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I love my #ZamFam😊 7 Million strong on YouTube 💪🏼 ❤️ @mattslayss @blackjackandpeanut

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CAPTION THIS! I’ll pick 3 of the funniest to win a #ZamFam popsocket 🎉 so comment as many captions as u can thing of! . Who remembers where this photo is from?

4 days ago

I’m sorry for pranking u ❤️😂.... well kind of 😅. . Who watched my video and knew it was a prank? Let me know what prank I should do next for #prankwars

6 days ago

This pic explains why I shouldn’t wear dresses 🤦🏼‍♀️Double tap the cutest 🐷. . Let me know what Challenge I did for my new YouTube video if u watched it!

2 weeks ago

Summer fun 💦 Double Tap before I’m at the bottom. . Who entered my ✨giveaway✨ on my YouTube channel?

3 weeks ago

Double tap if you’re a STRONG woman 💪🏼🙌🏻 Do you remember where this photo is from? 😉 . . Bonus if you can count how many pictures I’ve posted so far on my feed from this location. 😅 DMing peeps that get it right!

3 weeks ago

Surrounded by Stranger Things 👽 Double tap the first thing you noticed in this pic. How many times do you see STRANGER THINGS? . So excited for Season 3 of Stranger Things & that @partycity is helping me throw a watch party with their new collections of costumes, accessories, tableware, & more! 🎉 #partycity ad

4 weeks ago

What’d you have for breakfast? Give a ❤️ to the coffee before it spills 😂🙈. . Bonus if u count how many coffee mugs u see in this! . Who saw @jordanmatter and my collab videos?!!! 🎉🎉🎉

4 weeks ago

Double tap the🌜as soon as u see it! How many stuffed animals do u count? . So excited for u guys to see my collab with @jordanmatter tomorrow 🎉 Can u guess what we did?

4 weeks ago

Can you name the Game this room goes with? 😅. Let me know when you get out for summer break & when you have to go back to school!! . Let me know who I collabed with on my new YT video👇🏻 Responding to comments!! .

5 weeks ago

Did I miss something? 😅 How many friends can u tag line by line without being interuppted? DMing peeps that do 5 in a row! . Let me know where we found the last laptop in my new YouTube video!! 🔎 . Can u name this song by @billyraycyrus @lilnasx 🐴

last month

Bloopers 😂😜 How many different rooms did you count? . Let me know what characters we were disguised as in my new YouTube video 🕵🏻‍♂️. 🎤: @justinbieber @teddysphotos 🎬: @mattslayss 💃🏼: @merrelltwins @veronicamerrell @vanessamerrell @atomicmari @thefitnessmarshall 🏢 @_partywith

last month

Using my superhero powers ⚡️How many umbrellas do you see? . . Dming peeps right now that like & comment what superhero power you’d have & why!!

last month

Do u think this rainbow room is real or photoshopped? 😜. DMing peeps that get it right! 🌈 . What’s your favorite app to edit pictures for Instagram?! I want to try some new ones 💕

last month

Are you a dancer? I’m not but I like too for fun🎉💃🏼 @vanessamerrell @veronicamerrell @atomicmari @thefitnessmarshall @merrelltwins 🎥 @mattslayss Thanks @_partywith for this awesome location! 🎼 #idontcare

last month

Double tap the side that’s UP. Look closely 👀😅. Where did I find the first ingredient in my new YouTube video? . Liking recents all day today of peeps that gave this pic a ❤️. 😘 Happy #memorialday to all of u & especially a big thank you to those that fight and continue to fight for our freedom 🇺🇸.

last month

Jumping for joy that it’s a 3 Day weekend- Double Tap if you’re excited too 🎉. Do u have any fun plans? . How many different colors do u count in this?! DMing peeps that get it right!

last month

CAPTION THIS 🤣 I’ll pick the 5 funniest to post on my stories 💕. . How many red items do u count? DMing peeps that come up with 5 captions for this weird photo 😘

last month

What tv show does this chair remind u of? 😏 Let me know what fav shows you’re watching right now- I need some ideas of what to watch today! . Give this pic a like for a DM from me ❤️& let me know if you remember what the winning prize was in my video yesterday 😂

last month

Throwback to our Wedding Flash Mob with all our family and friends. This was one of the most special and memorable moments from our wedding. I’m so lucky to call you my husband @mattslays and I can’t wait for more adventures to come 😘

May 2019

Which emoji do you use more? Double tap your side & comment the last person you text. LET’S SEE WHICH SIDE WINS! . What was your last text about?? 🤔😜 Mine was to @mattslayss to get coffee ☕️

May 2019

Mom: Can’t you ever just take a normal picture? Me: what do u mean? 😜. . Double tap & comment your name and 3 things about you for a chance to win a PopSocket! I’ll pick the winners today ❤️💕 . Surprising my mom with tickets to musical- can u guess what it is?💃🏼

May 2019

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift Song? TAG a Swiftie and TAYLOR Swift so she sees this 😏 We made this fun video at #CreatorSummit @youtube 💃🏼 @veronicamerrell @blogilates @nataliesoutlet @jeanineamapola @atomicmari @thefitnessmarshall Choreography @kylehanagami 🎥 @mattslayss

May 2019

Facing my fears 🐍 What’s YOUR biggest FEAR and why? . Give this pic a ❤️ for a DM from me 😘 & tag 3 friends for a virtual hug. Having so much fun at #creatorsummit can’t wait to post pics!!

April 2019

My reaction after today’s video! How many 😱 do u see in this pic? (Hint: look closely ). . Give this a ❤️ for a DM of a secret pic I took from my vid today.Do YOU trust Daniel now?

April 2019

Is my hand or my foot on the floor? 🤔😅 Double Tap if you agree with my shirt 💁🏼‍♀️. . Tag 3 GIRLS IN THE ZAMFAM!

April 2019

How long can you stare at this photo without blinking?😉. . DMing peeps all day that give it a ❤️ & let me know you’re in the ZamFam 😘

April 2019

Double tap the floor of this picture if you can figure it out : ) . So excited to be attending #DIGICON at @fanexpodallas 2019 and get to meet you guys! Who's coming?!

April 2019

Swimming in a sea of emojis 😘😜😊 What emoji did u notice first? . Like & comment for a DM right now 💛🔥 . #museumofselfies #fashionnova #rebeccazamolo

April 2019

Would u consider this a FAIL? Watch till the END! 😂😂 . LIKE & TAG 3 Friends that would laugh at this for a DM 😘

April 2019

CAPTION THIS!I’ll pick the 5 funniest to tag on my IG stories today so comment as many as u want 😅. . I’ll be DMing peeps that ❤️ it- let me know u did!

April 2019

I look really tall in this pic but I’m only 5’5😂 (well actually 5’4 but I round up ) HOW TALL ARE YOU? . Like & comment for a DM ❤️😘 . Who’s the tallest person in your family? My brother is the tallest at 6’1.

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