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2 weeks ago

Last night’s episode of Pose required us all to dig deep — @janetmock as writer, myself as writer and director, but most of all our incredible leading ladies. I must applaud @angelicaross for her tour de force of a performance as Candy Abundance Ferocity. It has been a gift to watch her blossom as a true star and undeniable talent. Though she will always be our Candy, and our show suffers this incredible loss, I am elated that the world will get much more Angelica. She is joining the American Horror Story family in another unforgettable role. Congrats Angelica for making history, leaping from #PoseFX to #AHS1984 Welcome to the #AHS family!

4 weeks ago

When I met @JanetMock , I knew she was a star and had the stuff moguls are made of. I am thrilled to see her bask in the light of a history making deal with Netflix where she will create and develop her own shows. Janet is talented, important, revolutionary and one of the best directors and writers I’ve worked with. She is so deserving. I’m excited for the world to watch her shows, and am proud to continue working with her on POSE as well as my new Netflix series HOLLYWOOD. Congrats Janet. I love you.

last month

Wintour Is Coming. Season Two Arrives Tuesday June 11 at 10pm.

May 2019


May 2019

Zsa Zsa and Liberace had an amazing time at The Met Ball. What a fun inclusive night it was. One of my fav moments of the night: leaving and walking down the pink carpet and marveling at the thousands of feathers and beads left behind.

May 2019

Met Gala update

May 2019

In honor of Today's MET BALL.

May 2019

Very excited about MET BALL MONDAY and the fun and tender CAMP theme. Here’s a detail of my outfit which took the one and only couture genius Christian Siriano six weeks to make. Guess which camp icon I’m paying tribute to?

May 2019

Never in my life did I dare to dream this...or even think it was remotely possible. What an exciting moment for so many of us and the country.

April 2019

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! This morning's Best Revival of a Play Tony nomination for THE BOYS IN THE BAND was a gift in so many ways. I'm proud of our esteemed director JOE MANTELLO, thrilled for the cast we assembled, especially ROBIN DE JESUS who was nominated in the BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A FEATURED ROLE IN A PLAY category. But more than anything, I'm so happy and thrilled for playwright MART CROWLEY. I went to Mart over two years ago and asked him if he would let me, fellow producer David Stone and Joe mount a 50th anniversary production of his 1968 play. THE BOYS IN THE BAND is a seminal work, and everything I have made in my 20 year career stands on its groundbreaking shoulders. It paved the way for ANGELS IN AMERICA, THE NORMAL HEART and other extraordinary works. Luckily Mart agreed with my request, and today he received his first Tony nomination. Well done, Mart. You have waited over five decades for this acknowledgement and I'm so happy for you.

April 2019

Last summer, THE BOYS IN THE BAND were on Broadway, breaking house records at The Booth. THIS summer, The Boys In the Band will be filming a Netflix movie event. The incomparable Joe Mantello, who directed the Broadway revival, will direct the film adaptation. The Broadway cast of BOYS was so important to me, and as equally groundbreaking as Mart Crowley's seminal work. Everyone in the cast was out and proud...and feeling so blessed to mark the 50th anniversary of Mart's landmark play. The entire Broadway cast will reprise their roles in the film. I can't wait to be on set with Joe and Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, Matt Bomer, Charlie Carver, Robin de Jesus, Tuc Watkins, Michael Benjamin Washington and Brian Hutchison. I will be producing the film with David Stone and Ned Martel. Look for THE BOYS on Netflix in 2020.

April 2019

AHS SEASON 9 is called...

April 2019

THE PROM is one of the most uplifting, heartfelt and special musicals I have ever seen on Broadway. It's truly an original that celebrates the underdog and says in a loving spectacular way that LGBTQ rights are human rights. I feel a special connection to it because it's set in Indiana, and that's where I grew up, too. I'm thrilled to announce I'm turning it into a MOVIE EVENT for Netflix, and I'm bringing producers @billdamaschke and @dori berinstein and the amazing creative team with me -- Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw, Tony Award winner Bob Martin, Tony award nominee @sklarbar73 and Tony Award nominee @Chadbeg See it first at the Longacre Theatre. It has a musical score that will leave you singing for days, a hilarious and moving book and some of the most showstopping direction, choreography and performances I've ever seen on Broadway. @theprommusical

April 2019

My friend BEN PLATT released a big hit album this week and it's phenomenal. Ben is one of the kindest most talented people I have ever worked with...just wait until you see him this Fall in THE POLITICIAN. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Ben is like Barbra Streisand...a once in a generation talent who is singular. There has never been or will be again anybody like Ben. Check out his album and you will agree! Congrats Ben. "Sing to Me Instead" is an amazing accomplishment.

