial War Museum and a mere 13 to Tate Britain 🏛 Hope that’s enough to get you started, do ya reckon @transportforlondon will sort me out a job now 😜 What are your tips for getting about? 💋 #london #transportforlondon #parenting #underground #stepfree

4 weeks ago

⭐️ MY DAD ⭐️ The one who introduced me to museums and the one who is the best museum buddy 😍 Took him to see The EY Exhibition Van Gogh and Britain at @tate Britain on Saturday and I enjoyed it even more the second time round...not particularly child friendly although I will forever argue the case for getting kids to any exhibition regardless but SOOOO damn good 🌻 It’s closing on 11th people so you have 13 days to go check it outttttt 💛 #art #vangogh

4 weeks ago

⭐️ LIVING THE DREAM ⭐️ Thank you so much @thelittlegrandtour for having me and for making a big kids dream come true 😁😘 Today I gave an art tour at @tate Britain to the most brilliant 4-6 year olds, we made lanterns, wore hats and entered the magical world of this all types of incredible masterpiece 🖼 #art #tour #london #family #johnsingersargent #carnationlilylilyrose

last month

Anyone else blub like a baby at the end of every school year?! Please tell me I’m not alone 🙏🏼 The worrying thing is this one’s not even at school yet it’s nursery #nohopeforme 😬 Anyhoooo one thing I am going to keep up is her love of painting this Summer and I want to share some brilliant arty workshops that @dotkids are running over the holidays in Spitalfields for ages 5 and above 🖼 There is a Miro Children’s Art workshop, design your own David Bowie/Frida Kahlo/Matisse/Keith Haring T-shirts, a Picasso, a Jean Michael Basquiat and a Yayoi Kusama workshop plus more 🎨 The hardest part...which one you gonna choose?! 🤔 Head on over to @dotkids for more deets, I told you summer was good ☀️ Also my Top 5 summer picks is now saved in highlights and for a full run down of what’s on in museums head to the link in my bio ☝️Happy holidaysss 💋 #schoolsoutforsummer #art #familyfun #schoolholidays #summer

last month

And so the Summer holidays have begun, wahhhhh 🤪 and I hear it’s going to be 33 degrees on Thursday, oh my word 🥵 What better place to cool down than a museum right?! So here are my suggestions for a stifling hot sunny day ☀️ First up National Maritime Museum @royalmuseumsgreenwich which as well as being one of the most family friendly museums there is the gorgeous Greenwich Park next to it, slip into the museum then pop out and enjoy a picnic in beautiful surroundings ☀️ National Army Museum @nam_london not only has the most brilliant galleries for kids but also Battersea Park is a 12 minute walk away and has a boating lake and an adventure playground ☀️ No brainer for this one...the @vamuseum splash pool which we LOVE and you’ve got @sciencemuseum and @natural_history_museum on your doorstep ☀️ @thepostalmuseum which is pretty much designed for kids are running BBQ’s over the summer on 4/17/26/31 August where you can get yourself a juicy burger or a sausage bap and an ice cream for afters, luuuuurvely! Coram Fields which has a playground is also a short walk away ☀️ The @rafmuseum London has their all kinds of incredible RAF themed outdoor playground with a Tornado, Spitfire and Nissen Hut just some of the highlights 🚁 The @morrisgallery has the beautiful Lloyd Park, lush surroundings and they’re turning it into a summer beach with a splash pool and rides to enjoy 🏖 And lastly the @imperialwarmuseums and @museumchildhood both have outdoor spaces right next door and word is in that the Museum of Childhood waffle and ice cream bar is now open ☀️ HAPPY sunny dayyyyyysss 😃 🍦 🏖 Please feel free to share any more sunny day ideas below👇🏼 #summer #schoolsoutforsummer #food #familyfun

last month

Forty ‘friggin’ one 😱😱 All photos from now on will either be in Manga, black and white or just quite simply of my back 😜 wahhhhhhhh 💜 Anyone been to the Manga exhibition at @britishmuseum ?? It’s so good 👌🏼 #itsmabirthday #soold #gettingwrinkly #lifeisgoodmusntcomplain #but41tho #birthday

last month

And the museum product of the week goes to......🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁........this very important ‘What A Waste’ book by Jess French from the National Maritime Museum @royalmuseumsgreenwich because errrrr our planet is going to pot and I don’t feel I was educated nearly enough on this when I was a kid and so I WILL be drumming it into my kids heads that this planet is important and we need to do EVERYTHINGGGGG to save it godammit...sorry chaps don’t know what came over me 😬 Humans are now producing more waste than ever before, it’s shocking 🤦‍♀️ The book is fun, educational and hugely informative and covers subjects such as waste, pollution, deforestation, conservation, fashion and much more 🌎 I urge every single one of you to go out and buy this book and read it to your children, after all it’s them that will suffer if things don’t change 🌍 A little Friday fact for ya taken from the book of course...we dump enough waste every year to fill a line of lorries going around the world 24 times 😱😱😱 HAPPY damn Friday folks 💋 #museumproductoftheweek #nationalmaritimemuseum #waste #planet #earth #whatawaste #savetheplanet

