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2 days ago

A new season is on the way. Storms are approaching. And we absolutely love it. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

3 days ago

Repost from @arildheitmannphotography — Misty mornings | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

5 days ago

This window is in full transition from moss to orange | yellow | red | green to white. Enjoy the voyage and don't get stuck in the seasons. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @davidkantermo

5 days ago

Repost from @vagper — Reflections | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

2 weeks ago

High altitude homework. It's hard to focus when the best lessons in life are just outside the window. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

2 weeks ago

You better start running. Sooner than you know it, you'll be halfway up the mountain on your first ski tour of the season, wondering how the hell your shape could be in the same shitty condition as last year when you promised it would be so much better this year. Winter is around the corner, make sure it becomes your best one. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

3 weeks ago

Repost from @auduryrb — above the clouds | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

3 weeks ago

Empty at the moment. In a few months, every seat will be packed with snow lovers desperately wanting to get first tracks. Some (hopefully us ), skinned up two hours earlier and are only desperate to have their morning coffee, leaving nothing but first tracks behind their own skis. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @chairfiveone

3 weeks ago

The forecast said go so we did. A sleeping bag and a piece of chocolate was all we needed to watch the sun set, and rise. Sylvkallen 1310 m / Sunnmøre / @andersvest @matiasmyklebust | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @matiasmyklebust

4 weeks ago

Repost from @sannemona — Happy B-day trooper ✊🏻 | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

4 weeks ago

@hidenlinn taking advantage of the last summer weeks before the white blanket arrives up high. Poncione di Cassina Baggio is a perfect one-day climb with a fast and easy approach 👌🏻 | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @linusarchibald

4 weeks ago

Repost from @matiasmyklebust — Hello 👋🏻 | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

last month

@eriksunnerheim going up☝🏻while the sun ☀️ is going down👇🏻. A perfect way to end the day. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @davidkantermo

last month

Repost from @sofiaforsmans — summer at icefall lodge | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

last month

This makes us happy 👐🏻 A picture from one of our customers arrived in our inbox yesterday. @mrdazy reached the west peak of Mount Elbrus 5642 m, 13th of Aug at 1130. The last 1900 vertical meter from high camp took about 9 hours to complete. It makes us happy because this show our clothes in the environment it's designed for you. But more importantly, it shows the pure stoke on his face completing a great day out there. Keep up the good work ✊🏻 | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mrdazy

last month

Magic morning above our office in Åre. A thin layer of fog covers town but up here it's all good. A solid 6 degrees Celsius made the first ray of light a bit extra tasty today. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @davidkantermo

last month

@idaenilsen going around the corner on her way to Kvanndalstind 1744 m. A not so technical climb, but a very scenic one in mixed terrain. Have a read about Ida and Kyrres day in the latest newsletter 📝 | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @kyrre buxrud

last month

Repost from @madeleineaas — Offersøykammen | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

last month

Repost from @juliastovander — Customer service going green 🍃🖼 | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

last month

Running up a trail going down 🙃 to a town full of lemons 🍋. Any guesses where we are? | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

last month

Smile, sooner than you know fall 🍂 is here. You're going to have to layer up and get dressed for the occasion. And maybe, just maybe, the trees will be stacked with rowanberries, and we all know what comes after that ✊🏻❄️ | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @matiasmyklebust

last month

Amazing vistas on the trails around Rifugio Bertone in the Aosta valley. If you consider Tour du Mont Blanc, plan to slow down the pace around here, it’s worth every second. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

last month

Repost from @kyrre buxrud — Free five star room, no roof needed | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

last month

We named them ‘Free Shorts’ for a reason. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @alfaeventyreren

last month

After a full day up high it’s time to hit town and get a well-deserved Gelato🍦But don’t look too close, it might get you dreaming about winter and powder filled spine walls. | | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

last month

Repost from @kyrre buxrud — Evening stroll | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

July 2019

Repost from @matiasmyklebust — Bispen 1462 m | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

July 2019

A path of limestone leads the way in Arco, Italy 🇮🇹 | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

July 2019

Repost from @marrtinii / @kaspersjoblom — surfhair don’t care | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

July 2019

Repost from @idaskogmo — the very end of the path | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment

July 2019

Where dead ends lead to u-turns unless you brought your parachute 🦅 | #stellarequipment Photo_by: @davidkantermo

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