March 2019

My first Netflix show! So proud of this incredible project and the incredible cast. And I can’t wait for you to binge it in September.

March 2019

I saw the hilarious and moving new Broadway musical comedy @theprommusical and was so inspired by the story of an incredibly courageous girl facing injustice in a small town and the larger-than-life Broadway celebrities who take up her cause that I want to share the love with my friends and some very special LGBTQ youth who have been affected by similar injustices. On Tuesday, April 9, I will host a special performance of THE PROM to benefit @hetrickmartin , @GLAAD and @trevorproject at Broadway’s Longacre Theatre. Hope to see you there. For more information visit www.theprommusical.com.

February 2019

Billy Porter wins Best Dressed. There is no competition.

February 2019

“Hollywood” — my new Netflix show co-created with Ian Brennan — begins principal photography this summer. A love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown, this straight-to-series production will be my third show for Netflix and I couldn’t be more excited or proud about the work we are doing together. More to come…

February 2019

Bundled up.

February 2019

That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on “American Horror Story” Season 9.

February 2019

#Repost @mssarahcatharinepaulson with @get_repost ・・・ The story of Rosanna Arquette is a triumphant one- but it’s also disturbing. She was one of the first women to publicly speak out about Harvey Weinstein. I was stirred by several of her recent interviews where she was quoted as saying she couldn't find work -or representation -this seems a direct consequence of her bravery. I am producing a new Netflix show, RATCHED, with Ryan Murphy- and we decided this could not stand. Her body of work -from Desperately Seeking Susan to Pulp Fiction and beyond, has always been deeply inspiring to both of us. So there will be a multi-episode arc for this extraordinary actress. Ratched starts shooting Wednesday and I say with great pride- welcome to our family, Rosanna. I am thrilled to be in a position, due to the empowerment of my friend and collaborator, Ryan Murphy, not to just act in a piece, but hire the talent showcased in it, as well.

February 2019

So many people recently have been asking me about rebooting or continuing SCREAM QUEENS (RIP, taken too soon ). Emma, Billie, Lea and I have mused on it, but question: should it be a six episode limited? A catch up movie? Who should I bring back? Would love your thoughts. So many questions....

January 2019

It's a clean sweep. Congratulations to Mr. Darren Criss for winning the Emmy, the Golden Globe, the Broadcast Critics, and last night, the SAG. Darren's portrayal of Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is now one for the record books, and one of the most iconic, awarded portrayals in television history. My favorite memory of making this show and directing Darren was on our first day of filming. At seven in the morning, Darren had to wade into the freezing ocean and howl at the sky in pain. He said to me "ummm...what do you want here?" I said "everything you've got." And that's what he delivered. The first take is the one in the pilot and in that moment, I knew Darren was going to blow everyone away. He certainly did. Very proud of you, Mr. Criss.

January 2019

"RATCHED" on Netflix starts shooting in a couple weeks. On behalf of myself and Ms. Sarah Catharine Paulson who plays the title role and is also a big fancy producer on it, we are thrilled to announce our amazing cast...a true murderers’ row of talent. So many of these actors are supremely talented folks who Sarah and I have both longed to work with. The Ratched Principal Players, in alphabetical order: JON JON BRIONES, CHARLIE CARVER, JUDY DAVIS, HARRIET HARRIS, CYNTHIA NIXON, HUNTER PARRISH, AMANDA PLUMMER, COREY STOLL, SHARON STONE AND FINN WITTROCK. More to come, but come on...Sarah, Cynthia, Judy, Amanda and Sharon, all doing scenes together? I cannot WAIT.

