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18 hours ago

Know more about the vast unknown: the universe. #Starstruck #Universe #ExistentialSpace


Reaching speeds of over 20 miles an hour, a white shark launch 10 feet into the air. It's the ultimate surprise attack, from a perfectly designed ambush hunter. This image is from Great Shark Chow Down. #NatGeoWildlife #GreatSharkChowDown

2 days ago

On the east coast of India lies a 150 million year old marvel of nature, between the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku Valley, offering a breathtaking view to explore. Share with us the marvel of your best clicked photo and its story. #MyIncredibleStory contest is open for submissions. Head to the link below for all the information about the contest and submit your entry: #NationalGeographicIndia #NatGeoIndia #MinistryOfTourism #MyIncredibleStoryContest #PhotographyContest #IncredibleIndia #PhotographersOfIndia #PhotoStory #Photomagazine #Photo #Heritage #Architecture #Adventure #Culture #Wildlife

2 days ago

‘In Ahmednagar, India, blackbucks frolic across the grasslands at sunset. "Ever since I saw blackbucks in this area I wanted to shoot them in the sunset. It took so many trips on the spot, some long waits, and finally after trying for more than a year, the luck was on my side and I could capture this image." - Your Shot photographer, @yuvis_jungletales

3 days ago

Debbie the cheetah cub sneaks up behind Colby the golden retriever in the yard. Cub cheetahs begin to wrestle and roughhouse around early age. It’s a start to their practice skills they’ll need to hunt and kill. This image is from Secrets of the Zoo. #SecretsOfTheZoo #CheetahCub #GoldenRetriever

3 days ago

Have you ever seen an Ostrich run? Well, you might’ve missed them because they can run up to speeds of 70km/hr! #NatGeoWildlife

4 days ago

Lemon sharks school at the surface before a dive. #DidYouKnow sharks have electro receptors which allow them to track prey by the electric impulses that all living things emit. This image is from Man vs. Shark. #NatGeoWildLife #ManVsShark

5 days ago

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5 days ago

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6 days ago

Witness how the team manages to capture the animals at their best. #HostilePlanet #Jungles #BehindTheScenes #NatGeoWildlife

6 days ago

@Gordongram unlocks hidden culinary secrets with assistance from a local in Morocco. This image is from Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. #GordonRamsay #Uncharted

1 weeks ago

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1 weeks ago

Jeremiah sizes up next to a massive shark during a behaviour study. #DidYouKnow Sharks do not sleep, rather they experience alternating periods of activity and rest. This image is from Man vs. Shark. #ManVsShark #NatGeoWildlife

2 weeks ago

Cats can be moody, but every purr means something. Wouldn’t it be better if we understood everything they say?

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Two tiger sharks swim overhead while Jeremiah and crew conduct their tests. Some sharks must swim constantly to "breathe" oxygen from water passing through their gills. Other species can achieve this while stationary. This image is from Man vs. Shark. #NatGeoWildlife #ManVsShark

2 weeks ago

"Magical river...a heavenly paradise is how I describe the Umngot River in Meghalaya. The water is so clear that it feels as if the boats are not floating, but flying on bare stones. Villagers nearby are lucky enough to wake up each day with lovely and mesmerizing sunrises. For fishing, the locals use traditional hooks instead of nets.” - #Repost by @puneet travel.people

2 weeks ago

Columbus, OH: One of the wilds' rhinos grazing in the pasture. Despite their huge size and strength, these bulky beasts don’t prey on other animals for food. Instead, they like to munch on lots of grass and plants. This image is from Secrets of the Zoo. #NatGeoWildlife #Rhinoceros

2 weeks ago

Female Cheetahs raise cubs on their own. They nurse their youngsters in a lair hidden by tall vegetation, until they are 16 to 24 months old and able look after themselves. This is Bob, the cheetah cub at the Columbus Zoo, photograph from Secrets of the Zoo. #SecretsOfTheZoo #CheetahCub #Cub #Cheetah #NatGeoWildlife

1 weeks ago

"We were driving back to camp when, at the side of the road was this lion, sitting on a mud pit. She had just woken up and was looking for his partner with the sun setting behind. A spectacular end to another glorious safari day in Masai Mara, Kenya." - #Repost by @shafi rasheed

2 weeks ago

Take a look at how the Jaguar rules its 30 mile radius territory with its sheer strength and power on Hostile Planet. #NatGeoWildlife Watch the full episode on Hotstar now.

