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It’s time to unveil the winning comic book! Meet school superhero Cipta, who was created by 18-year-old Rizka. #ENDviolence 👇

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1 hour ago

“Here in Bangladesh most of the caregiving is done by mothers. But it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Hussein as he receives a kiss from his daughter, Anika. “Being a father is a big responsibility and the most important part is giving time to my children.” . #EarlyMomentsMatter ©UNICEF/UN0289226/Sokol

16 hours ago

This ball of sunshine is getting a check-up at a UNICEF-supported medical centre in Cúcuta, Colombia ☀️. Every day, about 40 migrant children receive their vaccinations in this centre near the border with Venezuela. #AChildIsAChild © UNICEF/UN0309940/Arcos

17 hours ago

Our Goodwill Ambassador @orlandobloom visited Mozambique to shine a light on our work with children affected by cyclones and flooding. This is what he found.

19 hours ago

A mother comforts her child, as he receives a lifesaving vaccine. At least 70,000 people live in Al-Hol camp, Syria, and it’s estimated that more than 90% of them are children and women. Tens of thousands of children are stranded in camps, detention centres and orphanages across Syria, including Al-Hol camp, amid dire humanitarian needs. We’re on the ground, helping to keep children and families safe and healthy but we need more access. #ChildrenUnderAttack © UNICEF/UN0327921/Hawas

22 hours ago

Breastfeeding is good for babies - and for business. When employers provide comfortable spaces for feeding and pumping, mothers tend to miss fewer days of work and stay with the company for longer, ultimately delivering a three to one return on the investment. #EarlyMomentsMatter ©UNICEF/UN0255466/Pasquall


Happy birthday to our Goodwill Ambassador @PriyankaChopra ! Thank you for shining a light on our work to protect refugee and migrant children. #AChildIsAChild © UNICEF/UN0314782/Prinsloo #Ethiopia


"Let’s be more tolerant and strive for a world where everyone can live in peace." A beautiful message and drawing by 18-year-old @rizka rar, the winner of our School Superhero #ComicContest Her comic book is available now! Tap on the link in our bio to read it. #ENDviolence


Time for smiles 😁 Time for breastfeeding 🤱🏾 Time for play 👶🏼 Time for love 💙 . A good start to life? It's about time. We're calling on governments to invest in family-friendly policies so every parent has time and support to help their children thrive. . #EarlyMomentsMatter ©UNICEF/UN0148692/Volpe

2 days ago

10-year-old Ishrafi's school has been under water for days. She's standing next to the only source of clean water in the area. Over the past week, severe rainfall has flooded parts of Bangladesh and upended the lives of around 1 million people. @unicefbangladesh © UNICEF/Zhantu

2 days ago

An innocent victim in a man-made crisis. This girl is receiving medical treatment at a UNICEF mobile health clinic in Al-Hol, a camp home to 70,000 people displaced by conflict in northeast Syria. UNICEF is reaching vulnerable children and women with medicines and supporting their nutrition. © UNICEF/UN0327925/Hawas

2 days ago

Richard is cradling Christ-Vie, 7 months, on the day her mother passed away at an Ebola treatment centre in Butembo, DR Congo. Today, @who declared the Ebola outbreak an emergency of international concern. We fully support this decision. Proportionately, more children are being affected than during any previous outbreak, and it urgently needs the world’s attention and far more resources. We’re on the ground, making sure the protection of children is at the heart of the response. In addition to leading mass information campaigns, we’re protecting school children with handwashing facilities and caring for children orphaned by Ebola. @unicefrdcongo © UNICEF/UN0311499/Tremeau

2 days ago

“She’s learning colors and shapes, it stimulates her brain development,” says David as he plays with three-year-old Xiomara. An early childhood development centre in Paraguay is giving both father and daughter support to thrive. The free, quality child care allows David to build his family’s nearby business while Xiomara gets the stimulation she needs to build a healthy brain. #EarlyMomentsMatter

3 days ago

“It’s amazing to succeed after 12 years of studying and exhaustion,” says Isra, 18, after her final exams. She lives in Za’atari, a refugee camp in Jordan. “I hope to become a writer. I want to live in my imagination.” @unicef_jordan #AChildIsAChild

3 days ago

🥗 = 💪🏾 🧠 👨🏾‍🎓 When we invest in children’s nutrition, we invest in the bodies, brains and futures of tomorrow’s citizens. We must ensure every child has access to a nutritious and affordable diet to grow up healthy.

