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2 days ago

🔑We just finished up an incredible shoot on Bondi beach for @skroofunnel and their ambassadors! We took advantage of the beautiful Sydney day and shot single and group photos, a promotional video and had a lot of fun doing it! Looking fantastic ladies! . #whitekeymarketing

3 days ago

🔑 Organisation, focus and having a clean and clear workspace are all fundamentals when in the office, but coffee... coffee ALWAYS comes first! . #whitekeymarketing

5 days ago

🔑We love to incorporate photos and stories about your team in posts! . ▫️The more comfortable you make your customers feel the better. We’ve had customers strike up conversations with team members just from seeing them on the accounts Socials. It’s always nice to see a familiar and friendly face . #whitekeymarketing

1 weeks ago

🔑We run quite a few cafe and restaurants and what we’ve found is that people love to go “behind-the-kitchen”. . ▫️Your customers will get an insight into the kitchen work environment, cleanliness and ingredients which gives them confidence and trust in your business that would not have otherwise had! Here is the wonderful @sydneyscharcoalchicken making some authentic and delicious falafel! . #whitekeymarketing

2 weeks ago

▫️ What do you hope to use your social media platforms to do? . 🔓Whether it is to increase sales, raise brand awareness, or to improve public opinion it is important to create a goal. Goals must be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. . #whitekeymarketing

2 weeks ago

🔑Congratulations to the team from Paddles on debuting their brand new Winter menu! . ▫️The team have been working tirelessly to bring their patrons a new, fresh and seasonal menu and we can’t wait to share! Keep your eyes peeled and check out @paddlesbymaze for a glimpse of some of their delicious new meals! . #whitekeymarketing

3 weeks ago

🔑Managing Director Ari George and photographer Kevin making sure they got the money shot at ESR Prestige! . #whitekeymarketing

4 weeks ago

🔑 Interacting with your followers is crucial. People notice when a social media platform feels stale, cold and is only out for one thing: to sell. . #whitekeymarketing

4 weeks ago

🔑 White Key Marketing is excited to announce that we’re now working with @myfitnesskitchn ! We’ve already got a lot of ideas flowing and can’t wait to grow together! . #whitekeymarketing

5 weeks ago

🔑Our huge promo video for @sette_caffe_au is here! . ▫️Located in the heart of Channel 7’s headquarters, Sette is an incredible cafe with an extensive menu, great signage and branding and a solid customer-base. With no social media to their name, we’re excited to have started from scratch! Stay tuned over the next few months to see how we help Sette Caffe’s Socials grow... . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑The results are in and have shown that photo content is the most popular type of social media content for engagement. . ▫️We like to be really personable with our photos; we post customers interacting with staff, the team hard at work, behind the scenes and more. This type of content helps to gain the trust of your followers. It consistently shows that you are a reputable business and one that can be trusted. . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑We’re coo-coo for coconuts! And so is @chefschoiceau ! We’ve opted to highlight a few of their delicious coconut flavoured products which is very on trend in the health and fitness game! . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑The Salaryman Pop Up at the @watergrill_au has been a huge success! . ▫️We pushed it for the month of April and due to positive feedback the Pop Up has been extended through May! You can really see why, with food that looks like this! . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑 Quality is key! Just like a physical business or store, you want your followers to always see it at its best. You wouldn’t leave clothes all over the floor of your clothing shop, just like you shouldn’t post blurry, messy and unappealing photos on Instagram and Facebook. . 🔑Your social media is a representation of your business, so put your best foot forward and make sure your content is as clean as your physical shopfront is! . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑 Day 1 of working @settecaffe_au starts tonight! . ▫️Keep up with the Sette Caffe social media journey by following @settecaffe_au and see how White Key Marketing gets results even when we start from scratch! . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑Anyone else suddenly feel like a burger? . ▫️Us too! That’s all there is to it! Do your social media photos and captions make people WANT your product? If you’ve answered “no” contact us and we’ll explain a little further . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑Measure and analyse your results! Is a new photo you’ve posted not getting as much engagement as one you posted a week ago? . ▫️If that’s the case ask yourself what went wrong: was the photo engaging, what time did you post, what day did you post, was the caption you wrote interesting? There are so many factors that go into the engagement your posts will receive. Every business is different, so be sure to track and analyse these figures consistently to see what works best for you! . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑 We know that customers need to TRUST your brand and that it’s easier to sell when you’re business is transparent. @sydneyfreezers is No.1 in Food Service and delivery, so we thought we’d take their customers on a behind-the-scenes look to see exactly WHERE and HOW their products are being delivered . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑 What an incredible night at @millones_ristorante_bar ! We gathered a range of food bloggers, athletes, celebrities and influencers to come down to the Millone’s menu re-launch and boy did they get creative with their cameras! . ▫️Everyone had a great time, wrote amazing reviews for the restaurant and posted their videos and stories across all social media platforms. It was a very successful night and one we look forward to doing again in the future . #whitekeymarketing