2 weeks ago

This is our #BottleCapChallenge and we nominate all our fans to play their part in helping us clean our environment and rid it of plastic pollution. Join us and our @insidenatgeo team as they work hard to understand & battle plastic pollution. #SeaToSource #ExpeditionPlastic #PlanetOrPlastic

2 weeks ago

"I was trying to capture star trails for the past week but the sky wasn't so clear and the stars were not visible. i kept watching the sky every day even at 3 AM and finally, day before yesterday the sky was crystal clear! With small cloud formation, i was excited and ran to the paddy field close by. it was an amazing view, with the sky full of stars. And then the best thing happened. Even though with a naked eye, the Milky way was barely visible, after setting the camera I captured this amazing view in Wayanad. it had always been my dream to get a shot like this! I'm even more happy cause captured this in my first try❤️" - #Repost by @d_ capturer

2 weeks ago

With a top speed burst of over 40 mph, Shortfin Makos are the fastest sharks on Earth. The burn energy so fast they need more than almost any other shark. This image is from Great Shark Chow Down. #GreatSharkChowDown #NatGeoWildlife #Makos

2 weeks ago

"I had spent hours observing the lioness from far. But the she was too fast and went into the bushes, hiding. After a while she slowly approached me with silence. Fortunately, there was a canal in between so the lioness couldn't reach me. The lioness came out with a roar all of a sudden that gave me chills! Though somehow, I was ready for the shot and got this photograph" - #Repost by @arunkumarnalimela

3 weeks ago

A Whitetip Reef Shark swims among the coral on New Caledonia's barrier reef, the second largest in the world after The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This image is from #OperationSharklift #NatGeoWildlife #WhitetipReefShark #CaledoniaBarrierReef

3 weeks ago

“Well, dreams do come true.”, I told myself in that moment. And then I fell for the nature and its creations once again that morning, like it is the only thing I was living for. You know sometimes when the reality is way more captivating than what you expected it to be, you somehow start believing in a dream larger than life.” - #Repost by @musafir sahil

3 weeks ago

Different species of shark seemingly co-operate. In this image, they are herding the sardines into a ball near the surface so they can feed. Taken from Great Shark Chow Down. #NatGeoWildlife #GreatSharkChowDown #Sardines #Sharks

3 weeks ago

“Puducherry, centuries before its merger with India in 1954, was a Port City and flourished as a Centre of International Trade and Commerce. The commercial history of Puducherry, dates back to the Roman Empire. The remnants of the ancient port town "Arikamedu" four kilometers from Puducherry town, already prove that it had trade connections with Rome and Greece around the period 100 BC to 100 AD. Textiles, pearls and silk were the main items of exports. This is a shot of Pier at Old Port, Puducherry.” - #Repost by @subhashnayak7

3 weeks ago

What draws Bats right in to the mouths of numerous crocodiles, waiting to ingest them? #NatGeoWildlife Find out on #HostilePlanet : Jungles. Watch now on Hotstar.

3 weeks ago

No matter how well they know their habitat, Orangutans are helpless when it comes to protecting the rainforests in which they reside. Watch Hostile Planet: Jungles on Hotstar now.

3 weeks ago

“He(T-34 ) was brutally injured because he had a territorial fight with T-57. His left foot was injured, having scars on the back but still, he is carrying that TIGER attitude "Fierce Look” - #Repost photographed by @anktsukla

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