3 days ago

3,615 submissions. Over 130 countries. 1 WINNER 👏 👏 👏! It’s finally time to unveil the winning comic book. Meet superhero Cipta, who was created by 18-year-old Rizka from Indonesia. Tap on the link the bio to find out how she uses her powers to #ENDviolence in schools. #comic #art #drawing @rizka rar

4 days ago

👏 The good news: 86% of the world’s infants are now protected by vaccines. . 🚨 The bad: progress has stalled since 2010 and we need to protect 95% of children to prevent outbreaks likes measles. . ⛰️The challenge: reach every last child. . #VaccinesWork ©UNICEF/UN0303598/Herwig

4 days ago

"Based on my own experience and what I know and hear from my friends, violence in schools is a serious problem – it happens a lot." 18-year-old @rizka rar is the winner of our School Superhero #ComicContest Her winning concept is a 15-year-old superhero named Cipta, who turns drawings into real-life objects that she uses to stop school violence. This week Rizka is finally unveiling her first-ever comic book! Have a question for her? Share it the comments section and she’ll answer it on Thursday. #ENDviolence #Comic #art © UNICEF/UN0323622/Wilander

4 days ago

Got skills? Millions haven’t. This World Youth Skills Day, let's support young people everywhere to reach their full potential. #WYSD2019 #GenUnlimited

5 days ago

Last year, 1 in 10 of the world’s children missed out on life-saving vaccines. That meant 20 million children like Hourouki were left at risk of serious diseases. She caught measles in Mali, and she deserved so much better. It's time to reach every last child. #VaccinesWork ©UNICEF/UN0293812/Keïta

5 days ago

Taym is discovering the joy of play and the wonder of learning. These early years are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a child’s brain and his ability to learn, grow and contribute to society. #EarlyMomentsMatter © UNICEF/UN0218761/Shennawi

5 days ago

Raging rivers won't stop this health worker from reaching children with life-saving vaccines. #VaccinesWork

6 days ago

With limited learning opportunities in the camps, Rohingya refugee children are taking education into their own hands. Mohammad's story, shared by @thomasnybophoto , will inspire you. 👇📚 . . . #regram Two weeks ago while walking through heavy mud on a rainy day in the world’s largest refugee camp, I heard a determined, quiet voice reading English. The story was about a picnic in the park. I followed the voice and found a teenage Rohingya boy named Mohammad sitting in the doorway of his family’s plastic and bamboo shelter. The book was called “Reader 5, Grade 6” and Mohammad had carried it with him from Myanmar when his village was attacked by soldiers. He reads it constantly because in the camp he has nothing but time; and he spends that time, four or five hours a day, practicing his English, sometimes with a local tutor, sometimes by himself in the doorway with his book. I got back to my hotel that night and told my colleagues about this remarkable boy who we needed to buy some books. @laladumonde2018 showed up a few days later with a wrapped package containing three books: a more-advanced English text book; Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist; and Hunger by Knut Hamsun. Today, on my last day in the camp, I walked back through the mud to Mohammad’s tent and told him that I believed in him, and that he inspires me. “This is for you,” I told him, handing him the package. Mohammad took out each book and held it, and ran his hand along the front cover and the spine, and then he turned to me. “Thank you,” he said. I asked him if I could take his picture with his books. Mohammad put on his best shirt, sat down with his new books, and he smiled. #rohingya #refugees #bangladesh #books #paulocoelho #hunger #knuthamsun

6 days ago

24,000 parents answered our poll with a clear message: it's about time for paid parental leave, breastfeeding breaks, childcare and child benefits. Family-friendly policies are a price we can afford. When we invest in children, we invest in the future of nations and accelerate progress for the #GlobalGoals #EarlyMomentsMatter ©UNICEF/UN0253432/Pasquall

