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1 weeks ago

Flynn the Border Collie (by the way, don't they have some pretty coloured Border Collies over in NZ?! ) was one of our models for #barkzealand in April earlier this year. 🇳🇿⁠ ⁠ He and his buddy Barney were the perfect action models, sitting and staying, then racing towards us while our attendees practiced focusing and tracking dogs in action. Not once, but over and over again! So lovely to have such well trained and obliging doggy models. 🐕😁⁠ ⁠ #bordercollie #bordercollies #bordercolliesofinstagram #arrowtownnz #workingdog #dogphotography #dogphotographer #petphotographyretreats #petphotography #petphotographer #dogsinaction

3 weeks ago

A couple of months ago while in New Zealand, I met this energetic 9 year old border collie named Jess who absolutely LOVED sticks. When I met her and her dad Will, she ran off into the trees near our photo session and came back with a HUGE tree limb, full of branches and covered in dead leaves. It must have been 6 to 7 feet long and it was absolutely hilarious. I'm used to seeing dogs with sticks, not fetch practically entire trees! . As we walked along the winding path, she let her monsterous prize to go in search of a more manageable stick. Once she found it and dropped it near the feet of her dad, the fetch game was on. I was sitting on the ground across from a small stream where her dad would throw the stick and she'd run and search for it among the tall grasses on the other side. She'd then run back to me from across the water and drop the stick, wagging her tail and hopping around, showing her excitement to do it all over again. I'd pick this huge stick up and hand it to her dad, who was standing directly behind me, and he'd throw it again. We did this routine no less than 50 times and Jess smiled like she is in this photo the entire time. . She was having the absolute best time fetching this huge stick. I absolutely loved photographing her and I laughed the next day as my left arm was a little sore from lifting that heavy stick repeatedly. Clearly I need to hit the gym more often. Thanks Jess for the reminder, as you have more energy and strength than me! . #Barkzealand #Arrowtown #NewZealand #DogPhotography #BorderCollie #HairOfTheDog #PetPhotographyRetreats #DogsWithSticks #DogModel #DogsWhoFetch #Fetch

February 2019

#Barkarica —an out of this world pet photography retreat 2 years ago! We pet photographers know how to pose ourselves as well as pose pets! #petphotographer #petphotographyretreats @charlottereevesphotography @nicolebegleyphotography @dogbreathphotography

September 2017

Drum roll........ Meet Glamour from #barkjour ! he's a Belgian Shepherd extremely lovely but just wanted to be with his mum! this was part of the shoot that we had at #pointdugard an AMAZING Roman aqueduct and world heritage monument of unesco. i just couldn't get over how massive it was! Charlotte Reeves and I actually climbed up for a better view of the group in action and the view was just breath-taking! #DogPhotographyFrance #petphotographyretreats www.lukesalter.com

September 2017

Just two short weeks ago I was having an out of this world experience in the south of France with a small group of pet photographers from around the world. Spending focused time with insanely creative and talented folks who all share the same passion was a dream come true! ⠀ ⠀ To my delight our first of 4 location sessions was at Domaine Malaïgue not far from our chateau near Uzès. So for #winewednesday I'd like to introduce you to gorgeous, gentle giant, John Boy – just chillin' in the vineyard! ❤️ ⠀ ⠀ #Indigopetphotography #barkjour #livingthedream #domainemalaigue #petphotography #winerydogs #dogsofwine #wineanddogs #petphotographyretreats

September 2017

The game is afoot! And so the adventure of a lifetime begins!!! A week in the south of France with the amazing @dogbreathphotography @nicolebegleyphotography and @charlottereevesphotography and a dozen other pet photographers from around the globe! #petphotographyretreats #adventureofalifetime #yeehaww #mybrainisasponge #barkjour

September 2017

Giving my 'Inspiration' talk here in our Chateau in Provence, France at #barkjour with the wonderful @samhaddixphoto backin' me up! 😝 #barkjour #petphotographyretreat #petphotographyretreats #outofthisworldpetphotographyretreat #dogphotography #kayleegreer #dogbreath #dogbreathphoto #dogbreathphotography #france #stmaximin