1 weeks ago

Talk about a style comeback! Here’s a little Cortez history for all of you sneaker buffs: In the mid 1960s, Bill Bowerman, a former Olympic track coach (and eventual co-founder of Nike ), noticed a gap in the long-distance-training shoe market and created a sleek new runner. It went by many names—the Mexico, the Corsair—but was, at heart, the shoe we’ve come to know and ❤️ as the Cortez! Since making their official Nike debut in 1972, these sneaks have claimed major stake in the sneaker game, even co-starring in silver-screen cult faves The Karate Kid and Forest Gump. And now here they are in a beyond-bright color pack just in time for summer.



How long does it take for delivery?

3 days ago

Valerie Ulery

My first pair of Nikes were Cortez in turquoise with a yellow swoosh!

4 days ago


So how do I order

6 days ago

Emi Okun


1 weeks ago

Brenda Haukereid

Omg!!! Yes yes yes!!

1 weeks ago

Stephany Johnson

I need these in my life!

1 weeks ago

Tammy Williams

For anyone that hasn’t read ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight- highly recommend

1 weeks ago

Kristy Ramirez

I'll pass. I wore these back when I thought I was a "chola" 🤣🤣

1 weeks ago

Stephanie West Macula

I love these!!!!!🙌❤️

1 weeks ago


Oh god.... So you ship to the UK? I'm a Zapponian fan girl but those pink Nikes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 weeks ago

Debby Hale

I love mine!! I want a white with Navy blue please 💙

1 weeks ago

HHS '21

I literally wear my cortez’s pretty much ever day, it’s about time they actually make a comeback 😂

1 weeks ago

D'Anna J.

My Cheerleading shoes from 1979!

1 weeks ago

T D L ®

Cute ❤️❤️

1 weeks ago

Tara Raquel👑

These colors are so good!

1 weeks ago

Derria Underwood

Loving the colors 😍

1 weeks ago


Nice feminine looking sneakers

1 weeks ago


Throwbacks 👟

1 weeks ago

Lauren McComb

I can get behind these! 😍

1 weeks ago

Do u have the all white as well

1 weeks ago