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last month

Bruh do you fucking understand how much @cleo_ohsojazzy just fucked me up. I can truly say after a year of jahseh not being with us that my life has drastically changed way more depressed but, that’s life without a crutch there to fall on. X was that crutch. From the nights of me being up late texting people I love and not getting anything back for weeks. But being able to go on insta and see X living his life to the fullest knowing he has gone through a lot of pain pulled a little of that sadness out of me. It actually brought me happiness. Through the breakup. Through all my hardships he was there blasting in my ear. His music touched a piece of my soul most people haven’t touched that is crazy to me. And I don’t like many people I’ve said that many times my friends will tell you. I was blessed to be alive in the times he shined his presence upon this earth. I can only say I’ve felt this pain before when I lost my father when I was seven. I know his friends and family are hurting unbelievably bad. Jahseh is watching over all those he helped with his music his influence and his time.🖤🖤🙌🙌🖤🖤 So you all know I’m ready to buy a dvd a movie ticket or whatever I need to. To watch this documentary.

May 2019

Y’all lucky my parents was asleep or else I’d be screaming the lyrics haha I fucking miss this mans energy like what bruh too fuckin soon #LLJ

May 2019

Photocred. @josiahbarrow Mannnn if I was with my niggas we would be unstoppable let’s go take a trip my guys 🤯😬😬 @b_long704 @santaflaws_fs

April 2019

Happy birthday to one of the goats in the game haha @theslumpgod man he helped change he game I’m just saying if you wanna peep that full dance vid I’ll drop lol 😂

April 2019

This is how I fall asleep just so y’all know if my day is bad I literally just try to listen to music god told me not to let the f boys mess with me. Damn man if XXXTENTACION never hit the scene idk if I’d even be here today tbh.

March 2019

I swear mannnnnnnnnnnnn the energy that was given off by this dude was ridiculous #imissyousomuch #llj #feelingremix #dance

March 2019

My body is ready for this just know I couldn’t sleep last night that’s how anxious 😦 I was #llj #wemissyouxxxtentacion #?

March 2019

Don’t pass me no chocolate 🍫 Noooowww I’m mad cuz I have yet to see nobody dance to this shit on my timeline shit maybe I need to #idontfuckwithchocolate let’s get my mans @rawhoolmane #verified the fuck

February 2019

It was lit but I’m just saying can I get some dlc maybe a few more worlds patched in

January 2019

I’m listening to this def in discord with domislive n the members only family we bout to turn the fuck up forreal

January 2019

XD what year is it again

November 2018

Y’all haven’t witnessed my evolution I’ve died at a young age was reborn in a new state of being and changed my appearance a couple times but guess what y’all ain’t ready for the Black Super Saiyan. Photo cred: @trippyjtabz

August 2018

When it plays it just hits ya soul @b_long704 literally knows we bump xxx like no tmw

August 2018

I can appreciate hoodie for all the years I literally get through just because the music and vibe he gives is amazing

April 2018

Make sure to spread positive vibes on my crew no matter where we be or what we going through my bro to the end @josiahconstantino

April 2018

Growing up is hard I'm not mad at life and it's difficulties it's brought me I'm praying for peace and serenity in my life in next 6 months

June 2017

Some of my best days were running on that track in the middle of nowhere because I knew it would be a memory I can hold dearly

May 2017

I take a good picture when I'm excited to start a new #positivevibes

May 2017

The four years was wild we lost a lot of people on the way the crew was huge but I'm glad to say we made it out of there @turrbulturtwig

April 2017

If you didn't know well ya do now Mary is the love of my life she helps me with my issues #wcw 😍

April 2017

It was an awesome time

April 2017

Kyle with the positivity in my life has stopped my thoughts in their track. #alwaysSMYLE #positivevibes #2k17 #turnup #superduperkyle

March 2017

#nationalpuppyday #tbt #hopeitsnot2late posting this pic for all the dogs in my life who have honestly saved me from myself and overthinking

March 2017

We all live our lives and have struggles but there are times I believe peace can be found this is my peace ✌🏾 time #positivevibes #2k17

March 2017

Coach got me too where I'm at💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 moving fast 🏃🏿🏃🏿💨💨 dodging feelings XD #positivevibes #2k17

March 2017

It was pretty lit

February 2017

Ohhhhhh I'm ready for beach weak aka suns out guns out #beachweek2017herewecome #turnup

February 2017

Just me and my nigga @b_long704 coolin in the cut #nobadvibes

February 2017

Go follow my bro @b_long704 nothing but positive vibes any negatives you get the boot

January 2017

Tbt to a time I had more money than I could do stuff with..... oh wait I'm not a broke nigga

October 2016

Gears of war 4 lets get it

August 2016

Can't wait till I'm back home to get them dreaded and my hair will actually be long enough to ponytail that shit

July 2016

I fucks with the shirt combo and the old pants fit still

April 2016

When i listen to my music and have charcoal in one hand and an eraser in the other i can produce some amazing things. #charcoaldrawing #artisfun #artist

March 2016

Imma artist #artisfun #charcoaldrawing charcoal is life

March 2016

Lol ifunny giving me a good chuckle #presidentialrace #gameofthrones

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