1 weeks ago

Public speaking, copywriting, coding – do you remember how hard it was to learn your most valuable skill? Now imagine that you’re a young person in 2019, and the skills you need keep changing. As the global economy evolves, it’s up to governments and businesses to help young people acquire skills for work and life. This World Youth Skills Day, 15 July, take action by sharing this message far and wide. #WYSD2019 #GenUnlimited ©UNICEF/UN0210214/Noorani

1 weeks ago

📝✏️🎨 😄 Right now, the winner of our #ComicContest , 18-year-old Rizka is hard at work bringing her school superhero to life. Stay tuned for the launch of her comic book next week! #ENDviolence

1 weeks ago

A dire situation made even worse. Mudslides and torrential rain are making life miserable for Rohingya refugee children. You can help. Link in bio. @unicefbangladesh

2 weeks ago

"When I was on the caravan, it was difficult to get my period because there was no privacy but girls would cover each other when we had to manage our menstruation. The walking was hard but I met people from all over with the same goals, and that was a very beautiful thing for me." Maylin, 15, from Honduras looks at herself in a mirror at a shelter for unaccompanied migrants in Tijuana, Mexico. She dreams of drawing professionally or becoming a police officer. #AChildIsAChild #MenstruationMatters © UNICEF/UN0284773/Bindra

2 weeks ago

“Bullying should not be accepted as normal and we need to bring it out of the shadows.” We couldn’t agree more with superhero, Cipta. She was created by the winner of our #ComicContest , 18-year-old Rizka. Stay tuned for the comic! Together, we can #ENDviolence in schools.

2 weeks ago

This newborn is taking her first look at the world in Niger. The first 1,000 days can shape a child’s future. That’s why the right nutrition, stimulation and care – or eat, play, love – are essential to a baby’s brain development. We have one chance to get it right. @unicefniger #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 weeks ago

A touching moment between a baby and @unicef_mozambique ambassador @neymamusic at a centre for families affected by devastating cyclones and flooding earlier this year. Since the first day of the emergency, we have screened 655,000 children for malnutrition, vaccinated more than 1 million people against cholera, and provided 1 million people with access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. #CycloneIdai #CycloneKenneth

2 weeks ago

Art is helping migrant children and adolescents channel emotion at a shelter in #Tijuana , Mexico. For families enduring violence and poverty, migration is a choice of last resort. #AChildIsAChild © UNICEF/UN0321783/Carrillo

2 weeks ago

Our Goodwill Ambassador @orlandobloom meets Logina, 5 months, and her mother Sonia at a UNICEF-supported camp for people displaced by flooding in Beira, Mozambique. Logina’s family are sheltering along with 1,500 others at Mutua Camp. Over 1.1 million children have lost their homes, schools and belongings in the aftermath of tropical cyclones Idai and Kenneth. @unicef_mozambique is supporting affected families to either return home or relocate to safer places, as well as providing healthcare, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and protecting children from exploitation and abuse.

2 weeks ago

This bundle of joy is waiting for a check-up at a UNICEF-supported health centre in the Democratic Republic of the #Congo Last year, UNICEF and partners trained 60,000 community health workers to help children across the world survive and thrive. @unicefrdcongo @niconico

2 weeks ago

Many children living with albinism are isolated, abused and discriminated against. Lucas and his brother Jordão both have albinism. One day their father Jacinto heard a neighbour forbidding his children to play with them. He patiently explained to her that every child has rights, and asked her to make sure his boys were included in the future. Every child deserves to grow up and learn in a safe environment. Our differences - including nationality, culture, gender, disability, identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, migration status, religion - make us unique and should be celebrated, rather than divide us. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0324917

2 weeks ago

Double trouble. 👶👶 This new mum has just given birth to twins in India. She’s keeping them warm using a technique called ‘Kangaroo care’ which helps regulate their breathing and temperature. #EveryChildALIVE

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