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2 minutes ago

Every night I fall hard in the Instagram blackhole 🌑

6 minutes ago

Night lights. June 17th, 2017

7 minutes ago

Our current competition is on the theme 'Repetition'. That’s right, it’s on the theme ‘Repetition’. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ We all know that street photography can end up repeating the work of others; just see the work highlighted on @streetrepeat However, on this occasion we're looking for cases where the repetition all takes place in a single frame. To enter, simply follow us on Instagram @opticnervecollective and tag your entries there with #OpticNerveRepetition by 7 Sept 2019. The winner will be featured as the Photo of the Month on our website, on our Instagram account, Facebook header, and hopefully some more places in future : ) Photo: Mississippi, 2017. By Lauren Welles ( @laurenwelles )

7 minutes ago

It is never late to be proud. #urban_echoes #warsaw #warszawa #pride #architecturedaily

10 minutes ago

~ #Seattle we have a love/hate relationship, but I have to admit that your #pool on the 35th floor almost makes me think that I could do this trip more often. Almost. Not quite there yet.

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13 minutes ago

Acho que não precisamos falar que igreja na Europa é um passeio a parte né? Algumas são gigantescas por fora, com milhares de detalhes. Outras são simplinhas, outras enganam por fora e são um luxo por dentro. Tem de todo o tipo, todo gosto... Aproveite as que não tem que pagar para entrar e dá uma olhada dentro. Nunca me arrependi, se não for bonita para os olhos, vale os 10 minutinhos de meditação e agradecimento.

14 minutes ago

“Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you things great beyond reach of your knowledge.” Jeremiah 33:3

15 minutes ago

so we run and hide for a verified little peace

20 minutes ago

Wooden maze ✨

21 minutes ago

Through those eyes.

21 minutes ago

Never under estimate The beauty of these streets 💙📷✈️

22 minutes ago

The XX Intro Przekaz podprogowy __________________________ #urban #urbanphotography #streetphotography #urbex #streetmobs

24 minutes ago

Need to get off IOS. Airplane mode always trippin.

26 minutes ago

Hoddie Invert. 34,99$ Limited collection

4 minutes ago

Summer sunsets . . . Camera: sony a7r3 Lens: Sigma 35mm f1.2/iso 200/f1.2/1.100th Crop: 4x6 Edit: adobe lightroom/photoshop, luminar 3 Location: windsor riverside, Berkshire, uk

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28 minutes ago

The boy's facial expression tells the direction he wants to face, would it not be mysterious if he owns one of those cars? Is it a misery that all he has are the bunches of plantain? If he had a shoe on maybe I'd have imagined being in his shoes to feel exactly what he is feeling. Could it be that he doesn't have a shoe on because someone else is in his shoes to know what it feels like? What's going on in his mind? What does his face suggests? Frustration or determination? Image captured by @immortal_shot Words Scribbled by Elijah O. Odetokun @hollic_pro #kutanigeria #streetphoto #streetlife #streetportrait #streetphotography #nikon #ig_africa #hsdailyfeature #street_vision #tybello #bayomoboriowo #obisomto #portraitphotography #myself #deolagold #urbanphotography #streetphotography #urbex #buildinggraffiti #shoot2kill #graffitiart #streetmobs #instagraffiti #urbanandstreet #guerillaart #urbanromantix #thisisogun

30 minutes ago

| Almost got ran over too many times

37 minutes ago

@22newenergymusic 🎸🔥 #aavitslandmedia

37 minutes ago

Can‘t even explain how much this place taught me. Visiting a place is one thing but living there opens up a whole new world. Can‘t wait to be back! Now add this picture to the other millions that look exactly the same. • • • • #streetdreamsmag #spicollective #stayandwander #vsco #thecreatorclass #lensculturediscovery #minimalism #dreamermagazine #visualambassadors #artofvisuals #streetmobs #reframedmag #igtones5k #createcommune #cc5k #berlin #visit_berlin #officialfanofberlin #topberlinphoto #ig_berlinicity #bestviewofberlin #thattoweragain

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