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May 2019

In this world of social pressure it seems to feel like you can never catch up. You quickly lose sight of whats actually important. I took this past weekend and spent it with some life long friends, I couldnt help but feel anxious cause I wasnt moving forward or being productive. I'm a huge advocate in taking care of yourself physically but I totally lost sight of the mental aspect. Which is equally if not more important. Take time for yourself - reflect - breathe - what do you actually want? #honestyhour 🙏

April 2019

I need more treacherous sunrise hikes in my life. We did most of this 10 hour hike in the pitch black and it wasnt until the sun came up that we realized we were sometimes inches from 1000ft drops 😅

April 2019


March 2019

When you're dressed like a highlighter and don't want anyone to notice you 🙋‍♂️

April 2019

So stoked to be a part of the lululemon collective. Their gear is something I've really learned to rely on over the years for any daily adventure. A run to a waterfall, or a walk to the office - you'll be comfortable and you'll look damn good 😎💦💪. #thesweatlife #ad

February 2019

When theres so much wildlife you start to think its all just a big disney set. Heres a cute mother daughter duo walking single file under the only cloud in kenya. Taken at 400mm

February 2019

Hazy mornings in Masai Mara 🌅

February 2019

This giraffes first response when it noticed me. Rude.

January 2019

Cottage nights 🌅

December 2018

Off to a good start costa rica, now for some 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🌊🌊

November 2018

Never thought I'd say I miss living in a vehicle with 4 other dudes. its been a while since Ive been on a real adventure, really looking forward to these next couple months 🤙🤙

October 2018

Sunset at ten thousand. Booked for Kenya hopefuly ill experience something similar ⛰

September 2018

Wishing I had jungle gyms like this when I was a kid. Litterally spent the entire day swinging around on vines and climbing trees 🐒

June 2018

Stairmaster 3000XL

June 2018

Rainbow. Blue water. Mountains. Hawaii. ✔✔✔✔

June 2018

Cottage season is finally here and there's no way I'll let the weather stop me 💦💦. #imback

March 2018

I fell on my butt about 10 times getting there. Some damn slippery rocks.

March 2018

Thinking about quiting my job and living the rest of my days in this temple. Who's in?

February 2018

I wonder who's got a better view, that cruise ship way down there or us?

February 2018

As famous as this spot is it's pretty surreal to see nothing for miles but a plane wreckage.

February 2018

At ten thousand feet an overcast sunrise isn't a thing.

February 2018

sunsets on hanalei are something I won't soon forget

February 2018

Exploring Jurassic Park from up above 🚁⛰

February 2018

The most dangerous and rewarding hike I've ever done, if you look you can see @conormccann on the tip of that ridge. We realized half way that vans weren't the best choice.

February 2018

Call me snow white

February 2018

It's views like this that make the 3am wake up call and trashed muddy clothes worth it.

February 2018

One of those situations where the road is far better than the destination.

February 2018

Far too much opportunity in the world to sleep in.

February 2018

It'll be hard getting used to scenes like this over the next two weeks. First day exploring Oahu didn't disappoint.

January 2018

A landscape carved by water, it's the unmarked spontaneous stops that always end up being the best.

January 2018

Just need a lion cub to hold in the air and this pictures complete.

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