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a crack in the clouds, a locus of light, a house upon a hill.

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hey nyc as promised i have a limited number of city session avail for this upcoming week and i’ve opened up bookable dates for the next few weeks as well🥳 for the next few months these weekly sessions are the only shoot opportunities i’ll be opening up if you’re interested in shooting with me, be sure to grab them up! here’s @katcunning in a vast sea of dunes

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Day 5

just now

🌻 Summer is going really fast, we can almost feel autumn. 🌻 Yesterday I decided to go shoot with my medium format camera & I found these huge and tired sunflowers... can't wait to show you all the photos!

7 minutes ago

📷 @leaguetravels #newginbe

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In Paris, it’s important to have your eyes everywhere. Cute little courtyards can hide beautiful treasures. I was captivated by this adorable store which hangs its creations outside like you usually do with your laundry in the garden of your countryside house. No need to say I totally fell for it. 👒 Le Marais, July 2019 // #35mm

8 minutes ago

Skylight sky bright. . . Showa shopping arcades have good ceilings. It’s nice to see natural light in commercial spaces. #super_ordinarylife

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Marsha moo

8 minutes ago

This coffee place really was a little treasure in my neighbourhood. There you can enjoy some good food and little shows all day long, 7/7. Indie musicians come and play their creations in an intimate atmosphere and it’s delightful. Lots of people come to work on their projects, read, relax, etc always warmly greeted. I was the first customer on that day, it was a Sunday morning I remember. I think I spent around five hours writing and thinking and receiving all the emotions that were coming through me caused by my upcoming departure. I have no doubt it was the best place to experience all of them. Can’t wait to be reunited again with that place. Mile End, April 2019 // #35mm

12 minutes ago

25.09.2018 Pentax K1000/Fuji Pro 400H Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

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Electric posts⚡️

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농부의 피가 흐릅니다

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ketika semua beruphoria merayakan hari jadi negeri ini dirgahayu Indonesia yang ke 74 tetaplah menjadi negeri yang damai adil dan sejahtera bagi seluruh rakyatnya, itu harapan seluruh rakyat Indonesia negeri tercinta ini #hutri74 #dirgahayuindonesia74 #geonusantara #geojabodetabek #serikat_fi #serikat_sp #instastreetid #pocketstreet_life #lensculture #lensculturestreet #myfeatureshoot #spicollective #burndiary #burnmagazine #streetphotographer #life_is_street #ourstreet #oftheafternoon #outofthephone

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I sincerely identify myself with sunflowers. They have always fascinated me because they looked nothing like the same depending on the moment of the day. I knew I was a Sun child, but I really understood my mood depended on it when I did some research about its effect on them. I feel really sad after too much time spent without enjoying the sunlight (just like anybody else I guess ), and just like a sunflower I can switch off when it disappears. Moreover, I used to have fields full of these amazing flowers when I lived in our family house. Every morning when I woke up and open my bedroom’s shutters, my eyes got lost among them. It was a real sunflowers vanishing point. Life in the countryside was the most beautiful to feed my soul. 🌻 17th arrondissement, July 2019 // #35mm

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The norm, the other and the deviant

21 minutes ago

Melancholic summer nights

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good morning. I can barely keep my eyes open.

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Here’s your friendly reminder to look up. There’s a lot of beauty that is too easily missed. Look up from your phone screens. Look up and enjoy overlooked excellence. #randdlab

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おさむさんとセルと話してる時にノリで、LIFTのトイレで俺の写真貼ったらそれに文字書いてくれますか?っていう話をしてたら現実になった。 第一弾のおさむさんとの個展は今日で終了。 なんかこの写真も文字がないと寂しく見える笑 おさむさん、本当にありがとうございました! 第二弾はセルが書いてくれます! 書いてもらう写真は引き続きロスとハワイの写真です。 楽しみー! #lensculture #myfeatureshoot #somewheremagazine #ifyouleave #oftheafternoon #onfilm #CreateExplore #SPiCollective #streetclassics #streetdreamsmag #streetphotography #zonestreet #streets_storytelling #sigma35mmart #thestreetphotographyhub #infinity_street

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Fortis fortuna adiuvat #suddenlycinematic #feelsandcapture

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pretty berlin 💘

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slow down, take a seat. you are running too fast. #seperti35mm

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. 2017년 여름 토론토 더위를 피해 들어간 카페안에서 구글맵보이를 봄. 나가서 구경하고 싶었지만(? ) 카페에서 한발짝도 나가고 싶지 않았다눼. 이번 여름도 짧지만 강렬했다-! by 오늘 저녁 탄천에 가을냄시가 나서 좀 설렌 사람

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one village more life

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#barcelona 2019

4 days ago

Expo photo de paysages choisis à Veules les roses Serres du Val jusqu’au 31 août.

4 days ago

Veules les roses Exposition photo en cours.

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