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7 hours ago

Making Chocolate Chip Challah this week (still not a fan, but happy to bake it for y’all ). Below is the Friday Oven Schedule: 7am: Croissants out of oven 8am: Sourdough out of oven 11am: Hummus ready 12pm: Challah out of oven 6pm: Closed 7:56pm: Shabbat Good Shabbas!


Our Thursday special sounds simple, I know, Sourdough Grilled Cheese with Tomato Bisque for $10, but damn is it good. Its just one of those timeless cravable combinations that’s crispy, and warm, and savory, and so satisfying. Chomp!

2 days ago

Beautiful crumb on our Sourdough Jewish Rye. It’s got flax, onion, & caraway inside, with corn grit on the outside. By far my favorite bread we make. Out of the oven at 8am. Or pick one up at your local South Florida Whole Foods.

1 weeks ago

Friday Oven Schedule: 7am - Croissants out of oven 8am - Sourdough out of oven 11am - Hummus is ready 12pm - Challah out of oven 6pm - Closed 7:58pm - Shabbas Good Shabbas!

2 weeks ago

They used to be addicted to the boob, then pacifiers, then bottles of warm oat milk and maple, and then blankets. Now it’s all about the Crunchy Granola 🤘

2 weeks ago

Here is what our bread looks like when the prep is right, the mother is right, the water meter is working, the mixer is working, the mix is right, the air conditioners are working, the fermentation is right, the shape is right, the air conditioner is still working, the cooler is working, the proof is right, the score is right, the loader is working, the steam injectors are working, the vent is working, the burner is working, and the bake is right. Wonders of Wonders.

2 weeks ago

Friday at the bakery means: 7am: Croissants out of oven 8am: Sourdough out of oven 11am: Hummus ready 12pm: Challah out of oven 6pm: We close Good Shabbas!!!!

3 weeks ago

Yes, we will be open tomorrow, July 4th, 7am - 7pm. Pastry out of the oven around 7(ish ) Sourdough breads and baguettes out of the oven around 8(ish ). Breakfast all day. Special of the day, sourdough grilled cheese and tomato bisque.

3 weeks ago

Most Frequently Asked Questions about our bread at Whole Foods: Q ) Is everything in the case from Zak The Baker? A ) No! Even though my face and name is all over the case, only bread in a Zak The Baker bag is baked fresh at our bakery each morning. Everything else baked by Whole Foods. This is why we started putting our bread in bags to make sure people know for sure it’s our bread. Q ) Why is your bread always running out in the afternoon/evening? A ) Because we don’t sell day old bread, we bake enough for the day, and deliver a fresh batch the next morning. Q ) What about Pembroke Pines? A ) Whole Foods gave us the green light, ball is in our court. Should we come?

3 weeks ago

Bread was baked, hummus was served, challah is gone; time to drink and watch USA women slay France! We also got VEN vs ARG with the bunny ears on the magnavox. Beers on the house, join us if you’re around.

3 weeks ago

Croissants just came out of the oven. Sourdough was just loaded, should be out in 40. Chickpeas are boiling, hummus should be ready around 11am. Challah is fully shaped and proofing, should be out of the oven around NOON.

4 weeks ago

4th of July Pie now available for pre-order: Apple Pie 8” - $15 Chocolate Caramel 8” - $15 Each pie has 6 - 8 servings. How to pre-order: 1. Go to 2. Click catering/pre-order 3. Go to our online store 4. Place your order

4 weeks ago

Working on a roasted garlic challah this week, still proofing, should be out of the oven around NOON along with plain, sesame, onion poppy, everything, whole wheat, and cinnamon raisin. I wish you all a peaceful and joyful Shabbat.

5 weeks ago

Throwback Thursday to the 3 deck manual steam oven in Ken Lyon’s Hialeah commissary. We could only bake 24 breads an hour, and the stone in the middle deck had a massive crack that normally swallowed a few loves; but this was still a major upgrade from the garage, and I’m totally grateful that Ken let me in 🙏 P.S. I was the one eating Drew’s ice cream in the walk in when I was alone doing the night bakes 🤗

last month

Vegan Banana Bread now available at the following Whole Foods in South Florida: Dadeland, Coral Gables, Downtown, South Beach, North Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, David, Pompano Beach, Boca, West Palm Beach, PGA, & Wellington.

last month

It’s 5am in the bakery, and we’re getting ready to open back up after being closed for three days. Bakery opens at 7am, croissants should come out of the oven around that time as well.

