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4 weeks ago

@zoiagerasimova_ • • • • • • Only 2 days (June 26-27, 2019 ) my beauty retouching rate is $30 per image for each new client, no matter how complex. To take part in the campaign you need to: ⠀ 1. Be a new client; 2. Press "Send Message"👆; ⠀ 3. Write "SO30" + add a shareable link to a Dropbox or other remote storage folder where all this👇are uploaded: -  RAWs + previews with notes (that necessarily ); - references and due date (if any ); ⠀ 4. Wait for the confirmation and pay an invoice; ⠀ Photo by @calebandgladys PostProd by me @zoiagerasimova_ #gerasimova_post #gerasimova_post_beauty #modelactiveminds

May 2019

"All That Glitters Is Gold" for @pictonmag Photo @michaelhigginsphoto Model @maya otsoko H&M/Accessory Design @maeva coree_makeup Post @zoiagerasimova_ #gerasimova_post #gerasimova_post_beauty #gerasimova_post_editorial

March 2019

Photo by @anastasiafursova MUA @angelikabaklaha Hair @nataeremina Model @ekaterinakoba Post @zoiagerasimova_ #gerasimova_post #gerasimova_post_beauty #gerasimova_post_celebrity DM us to get listed on www.corporatemodels.net DM us to get featured @corporate_models #corporate_models Find models near you on www.corporatemodels.net

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