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1 hour ago

My little cuddle buddy, Milo ❤️

16 hours ago

Baby emus have the coolest haircuts in the world 😂


Oregon is magic! 💛

2 days ago

Our lovely flight attendant just handed us this note on our way off the plane... little gestures like this really mean a lot. It warms my heart to see people who take a little bit of time to do something kind. Thank you Carolyn ❤️

3 days ago

You’ll always be the best dad in the world ❤️

3 days ago

Skunk cuddles!! Wish we had these little cuties in Australia!

4 days ago

Happy #NaturePhotographyDay 🐍 Capturing the beauty of this incredible natural world through photos has been my passion for years. Now I hope to encourage other young people to pick up a camera and get outdoors, it’s such a rewarding experience! 📷: @rustypostcards

4 days ago

Stars over one of our beautiful outback conservation properties... so proud to have over 450,000 acres of protected preserves across the country! #NaturePhotographyDay

6 days ago

Haha 😂 Be sure to check out the link in my bio to get the new addition of @australiazoo ’s Crikey Magazine

1 weeks ago

Social butterfly... 😆

2 weeks ago

My thanks to the Tucson Rural Metro Fire Station 74! Was amazing to see the great work you do. I have new appreciation for how tough the job of a firefighter really is... so much more than just fires. Thank you to all the firefighters for what you do to help people and wildlife!

2 weeks ago

Be sure to tune in to the @criticschoice awards tonight on VH1... Very happy to have been nominated for Best Ensemble Cast and loved presenting on the night!

2 weeks ago

One of the most beautiful birds I’ve ever photographed, the tufted puffin!

2 weeks ago

Today is #WorldOceansDay 🐋🌎 The ocean is the lifeblood of our planet Earth, however with pressure from pollution and climate change, our aquatic environment is having a tough time. It is so important to keep our oceans, the world’s most vital ecosystem, alive and thriving...

2 weeks ago

Don’t really know what I’m doing here 😂 but my new photography polo shirt is out now - check out the link in my bio! (Profits go towards wildlife conservation 💚 )

2 weeks ago

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay 🌲Our beautiful natural environment is something that we all share and are responsible to protect 🌏

3 weeks ago

Happy #WorldBicycleDay , people! 🚲

3 weeks ago

No, this isn’t our album cover 😂 Had a wonderful time presenting at the #CriticsChoice Awards and were so delighted to be nominated for the best ensemble cast 🙏

3 weeks ago

#Twinning 🙂🦎

3 weeks ago

Here’s an image from way back when, taken on one of my first trips to Africa... Zebras have always been one of my favourite animals to photograph. That mesmerising striped pattern is unique to every individual!

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Old man from ‘Up’ vs Clark Kent... you decide 😎

3 weeks ago

So happy with how this photo turned out! I love the way emus drink, such funny characters...

4 weeks ago

This pretty much sums it all up 😂

4 weeks ago

One of my favourite places in the world... not another soul in sight for miles... #OutbackQueensland

4 weeks ago

It’s photos like this that make standing in dark and cold for hours SO worth it! With no towns or cities nearby, the stars at our conservation property in western Queensland are incredibly bright!

4 weeks ago

My road trip buddy! Heading to our conservation property in Outback Queensland for this little one to be cared for and released to the wild!

4 weeks ago

Life’s peachy on the beachy ☀️

4 weeks ago

#GoatLife 🖤

4 weeks ago

Two of @australiazoo ’s most exotic and dangerous creatures... 😂

last month

Great day on the trails at the Gold Coast! (By the way I’m number 2 in the lineup )

last month

Chillin in the big city 🖤

last month

Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay Right now, we are experiencing a horrific global crisis. Wildlife and wild habitat are being exploited and destroyed more than ever before. I believe in this generation to be the ones who make a difference and make real positive change - the time is now people. 🙏

last month

Missing these African sunsets 💛 #flashbackfriday

last month

It’s #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay this is a video of me devouring a cookie at an airport ... Ok, proceed with your day... 😂

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