last month

🔑Get everyone involved! Your friends, family, staff and local customers. A “follow” or “like” goes a long way, so don’t be shy to get everyone involved. When you’ve got something special like a video to promote, be sure to tell everyone to share it! Everyone uses at least one social media platform these days, so encourage them to interact with your posts...the more eyes on your business the better! . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑Happy Easter break from the entire team at White Key Marketing! . ▫️We hope you’re all having an incredible day with friends and family . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

▫️We absolutely LOVE a good promo video! Here‘s one we created for Frappe Cafe that showcases everything from the food, coffee, ambience, customers and staff. This is a cool, short and succinct way to really show people what your business is made of! . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑The great thing about social media is that there are plenty of opportunities for you connect with like minded people and companies within your niche. Joining communities in your area on Facebook is a fantastic way to get your business recognised and meet people who could be potential collaborators. The more people that recognise your brand, the more they‘ll trust it. So get yourself out there and start engaging with the community! . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

📸Managing Director @arigeorg and Kevin making sure they get the money shot . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

▫️Never settle for a boring and bland meal again with @chefschoiceau ! . Love this product shot for Chetf‘s Choice. It‘s a good way to show a bit of variety in their product selection and looks extremely luxe on that marble bench top . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑This is something that we love to do here at White Key Marketing. We often have clients who are in the same or similar fields which is fantastic for collaborative efforts. When we work together it is mutually beneficial to both businesses, as it helps to build their social media platforms and presence. Building partnerships with influences and bloggers is also a great way to get your business’ name out there! . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑We love shooting and posting the Brunch spread top shot, it’s a great way to share a little bit of everything on your menu, without trying to constantly sell and convince potential patrons to visit your restaurant or cafe . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑 Something a little bit different today! . ▫️Our Managing Director, Ari George, takes us on a little tour of our product shoo! . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑 There are currently dozens of social media platforms available for businesses and consumers. However, being active on social media doesn’t mean having to use every single platform out there. In fact, this will confuse and limit your audience. We have determined that the two heavy hitters in Australia are Facebook and Instagram. Focusing on these platforms allows us to expertly navigate and create quality content for our audiences . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑Bring it back! . ▫️How incredible is this promo video for Cafe Pyrmont? The song and editing is just as relaxing and inviting as the feeling when you step foot into the stunning Cafe Pyrmont and the overall vibe is happy and welcoming . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑 Highlighting your business strengths and specialties is what will set you apart from your competitors. Ironwood Coffee are specialty certified organic coffee roasters, so we like to reiterate that fact with photos of coffee beans and information about the beans they import from around the world . #whitekeymarketing

April 2019

🔑Planning ahead is crucial for a successful social media campaign. Posting random content, at random times and sporadically is not effectively using social media as a business tool. This is why, we plan well in advance for all photos, captions, events, give aways and more. This affords us the time to thoroughly plan an exciting and successful campaign . #whitekeymarketing

March 2019

🔑So excited to be working with the incredible @defi2sydney In the lead up to their Grand Opening on April 6, we’ve been shooting the menu, liaising and getting to know the team, interviewing famous entertainers from Greece and more! We can’t wait for the roll out and for you guys to see what we’ve been working on! Watch 👏 this 👏 space 👏 . #whitekeymarketing

March 2019

🔑Look at the detail in this shot! You can almost see every layer of this gorgeous pastry and the beautiful syrup glistening from pastry to plate absolutely pops. Now that’s an enticing food pic! . #whitekeymarketing

March 2019

🔑Curating content that is eye-catching and interesting to your customer-base is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in running a successful social media campaign. We customise the way we shoot for each of our clients to ensure that there is a connection that resonates between the content and the viewer . #whitekeymarketing

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