January 2019

Billy Porter WON the Golden Globes weekend. His fearless fashion sense and gender fluid style is not only brave...it's inspiring an entire generation of younger people who see him to think outside the boxes we all have been told we need to stay in. Bravo, Billy.

January 2019

More backstage happiness at the GG's. Darren and I went on such a long and rewarding journey with VERSACE. He waited for two years and then threw himself into the part with such abandon. I loved what he said in his acceptance speech about his parents and his heritage. Proud to be with him as he keeps making these amazing victory laps. And on GG night, we both separately seemed to get the memo that embroidered and appliqued tuxedos were the way to go.

January 2019

What a night! So thrilled for our VERSACE group and of course for Darren. Thank you to The Hollywood Foreign Press! We all had a blast.

December 2018

Almost two years ago, I sent Hector Xtravaganza the pilot script for POSE, written by myself, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals. Hector was a huge influence on the development of the script; in many ways he was the Grandfather of the house scene (and that is how he identified ). So many scenes in the script -- including the opening Royalty museum heist -- were actually inspired from stories he told me, always with a glimmer in his eye. His verdict on the script, which got his seal of approval: "I'm ready. Let's go make magic." And so we did...eight episodes worth. Hector was heavily involved in the creation of those ballroom scenes. Carefully watching, always gently correcting, always enthusiastic. As a director, his direction of ME and what I was doing was invaluable. Along with Sol, Luis, Freddie and other survivors and champions of the 80s ball scene, he wanted -- demanded -- that the show come correct. The thing that struck me about Hector, always, was his kindness. He was perhaps the greatest SURVIVOR I had ever met. And he had survived so much...the HIV crisis, decades of discrimination, poverty, indifference, violence, time. And he did it with a smile, an uplifted heart and always the hope that things would one day get better for himself and his community. And with POSE, perhaps, things were indeed on the upswing. He loved acting and wanted to do more of it...that door had opened for him. How I wish we had the time to make more of his dreams come true. Like so many hundreds if not thousands of people, I loved him. And I have been honored to know him. He may not be here anymore to walk/judge a runway...but his legacy will strut on for all time. RIP, my friend Hector. How lucky and blessed I was to have met you. You will always be one of my heroes.

December 2018

Edgar Ramirez walked into my office two years ago and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He was nervous about playing Gianni Versace...of living up to the legend. But he dove in and tackled the part with so much research and love and kindness and beauty. Edgar has such a wonderful humanity and love of all he brings to every scene, every moment. Today was he nominated for a Golden Globe for playing Gianni and I'm so thrilled and happy and proud of him. Love you Edgar!!!!

December 2018

Penelope Cruz is just as wonderful and talented as you think she is. She's been a friend for years, and I begged her to play Donatella in "The Assassination of Gianni Versace." Penelope was hesitant, nervous, as anyone would be. But she gave it her all, and prepared for months with such precision and love and respect. When she showed up on set she WAS Donatella. A consummate professional, always giving her all, today she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her stellar work in "Versace" and I couldn't be more proud of her. Love you, Penelope!!!!

December 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Billy Porter, who was nominated for a Golden Globe today...his first! I wanted to share something about this national treasure. Billy Porter walked in to audition for a role that had five lines. He just wanted to be a part of the POSE world. He was so amazing and articulate in his audition about his dreams and all that he had worked hard to overcome in his life that we hired him on the spot and expanded the role of Pray Tell largely to show off his talents...and show the world all that he is and can DO. Love you Billy Porter. You have worked hard with so much passion and given it your all...and you deserve it all.

December 2018

Darren Criss just got nominated for a Golden Globe! I just wanted to share this with everybody about Darren. Two years ago, Darren signed up to play a very dark, very troubled character in "The Assassination of Gianni Versace." Something that would push him to the edge, something scary and difficult. He wanted to grow as an actor. He gave it his all. He was the leader on the set, always supportive and a pro despite the long hours and hard material. He won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Limited Series...and this morning he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Congrats Darren! I am proud of you, and the legacy of your work. You are a class act.

December 2018

The beautiful bouquet just arrived from my friend Lady Gaga to celebrate my Walk of Fame star. Love u Gaga! And thanks everybody for the outpouring of support these past couple of days.

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