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I’m the dude, playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude. 💃 I also make tasty, healthy fitness supplements that I’d love for you to try! Link below.

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2 days ago

So the older I get, the more I look like @tomhanks ? I’m good with it. 😎 #coocoocootitetitetite

3 days ago

Apparently Amazon is so big, they’ve got their own holidays now. 🙃 If you already know and love our products at @flowsupps , then I hope this is a nice little bonus for grabbin some more goodness. 💪 If you have yet to try our products, I hope this helps you over the hump of the indecision that’s keeping you from tasting the aforementioned goodness. 🤗👏💃

4 days ago

Better. 😏

4 days ago

They...they just...🤷‍♂️🤨

4 days ago

It never gets old @paddywarbucks Ever. 😏 Love, Secretary.

6 days ago

That was, in fact, a great amount of smoke. 😏 #4thoflevi #wyldwood 📸 @georgiaphotonyc

6 days ago

It’s not just possible, it’s powerful. 🙏

1 weeks ago

*Correction update! It’s July 27th & 28th, not 28th & 29th!* Hey East Coast! I’m gonna be coming thru for @wizardworld Pittsburgh on July 27th & 28th, and have a special little offer for y’all that wanna come join us! Help me help you help others! It’s a beautiful thing. Go to for all the deets! 🤗💃

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Happy 3rd of July, y’all! Go get yer Flow on nice and strong today, so you can reeeaaalllyyy enjoy that beer & bbq mañana. And, ya know, all the other days too. 💁💃🤘🇺🇸 #Murica @flowsupps

3 weeks ago

One of the funnier things I’ve seen in a hot minute. 💁 I quite literally stopped in my tracks, drank it in, snapped a pic, and was on my merry way. #ccxpcologne @ccxp_cologne

last month


last month

I can’t promise you that if you use @flowsupps , or any other supplements for that matter, that you’ll somehow magically and instantaneously transform into the version of you that you want to be. That has everything to do with YOU. It’s the hard work that you’ll put in, consistently, and continually, that will be the most powerful force in your journey of transformation. Fortunately, we’re all closer than we think to being our best self. For it is not the end result that ultimately informs us of our worth, but rather our daily decision to value ourselves that brings us closer to our goals. Stop waiting for the perfect you. Start loving the you that’s here. It’s a decision away. Living a stronger, healthier, happier life is quite literally one decision to love yourself away. And guess what, you’re worthy of that love. So go ahead. Go love yourself. 💪

last month

It’s gettin, it’s gettin, it’s gettin kinda hectic! 💅 June 17th on @mtv Wegotchoooooooooooooooooo. 💪

last month

Y’all! @shazammovie comes out on Digital 7/2, and Blu-ray™ 7/16, which means you’ll be able to devour it with all of your sense holes so soon, and so repeatedly. Consider this a friendly warning of impending binge watching. Grab snacks. And drinks. And Astro Diapers. You never know how long this joyride is actually gonna last. You may be watching it on loop until Christmas. Which would be quite fitting I think. 😉🙌

last month

Texas sunsets. Forever. 🙌

last month

So very thrilled to announce that I’m now an official ambassador for the incredible non-profit, @active_minds These folks are providing mental health education and resources to students on over 500 college campuses around the US, with the hopes of increasing that coverage to many, many more areas and lives. I truly believe that those particular years of growth in a young adults journey are some of the most fertile and valuable in successfully diagnosing and treating mental health issues. And, as someone who has dealt with mental health throughout my life, and who was blessed enough to be able to find the proper tools and healing that I needed in my darkest hour, I am fully committed to fighting for this cause for the rest of my life. In my humble opinion it is the most important thing we should be talking about. And quite frankly, I couldn’t stop talking about it if I tried. 💁 Go check out @active_minds in the link in my bio. If it’s something you feel led to be a part of or assist, bless you. If you don’t feel led there, that’s okay too! But do try and find something you CAN give to. Whether money, time, energy, or resources, there are those of us with more than we need, and those of us with far less. Let’s help lift the burdens of this world. Let’s do it because it’s good. And it’s right. And it’s love. And. It’s. Love. 🙏🙌

last month

“Just say the word.” 🙌⚡️💪 A little #tbt on an #m. @mefcc brought to you by @speedycomics Little man is the son of @syedumairulhassan Thanks for the pic kind sir. 🙏 I apologize for the stank face. Still learning how to make a cooler “flex face”. But, if we’re being honest, I’m not really sure it’s ever getting much better than that anyway. 🤷‍♂️👏💃 @shazammovie

May 2019

All. The. Conzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! 💃 . @officialmegacon May 17th-19th . @denverpopculturecon June 1st-2nd . @ccxp_cologne June 28th-30th . Seeeeeee yooouuu therrrrrrre. 🙌

May 2019

Thank you, Dallas. @fanexpodallas was a bop, and you have no one to blame but yourselves. 😘 Some next level cosplay, y’all. This is just one of many examples. Best @iamjamiefoxx I’ve ever seen. Other than, ya know, the actual Mr. Foxx himself. 🙌🙃⚡️🎼🦊