last month

WOW just WOW Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life 😍 I don’t think I could say wow any more times than I just did to be fair 👀 Reflections, shadows, a waterfall, a moss wall, fog, rain, a kaleidoscope and a shed load of colour 🌈 IN MA ELEMENT 💜 You know what to do, get yourselves down Tate Modern this summer holiday for 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 You’ll be happy, your kids will be happy and the world will be a much brighter place 🌎 and speaking of which this exhibition does a great job in raising awareness of the climate emergency we are in 👀 A sense-sational must see!!!! 🙌🏼 TIP: make sure you grab ‘The Weather Walk for families’ leaflet and a little nudge to remind you there is also Olafur Eliasson: The Cubic Structural Evolution Project running alongside the exhibition from 26 July-18 August where there will be a ton of white Lego for you and your small one to make your vision of the future 🏢 Thanks @tate for the best start to this miserable grey ole day 💜 #gifted #summerjustgotgood #olafureliasson #tate #summerholidays #colour #climatechange

last month

Just to let you know there are a couple of spaces left on the art tour I am doing with @thelittlegrandtour for the younger ones (ages 4-7 ) at @tate Britain on July 27th, link in bio if you’re interested👆🏼 This Gillian Ayres painting is one I will be looking at alongside a very famous John Singer Sargent and a very London Benjamin Robert Haydon piece 🖼 Eeeeek, cannot wait 😆 #art #tate #tour #family #london

last month

So there’s this fab new account @the__leveller who I have been watching closely 👀 Their put balance into parenting by finding things that both kids AND adults enjoy, hoorah, I ruddy love this concept & it’s kind of what I’ve been about myself, getting parents out of monotonous parks & playgrounds & into a place they can find some fulfilment too (it’s essential that us oldies have fun too right ) 😜 Anyhooo it’s got me thinking about museums & a few things coming up that I think both parents & kids will get something out of:- Get your glow sticks at the ready & head to the @hornimanmuseumgardens for a banging @bflfevents rave on 28 July. An outdoor shebang in the gardens and The Orb are on the decks 💃 YAY, and for the kids well there are craft activities with Captain Cookie, & a climactic colour powder throw, err take that back, that’s totally for us big kids too 🌈 You can also strike a pose & get your photo taken in the photobooth. Listen to some storytelling in the Gardens or have your face painted 💜 The BFLF raves are all for parents having the best time, and you don’t feel at all selfish because the kids love it as well, which is quite friggin fabulous if you ask me (📷 👆🏼us at one of their prev raves ) 🙌🏼 Why not spend the day at @tate Modern, you can get to enjoy the Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life exhibition, which is sensory overload for the kiddies too AND there is also The Cubic Structural Evolution Project running alongside it from 26 July-18 August where there will be a ton of white Lego & grown ups & the little ones are invited to build a vision of a future city 🏢 The @rafmuseum London are holding a free Peace Tea Party on 10/11 August. 1940’s dress up is my fave & you can get the clobber on in this giant tea party like they had during the summer of 1945 to celebrate the end of war. There will be games, Spitfire stories and some fabulous music 🎶 And last but by no means least a @museumoflondon Roman London family tour on 18 August, find out where brave gladiators and nimble acrobats entertained the raucous crowds...err twist me arm 🙋‍♀️ Happy Days all round people because life should totally not just be about the kids 😁 #parenting

last month

Fear not fellow summer holiday ‘what we gonna do’ fretters I have it covered 🙋‍♀️ Just hit the little link in my bio and you will see ALL the stuff going on in the London museums over the Summer holidays and because there is SOOOO much going on I’ve narrowed down my Top 5 for ya...the Summer holidays just got good people 😁 💃 1. The Moon exhibition opens this Friday at the NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM and over the holidays they invite you to go on a summer journey to the moon and back with crafts and experiments that fire up your imagination and send you rocketing into space 🚀 2. The WALLACE COLLECTION are running events inspired by their An Enquiring Mind: Manolo Blahnik exhibition. Hear Madame Chausseur’s tale of the little elves who came every night to make wonderful shoes on 9th August, create your own fantastical shoe designs on 10th or check out a family film screening of Cinderella on 13th. Before or after the film be sure to pick up a copy of their ‘Sensational Shoes’ activity trail 👠 3. The DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY are running a Colourfest: Family Festival ‪on 4 August‬. Spend a day at the Gallery exploring colour in lots of different ways. Join them for rainbow storytelling, printmaking, drawing, building, and be the first to try their new Gallery family trail! 🌈 4. The RAF MUSEUM LONDON pays homage to an iconic aircraft with a programme of family events and activities dedicated to the Spitfire. Weekend festivals, fun immersive adventures, views of real Spitfires, and a series of nostalgic events will transport visitors back in time when the Spitfire protected Europe’s skies✈️ 5. Celebrate the holidays at THE POSTAL MUSEUM with live music, barbecues, outdoor games & a family programme inspired by the tradition of travelling to the seaside & The Great British Summer.  From Punch & Judy hand puppet workshops & postcard making sessions to storytelling & a book signing, there’s something for kids of all ages 🏖 #summerholidays #whatsonsummer #familyfun #london

