Jess 🧗‍♀️🦎🏔

June 2019

Two more weeks then I will be getting my mountain fix... being tied to two horrendous masters modules and working in out of hours has meant less mountain time and more time at home.. (also more time training my climbing ) can’t wait to get back onto those exposed ridges and high fells. Wales with the girls in two weeks 💙🙏🏻



I know that feeling! I've only just started to get outside again after a month and a half of deadlines and conferences. The MA will be worth all the work we put in, though!

June 2019

Tɪᴍ Mᴏᴏʀᴇ

Lovely shot Jess!! Love that walk around from Grisedale Pike. It'll be worth all the hard work in the end 👌😀

June 2019

Ethan Sheard

Super pretty view

June 2019


One of my favourite fells. That view across Hobcarton Crag is stunning

June 2019

Carla I

I hope the weather bucks up for you ladies... we have not had much time to climb ..the sun is refusing to shine!! 😅

June 2019

Liz MacLean

Looks gorgeous! Take lots of pics! 🏔

June 2019

Shubham Sharma

@riteshbalayan , similar to the ones at daikund .

June 2019

Jane Hambrook

Beautiful photo and area 😍⛰💚

July 2019