last month

What I would recommend for Shavuot. We also have Hummus at 11, and challah coming out of the oven at NOON. Closing at 6pm today, then closed Sat, Sun, AND Mon for #tribalholiday , back open Tues morning.

last month

Chocolate Marble Cheesecake w/ graham cracker crust for Shavuot. Available only at the bakery this Friday, first come first serve. No pre-orders, no shipping, no postmates, etc. It’s not gluten free, or vegan, or keto, or paleo, or sugar free, or fat free; it’s a classic, delicious, dairy cheesecake made from scratch (not CY ). $10. Chomp!!! FYI - today’s special is sourdough grilled cheese and tomato bisque.

last month

7 Years of Zak The Baker, from garage to today. Still 100% independent, still working on being the best version of ourselves, still finding joy along the way.

last month

Multigrain on point today. We’ve been pushing the mother to increase the activity, good results. Today’s Special is a chopped salad with lots of herbs and things topped with shaved ricotta salata (CY ). We’re gonna serve it with a house basil pesto and toasted seeded baguette. $10. Chomp.

last month

Today’s Special: Curry fish with short grain brown rice and toasted seeded baguette. $10. If you miss it today, we will run it every Tuesday for the rest of the month. Chomp!

last month

Today’s Special: House made salmon burger with cilantro mint slaw & pickled cuc on our fresh baked brioche bun smeared with sesame mayo. Served with a little salad tossed in Krishna dressing. $10 Chomp! FYI - I’m gonna be at Whole Foods North Miami today. Come by and eat some food with me. ❤️ 10 (ish ) - 2 (ish )

last month

Totally caught these guys fangirling at Whole Foods Boca. They zoomed by, head down, totally red, pure giggles. Regrouped near prepared foods, more giggles. Did a complete loop of the store, came by a second time, still red faced and paralyzed, finally called them out 😊 much love, Boca.

last month

Gearing up for my sampling session tomorrow at Whole Foods Boca. I’m gonna be there from 10am-2pm (ish ) showing off our new seeded baguette. I’ll bring some pastries and swag to play with too. Come by and say hi, we can talk about bread, gluten, airplanes, your diet, Karl Malone, whatever.

last month

Today’s Daily Special - Chopped greens, celery, and parsley w/ toasted seeds and sliced green apples, topped with shaved sheep ricotta salata (CY ). Comes with toasted seeded baguette and butter - $10. If you can’t make it for lunch today, pick up a seeded baguette at Whole Foods and dm for the recipe ❤️

last month

Yes, we are open for Memorial Day! Croissants (top left ) will be out of the oven in about 30 minutes. Only a few more days to get an apple turnover (center ), switching it out in June. Top right and bottom center are flourless. Center right and bottom right are savory.

last month

Anyone else having a hard time finding tasty / affordable / nutritious scratch cookin’ in the neighborhood for lunch? In an effort to respond to this apparent need, we’re gonna start workin on adding daily specials at $10. So far we got grilled cheese and tomato bisque on Thursday, and Hummus w/ fresh challah on Friday. More coming soon. Chomp.

last month

When I decided to make the bakery kosher, I really had no clue what I was getting into. One thing I quickly discovered was it’s really hard to find good kosher cheese in Miami, bummer. After 5 years of moaning about it, I finally figured out how to get a better variety of super duper kosher cheese (CY )! This one is a Ricotta Pecorino AKA Ricotta Salata. It’s made from re-cooking the whey from sheep milk, then pressed and salted for about 90 days. I’m thinking of shaving some over a chopped green salad. Maybe a special next week. 🤗 Fun.

May 2019

Taught my baby girl how to ride a bike today. She may not remember this moment when she grows up, but I always will 😊

May 2019

In honor of the early risers, croissants and pain au chocolat will now come out of the oven every morning at 7AM. Chomp.

May 2019

Working on a nova platter for the cafe. It works nicely with toasted Sourdough Jewish Rye. Maybe for the June menu?

May 2019

I’m still fundamentally against putting chocolate in bread, but I have to admit, they look great. 👊 @wide_eyed_cat Good Shabbas

May 2019

Personally, I’m not a big fan of putting chocolate in bread, but it gives Adina ( @wide_eyed_cat )way too much joy to say no. Chocolate Chip Challah has been mixed, out of the oven tomorrow at NOON. Enjoy.

May 2019

Hopefully it rains today, would go nicely with today’s special - Tomato Bisque and Sourdough Grilled Cheese $10. So satisfying, think we might do this every Thursday. Chomp!

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