last month

How I look most days to be fair 😱 Ohhhh The British Museum...forever making exhibitions that aren’t child friendly, child friendly 🙌🏼 I cannot recommend their Little Feet exhibition explorer sessions for under 5’s enough!!! First off the kiddies are entertained and happy so you get to actually see the exhibition and secondly the sessions are the total cost of nada, yes completely FREE (adult tickets usually cost £17 ) 😍 Yesterday it was all about Edvard Munch ‘Love and Angst’ where we got to go on an adventure through the exhibition then stop off to create our travel documents, surrounded by the work of Munch 😁 There was music, art, fancy dress, building, baby sensory, you name it!!! To be honest the kids stuff bought a bit of light entertainment to some pretty haunting artwork but it’s an incredible show and getting up close to a rare lithograph of The Scream was AH-MAZING 😱 When I’m with my kids I always want to go back on my own and read it all but ya know I’ll take what I can get and this session made the experience a whole lot more pleasurable 💜 The Edvard Munch: Love and Angst exhibition closes 21 July and the next Little Feet: Exhibition Explorer is on 6 August in the Manga exhibition which is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Anyhoo I’m off to have a little scream after the disruptive night I’ve just had with the kiddies 😱 Happy damn Friday chaps 💋 #edvardmunch #art #familyfun #exhibition #britishmuseum

last month

I’m absolutely over the moon with all the exciting stuff happening 😜 to mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo moon landing this year (it actually happened on my birthday so ya know even more reasons to celebrate ) 🌑 There’s The Moon exhibition opening next Friday at the National Maritime Museum @royalmuseumsgreenwich 🌒 It will be the biggest exhibition dedicated to the 🌙 and promises plenty of artefacts, artworks and interactives for all to enjoy...sounds out of this world right?! 🤦‍♀️ #sorrynotsorry Then there’s an Apollo 11 family festival at the @sciencemuseum on 20/21 July where you get to dress as an astronaut, find out what happened to all the Moon rocks, discover how your body changes in space and see a special screening of The Clangers and last but no means least have you seen this 👆🏼👆🏼incredible Luke Jerram installation at the @natural_history_museum yet?! It’s mesmerising and get this, they are running family yoga sessions under the moon throughout August (or alternatively a cheese and wine night...errr hell yeh 🙋‍♀️ ) How dreamy is that ⭐️🌙 #moon #space #apollo #art #familyfun #yoga

last month

HOLAAAAAA 👋 Anybody out there? I expect very few of you after that little insta break...if anyone’s happening to be listening tell me, what have I missed?! So I’m kinda back (did any of you even notice I was gone 😂 ) not by any means in the same intensity but I’m just gonna post when I have something of interest to say, which probably isn’t that often tbf...basically I’m potty training and I need a distraction from the incessant poop chat 💩 The Summer holidays are almost here folks wahhhh and @tate Britain are running Blast Off Stories every ‪Wed-Sun‬ throughout them. Bring your imaginations to their storytelling oasis for families of all ages and discover lots of new books and exciting stories celebrating the voices of people of colour, sounds ace right? 💜 While your there why not pop into the Duveen Galleries and check out Mike Nelson’s installation of post war Britain mechanical objects ⚙️ Not my usual cup of tea but every time we pop in there I am strangely drawn to these enormous looming machines, the smell and the huge wooden doors and Tom ☝️ well he can’t get enough of it 🚪 #theassetstrippers #art #tate #tatebritain #parenting

June 2019

Ok my lovely lovelies last weekend really gave me a bit of a chance to think about this ole platform (in between the cider and the dancing ) and suss out the next steps 👣 As much as I have loved all the opportunities that have arisen it is time for me to scale back massively while I concentrate on a few other things, one of them being my family. I am not by any means totally disappearing (I hear you all breathe a sigh of relief 😂😂😜 ) and I will defo still be lingering but I have to focus my attentions elsewhere for a bit 💜 As most of you know the gram is a LOT of work and time with not that much in return tbf and constant thinking of the next post/ next story I never feel that present or in the moment and I need to be... SO in the meantime here are a few accounts I totally recommend you should follow for inspiration for cultural days out/latest exhibitions/things to do with the kids etc etc 👉🏼 @citykidsmagazine @thelittlegrandtour @bablands london @londonartfile @museummum @bigfatsatsuma @kerri_and_sprog @motherhood_ldn @dotkids 💜 They are all absolutely 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Oh and if anyone wants to hire me for a bit of PAID museum work I’ll be more than happy to help?! 😜 HAPPY damn Friday folks...have a wicked one ✌️💋 👋 #byefornow #timeout #laters

June 2019

Rain or shine 🤔 Quite frankly I don’t give a damn...we’re kid free, cider in hand and Isle of Wight festival bound...WOO HOOOOOOOO 🍺 💃 #festival #isleofwight2019 #bringiton

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