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4 days ago

This is Annie. She doesn’t mind hydrotherapy as long as “Walking On Sunshine” plays on repeat. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

2 weeks ago

This is Bodie. He’s been perfecting his Pride pose for weeks. Really hopes you like it. 14/10 it’s delightful Bodie (follow @hellobodie ) #pridemonthpuppo

3 weeks ago

This is Astrid. She had a very long day at work training to be a guide dog and was wondering if maybe you could hold her for a bit. 13/10

3 weeks ago

This is Moose. He has one frozen carrot snack every day while he watches his show. Keeps him a happy healthy boy. 13/10 (follow @moose the.berner )

3 weeks ago

This is Parsnip. He’s the official sheriff of Pride. Forgot his badge at home. Hopes his hat is proof enough. 14/10 #PrideMonthPuppo (follow @parsnipthecorgi )

3 weeks ago

This is Norman. He was just rescued. Heading home for the very first time. Going to do his best to rescue you now. 12/10 wonderful start

4 weeks ago

‪This is Dallas. He’s practicing being scary. Narrowed it down to these three borks to use when protecting the household. 13/10 absolutely terrifying ‬(follow @samoyeddallas )

4 weeks ago

We only rate dogs. Please don’t send in Bulbasaur. We’re not sure what to do with them. Thank you... 13/10

last month

‪This is Pluto. He’s strengthening his wag. Increasing his wiggle. Pupparing for maximum excitement. 14/10 please do not distract him‬ (follow @purelypluto )

last month

‪This is Toby. He shows his tongue and his new dog tag to everyone he drives by. Needs them to know he’s officially a 12/10‬. Certified dog tags on sale now 🤗 (thank you @tobythegentleman for being a wonderful model )

last month

This is Moosey. He did his best, but sometimes that’s not enough. Hopes you’re still proud of him. 14/10 please give him a boost (follow @moosethechocolatechunk )

last month

This is Crook and her son Cashew. Cashew told her you made fun of his height. Crook wants to know why you’d make him sad like that? Both 12/10 please explain yourself

last month

This is Sysco. He‘s 13 years young and floofier than ever. Likes to point when he finds a new best friend. 13/10 looks like that’s you #SeniorPupSaturday (follow @the_life_of_sysco )

last month

‪This is Flapjack. He will drive you wherever you want to go as long as you press the pedals. Thank you Flapjack. 13/10 better buckle pup‬ (follow @flapjackthecorgi )

last month

‪This is Dale. He’s an excellent golfer. Still hasn’t figured out where the ball goes, but that’s okay. 14/10 would caddie for anytime ‬

last month

This is Dixie. She did not fall in the pool. Wondering if she could borrow a towel but that’s completely unrelated. 13/10

last month

‪This is Paddington. He lay down at the park and another pup came over and fell asleep on his tail. Please don’t excite him for he’s trying his best not to wag. Both 14/10‬ (follow @twocatsandanewf )

last month

This is Abby. She asked you to guard her blueberry while she naps. She’s saving it for later. 12/10 would protect them both with my life (follow @juju and.abby )

last month

This is Stella. She hates to interpupt your nap but it’s well past dinner time. Hoping you could take care of that. 13/10 yes ma’am right away (follow @stella_and_summit )

last month

This is Remy. She’s a jenga legend. Not sure why anybody doubted her. It’s a simple game when you’re good. 14/10 (follow @missremingtonbear )

last month

This is Ace. His ear is standing up and it’s never done that before so he wanted to show you. 13/10 thank you Ace that is splendid

April 2019

I met @hozier at a dog rescue... seriously (full video in our bio ) 🐶 huge thank you to @deityanimalrescue

April 2019

This is Louis. He just had a big dinner. Ready for bed now. Hoping you could tuck him in. 13/10 yes sir right away Louis (follow @sausageofthebay )

April 2019

This is Emerson. He’s just trying to transport his large leaf. Not sure why obstacles were put in his way. 14/10 you got this buddy (follow @mremersonblue )

April 2019

This is Stella. Her owner recently noticed she wasn’t growing properly. It was soon discovered she has an intrahepatic shunt, preventing her liver from filtering blood. Fortunately, she’s a candidate for surgery and you can help her get it by clicking the link in our bio. 14/10 [EDIT: fully funded in under 2 hours]

April 2019

This is Beaux. He would like to box, but only if you go easy on him. Might hit you with a left hook or maybe a swift puppercut. 12/10 would let him knock me out

April 2019

This is Luna. It’s her first time playing outside and a bee stung her nose. Not sure what she did to deserve this. 13/10 would hug softly

April 2019

‪This is Musubi. He thinks this shoe goes best with your outfit. Knows you’re late so he already tied it for you. Will get the other one in a moment. 14/10 so helpful thank you‬ (follow @musubi the.corgi )

April 2019

‪This is Xena. She got a new bed for her 10th birthday. Wanted to show you how she plans to use it. 13/10 many mini wags inbound #SeniorPupSaturday ‬(follow @chronic cuddles )

April 2019

‪Unbelievable. We only rate dogs. This is a Nervous Carrot Rhino. Please pay attention to what you’re sending in. Thank you... 13/10‬ ( @juju and.abby )

April 2019

This is Ruby and Max. They pick up a piece of litter on every walk. Sometimes their ears get tangled, but the planet is worth it. Both 14/10

April 2019

‪This is Whiskey. He’s currently on potty strike. Peeing in the closet is way more exciting and you should respect his decision to do so. 13/10 ‬(follow @littlewhiskeysips )

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