May 2019

Current #SOL with ma’ gurl @lizzobeeating Empowering, fun, straight up self-love pop. Give it a spin. It’ll make ya feel good as hell. 👏💃 Plus, since May is Mental Health Awareness month, the timing for a little self-love couldn’t be more perfect. #goloveyourself #youreworthit #forrealz

April 2019

Y’all...I’m hosting the @MTV Movie & TV awards...this is not a drill. This👏is👏real👏life👏!!! #mtvawards June 17th. We gon’ do the damn thang. 💁

April 2019

I do not communicate with anyone, under any circumstances, outside of my official, BLUE CHECKED profiles on IG and Twitter. And of course at the @Flowsupps page. That’s it. End of story. Accept no substitutes. Believe no lies. 🙏🙌💪

April 2019

Flowin in Dubaiiiiiiii!!! Hey y’all, not sure if you’ve had a chance to check it out, but I created a workout supplement company, @flowsupps , and I would LOVE for you to try my product if you’re so inclined! 🙏 The last 18 months has been one of the most transformative times of my life, as becoming Shazam has sent me head first into the strength and wellness world. I’ve learned so much in this time, including that most all the product out there is just not what it should be. So naturally, like any other insane person would do, I created my own line of supplements that is focused on providing the absolute best ingredients to put in our bodies. If living a healthier, happier, stronger life is something you wanna do as well, I hope you give us a chance to be your supplement partner in that journey. This is not an endorsement of someone else’s product. This is what I created to put in my own body, and I’ve worked really hard to make it the best tasting, most effective stuff on the market. Hope you think so too. 🤗💪🙏🙌 Linky in the bioooooo!

April 2019


April 2019

A very happy #nationalsiblingday to these three lovely ladies in my life: @shekinaheden , @sarahp805 , and our sister from another mister, Nikki Poynter Moore. 🤗 So very grateful for you all. Thank you for your unfailing love and belief in me. Love you to the moon and back. 🌙🥰

April 2019

Who hasn’t had a chance to see @shazammovie yet?! I reeeaaalllyyy hope you dooooooooo. 😬🙏 It would be the grooviest ever if we can keep this joyride movin and groovin on top of the box office! Ooo-Deee-LALLYYY!!! #allhandsondeck #whosdrivinthisflyinumbrella ?!

April 2019

Current and All-time #SOL , “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” by @santigold Takin self love to another level. 😏 Thanks for the intro @cocodanger , this was the @shazammovie “Yes Tour” game changer. @lauratates20 @nickmcnaught @allison_garman @mnmachado 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

April 2019

Remember that time I went to @sixflagsmexico and rebranded the whole park with @shazammovie swag cuz it was right and good and fun and fair? Well now you do. 😏

April 2019

We did iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you, ALL of you, who have gone out of your way to fill the theaters this past weekend to see and support @shazammovie ! The outpouring of love that y’all continue to show is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m genuinely speechless. And for someone who often times doesn’t know when to shut up, that’s really saying something. 💁 If you haven’t had a chance to see our movie yet, I really hope you do as soon as you get the opportunity. I believe it to be a truly joyous experience. 🤗 And for all y’all out there who have seen it, and enjoyed it, I hope you’ll continue to spread the good word! We made something good, and it makes people feel good, and that’s just the bees-knees y’all. The beesiest of knees. 🙏🙌 #allhandsondeck

April 2019

Today’s the dayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! It would genuinely mean the absolute world to me if y’all would consider going and seeing @shazammovie this weekend. I know there are a lot of movies out there vying for your attention, time, and money, but I truly believe that if you give us a shot, you’ll be happy you did. Like, quite literally feeling joy. It’s that kind of film, and totally worth watching in a theater, surrounded by other folks who are feeling the same joy. It’s infectious. And contagious. And perhaps something we all need to catch a case of more often. 🤗🙌

April 2019

Dear @stephenathome , . Thank you for having me on @colbertlateshow to talk about @shazammovie , and for being such a gracious host. I’ve respected you from afar for quite some time, so it was a true privilege to come chat with ya. 🙏 Should I ever return, I promise to wear even shorter pants, and even snazzier socks, and will no doubt imagine you from time to time as little Stephen, whispering, “...shazam...”. 🙃 . Very sincerely yours, The Big Red Cheese. . PS: Shazito made a pee-pee in the dressing room. 😬 We did the best we could to clean it, but to no avail. Happy to pay any cleaning costs. 🙏

April 2019

Comin into the home stretch of the @shazammovie “Yes Tour” here at @colbertlateshow , and wanted to take a second to thank you. To everyone. For all the things. This has been the dreamiest dream, made possible by the multitudes of you all out there who have continued to offer so much love and support and faith in myself and everyone involved in this film. 🙏 I really do hope that everyone gets the opportunity to see @shazammovie It is full of so much heart, humor, and joy, and will leave you feeling like a kid again. 🙌 And if you can go see it this opening weekend, it would be beyond groovy. 😉

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